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  1. Ena at | | Reply

    Am i the only one who just doesnt ‘feel’ Masaba?
    How long does she hope to keep whipping this horse?

    1. Isha at | | Reply

      I hear you

    2. POP at | | Reply

      I love her prints and the way she mixes colors. However, like many people have expressed on here, her work has a unfinished quality to it and most of her clothes end up looking like design school projects.

  2. Anu C at | | Reply

    I actually do like her prints and sarees and as much as I really want to own one of those for myself, I have not been able to bring myself to buy one. It stays in my online cart – I think it looks good and interesting in the context of famous people wearing it, but would look gimmicky on a regular person like me.

  3. neha at | | Reply

    can i just say i like man dressed simply and in classics …..

  4. Shins at | | Reply

    Ya I feel she has a really long way to go . She can start by dressing herself correctly first. She really needs to pull her socks up. Best luck to her though.

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