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    WTH are they thinking??? I mean dont they check out a full length mirror before they leave???

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    HAHAHAHA! Someone call the FASHION POLICE! Purlease!!!!!!!!!! Aaarrggh what are they doing out in public lookin’ like that? It’s a crime! It’s all over ….

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    Good lord …. what’s worse??? Deepika’s fariytale gown or AK’s pants … cant seem to decide !!!!!

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    She is wearing Tarun Tahiliani.

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    Isn’t it so ironic? She is/was a fashion model who got to wear every stich of clothing in the world and got to see for herself what she looked good in or didn’t look good in. Now she is an actress with access to so many designers and any damn thing she wants — yet she wears this?!? There are those of us who can’t even afford anything designer but know how to put affordable pieces of clothing together to turn out an amazing look and then there’s Deepika… Between what Frieda wore to the GG’s, how too-cool-for-school SRGai had to be at the GG’s, and that plain, ugly white sari Gauri had to wear of all things — I’m so thoroughly disappointed this weekend with our Indian stars.

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    aaaaaaahhhhhhh…oh my eyes……I think I’m officially blind and these two are to be blamed. You are right P&P it just gets worse.

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    I don’t think I have a proper response to this.

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    OMG What happened to them??!!! lol They looked great in the last one in Toronto…like they were getting better with each one..but this just undid everything :S

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    hey the circus is in town………the lioness and the clown…Ha Ha…someone get a gun quickly and hunt them down .

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    i think deepika bought that fake fur thing after she realized how cold it was going to be! she came to toronto and ran inside instead of working the red carpet…cuz well i guess she was cold in that black sleeveless lehenga…hahhaaha she looks like the INDIAN bARBIE …except freakishly skinny :/

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    P.S shit i just rhymed….

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    Hello Princess Bubble Gum. Is she going to a prom circa 1984!! Say what you want about Frieda’s outfit or Gauri Khan’s…but at least their outfits were classy! This is plain old tacky! I swear, my 6yr old niece wore an outfit similar to this for Halloween from Toys’R’Us when she wanted to be a fairy princess!! All she needs is a wand!!

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    hehehe hahaha. wait i thought we were supposed to laugh

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    who designed this… the designer must be shot!!!

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    i definitely do not like the little fur or faux fur shrug. Ditto the terrible top half of the dress- looks chamki and cheap.
    Gown: If it had a plain drapey top (with no embellishment) that flowed into the sprinkly confection below, it would have popped. The color could have been a paler shade of blush too for elegance.
    Hair: A less severe updo w some wispy hair to soften the face (and no bindi for this look please)…
    How sad…she is stunning…i feel it is such a wasted opportunity :(

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    hahahhahaha…For such a beautiful face and awesome figure !!!!1why would u do that?????

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    what a mess. who designed this candy floss monstrosity???

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    there is only one word for these two- yuck!
    akshay wants to be king. ha in your dreams. look at srk, gauri and karan. they were so classy and yummy at GG.

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    Tthanks for a great laugh deepika and akshay…here is a na “real” award for you two.

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    Does Deepika recycle her bindis?????

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    holy Christ!!!!
    deepika for gods sake please go back to wearing nicer clothes. I dont even want to talk about the man coz he’s clearly lost!!! and why does deepika look so gaunt, tired and thin……

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    The Queen of Hearts met The Mad Hatter….off with the heads of their stylists!

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    cant decide who looks worse out of the 2!

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    Dude where the hell is Twinkle?? How did she let her husband leave the house wearing this???

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    OH MY GOD!
    Akki’s outfit was bad in itself but Deepika’s is blindingly so!! Who was she dressed by? Barbie’s dress designer? Oh no, let me rephrase that…a BAD Barbie’s dress designer???

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    O.M.G. I just can’t look beyond her clavicle. She is in desperate need of some meat on her bod!

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    PnP !
    Her dress screams ‘TARUN TAHILINI.’ ! =X
    What the hell has been going on with DEEPIKA on this premiere tour! ?
    & What’s with the ugly hideous cheap looking fur !
    I think this is the most ugliest dress I’ve seen. Why would she wear this anyway ! ?
    Her makeup is ghastly & it looks like she took it from Katrina during the sets of YUVVRAJ !

    Literally, coming from the fashion worldshe should have a great sense of style/fashion & Deepika Padukone has proven me nothing very ‘WOW’ !

