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  1. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yeah.. i did see this poster.. and i just hated the coat.. whoevers it is.. just looks so funny.. and akshay looks like he is stick thin in it.

  2. Anon at | | Reply

    i dont like the coat either, but the man carries it off well……he looks SO much better than the model.

  3. Flower Power at | | Reply

    Maybe because of the photo, but the coat looks yellowish rather than gold and I like Akkibaba in it, esp in the KKK promo!

  4. shona at | | Reply

    i hate the whole look, the gold coat, the leggings, the lace up boots. it’s all too wierd for me. the coat doesn’t look to bad in the khiladi pic as there’s not too much else going on.

  5. Veens at | | Reply

    he looks better than that model at least :)

    but i like the 2nd pic.

    jeez i lov Akki!!!

  6. mia at | | Reply

    the model looks like he’s ill. akki does look better than him.

  7. sunshine at | | Reply

    I like the cheetah’s expression. I wish Akki did’nt wear the glares so we could see who looks more khatron ka khiladi:)

  8. ekta at | | Reply

    ok first of akshay kumar can carry anything off, but just imagine what he would look like if he got half a decent stylist… whoever the stylist for akki is these days needs to retire

  9. Nick at | | Reply

    Hi Payal, u didn’t mention the boots and the unsual pet he seems to be carrying..

  10. jazz at | | Reply

    omg.. even AKSHAY cannot work this… thumbs down!

  11. jazz at | | Reply

    and yeah…anyone heard of a thing called “razor”????? haha

  12. malini at | | Reply

    oh the model looks sickly scary.. some one please feed him a burger or two

  13. Anon at | | Reply

    The burberry model looks emaciated. Dont they have ban on size-zero models for guys:-)

  14. Christine at | | Reply

    The man is wearing tights. Enough said.

  15. rina at | | Reply

    the film should be called singh is gay instead of singh is king due to all the effeminate outfits such as tights and gold shoes. not that there is anything at all wrong with being gay. i’m just commenting on the nature of the clothes.

  16. jazz at | | Reply

    @ rina… hahha singh is gay lmfao!!!!

  17. Reshma Sanjeev at | | Reply

    I liked Akki in the KKK photo. He carries the coat better than the about to faint model.

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