    In terms of the newcomers, SONAM & MUGHDA are amongst best dressed. I mean, what has happened to ASIN, ANUSHKA, & DEEPIKA !

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    this one is just FUNNY

    the first thing i also thought of was a child’s ‘princess’ costume

    surely this must be a joke? how could she NOT know what she looks like

    And Akshay – so much for thinking he’s delish enough to pull of anything

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    OMG what happened to her?! She used to have such impeccable taste in clothes and make-up. She looks like Sonam Kapoor used to look (make-up wise).
    How can someone so pretty make herself look like this?! It’s the most ugly dress I’ve seen her wear ever.

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    i wonder what Twinkle wore..

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    What on the earth are they wearing!!!!!!

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    AARRRGGGH! What happened to theses two?

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    stylist alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or NEW stylist alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    stylist alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or NEW stylist alert!!!!

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    Ugh! this girl needs to start wearing some dark/ bright colors. Why does she always look so dull? It always looks like something is missing on her…Hate this outfit, i didn’t like any of her outfit choices for this movie’s premieres

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    is this some disney ball? deepika has no style sense or sophistication.period. akki on the other hand needs his wife’s supervision.

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    LOL! OMG! I must save this pic for whenever I need a silent chuckle. This is a fashion fiasco. LOL!

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    Yuck yuck yuck!! I feel like screaming, wait, I just screamed.

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    what the HELL !! r they outta their mind?

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    Deepika’s CCTC outfits are getting worse and worse! She looks like she’s wearing a little girl’s cheap Halloween costume. She just needs a plastic tiara and wand.

    LOL, this reminds me of Ash’s Cannes nightmare a few years ago when each outfit was worse than the previous one.

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    LOL i just noticed akshay’s pants….they look like my pjjjjjss hhahahaha

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    they both looks so atrocious but all the comments on this post made me laugh more than their clothes..and that’s a mean feat considering deepika looks like she stepped out in 1988 and Akki…let’s not even go there…

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    I will not waste my time commenting on the execrable clothes ;) But I am wondering….is that dirt I see on the edge of her dress??

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    I think Akki is more of a WTHeyyy and Deepika a Not Quite. I mean it’s a bad combination but at least it’s not blinding me the way Akshay’s outfit is.

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    i wonder what twinkle wore… couldn’t find a pic of her…. if any one can pl let me know..

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    wow, how did she choose this to wear?

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    LOL!!!! OMG What is this…?? Cindrella? I can’t believe Deepika chose this outfit! Terrible choice, and she looks very ordinary despite the frills and chutzpah.

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    ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    girl crush- fadiiiiiiing
    and the red one-armed one was so pretty too

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    DITCH the stylist PRONTOOO!!

    Nothing worsee than to see a pretty girl with a terrible fashion sense!!..

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    p.S: WTH why the Bindi??? Such a bad clashhh..

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    I think Twinkle saw Akshay and Deepika’s outfits and decided to skip the event. She’s such a smart girl. Deepika’s outfit is UGLY!

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    hahahaha.. were dey goin fer a fugly fancy dress party??? wts wrong wit em?? too much of work taking a toll on their dress sense…

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    why is she wearing a bindi?? is this a gown or a crossover??? ridiculous! and AK… he was supp to show his hotness.. and he goes and does this!

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    whats wrong with them??…clearly they’ve lost it!! did they think they entered a fancy dress?!

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    my eyes…my eyes.
    An ice cream just ate up Deepika.

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    what in the world is wrong with them?! i am glad she wanted to represent india by going indian…..but please spare us the horror…..she looks like candyfloss with covered with jolly ranchers!

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    LOL – I feel so bad for them. Why is Deepika so thin? She is looking anoxeric and it is not a good look for her. Deepika looks better with more weight.

    As for Akshay, obviously his wife did not dress him for this event.

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    second all who have likened Deepika’s ‘outfit’ to a Barbie creation! It was only after I somewhat recovered from seeing her that I happened to notice our Akki boy in plaid. Nahinnnn….

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    u know what? i have never been fond of her, dont exactly know why but just never have been a fan of her but in the second pic, she looks absolutely gorgeous neck up! the outfit is part filmi, part accommodating to the cold here in the west, part barbie doll-ish but her features are stunningly gorgeous in the second pic!

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    If she had lost the fur scarf, put on a top with less work on it, and had a net skirt without the extra sequins.. it would have probably looked a hundred times better. What a pity!

  63. Belle at | | Reply


    lowered my eyes in shame…

    on an “up side”…they look JUST like my dowdy school pants in yr7 and 8!

    dear m.

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    she has started to look tired after all the premiere related traveling!

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    hahha,,, run ranbir. luv is SURE blind.
    the dress was already not good, then fur thing made it even worse.

  66. deepali at | | Reply

    omg….i had a ball reading this and laughing..lol :)
    we shd be thanking them enuff to entertain us so mch!

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    Oh my god…how could they wear this in London? If they had no clothes to wear, they could have bought something in London. *Sigh*

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    they shud be sent to laughter challenge !!!!

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    Ha ha ha…. Have started reading this site a while back not too clued on styling but I live to read comments like this …what an entertaining lot of people !!! keep it up guys love teh funnies :-)

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    Is this for real??? Like for real for real??? :D

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    poor thing must be thinking she looked like a princess..but…if only she read this lol

  74. Jazz at | | Reply

    AND they have no right to make a such a fool out of bollywood there :X

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    sorry to write again, but i’m just so freaked out!! where’s twinkle? did she manage to save the red carpet??

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    I don’t know what to say. I am truly for once speechless. Oh God….

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    A simple outfit of denim and t-shirt would have been more classier than this!! I still fail to understand why do these ladies have to wear bling all the time – why can’t they wear something classic like a kanjeevaram or orissa or calcutta saree – this is a great chance to show off our heritage to the world and it looks amazing – as for AK – even a smart kurta from Fab India would have made him look handsome!

  80. AMM at | | Reply

    and oh yes …please check the weather before you guys step out on the red carpet and decide your wardrobe accordingly….ddddddddduuuuuuuhhhhhhhh don’t they know its winter in TORONTO!!

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    Deepika dear, those 2 round things on your face, above your nose, the ones you lined with that black crayon called kohl, those are not just ornamental, to be fluttered up and down while talking about Ranboo-poo. Child, open them once in a while and look in a mirror.

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    this makes it looks like aishwaryas faux pas at the cannes was decent!
    wtf has happened to her? she was so good when she was a model. why is she going all bollywood blingie?
    why do indian celebrities have such a disgusting taste in clothes and humiliate us at international events?
    they never do western right, why cant they atleast do justice to ethnic wear?
    shame. shame. shame.

  83. preeths at | | Reply

    and deepika…
    clavicle is supposed to look sexy, not scary

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    OH…MY….GOD… And just yesterday on eTalk Canada, there was a little snippet on this film and clips of these two talking, and I felt so proud of them and they go and do this??!!

    Akshay looks good waist up. Deepika also looks good waist up but not with that fur thing. I don’t like the tulle skirt but I think the top is actually ok.

    And is Deepika really that skinny?

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    she looks so tired …..

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    Really..what were they thinking!! just one look at the mirror would have helped….gosh, it’s just the start of the year – let’s hope they dont torture us thru the year with such ghastly clothes!

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    i mean i cn expect it from deepika but aki baby wts wid u ????????

  88. simran at | | Reply

    looks like tahliani!! AWFUL!!

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  90. Kanan at | | Reply

    I was like what were they thinking.. now I know, they weren’t.

    Btw, does she have a bindi on? With that dress? Why?

  91. Shweta at | | Reply

    I agree with you, AMM. The indian outfits you suggested would have been a LOT classier. Pity they had to come wearing these disasters! T_T

  92. Dreamz at | | Reply

    I m from london. I was impressed with akki’s trouser.

  93. M at | | Reply

    I was at the premiere. Akshay said on radio Twinkle (who had already seen the movie 3 times at the other premieres) stayed behind in NYC to continue shopping. That explains Akshay’s pants. He looked great from the waist up, then he stepped back…

    Deepika is a gorgeous girl, I don’t know why she wanted to dress as barbie.

  94. M at | | Reply

    And yes, that very well could be mud on the bottom of Deepika’s dress, as it was quite rainy that day. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a part of the design and the rain was just a coincidence…

  95. PS at | | Reply

    whats with that fur thing..and somebody plz tell her to take a break from her bindis..n wht was akshay thinking..that may be they will have a quick round of chess on those trousers before they hit they venue…

  96. siri at | | Reply

    Ladies & Gentleman…….
    They have won the best dress award at halloween competition. LOL

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