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    I love how offended people are that they can’t see the baby. Lol!! Not their child not their business. The carriers look super handy.

    I was looking at Victoria Beckham’s daughter’s clothing and I like the fact that she keeps it gender neutral. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with pink or blue I wish people would experiment a little esp when the child is too young to have an opinion. Later when your daughter wants to be a fairy princess then you can deck her in pink.

    A friend of mine is swamped with pink, pink and more pink as gifts from family and friends. I think I was only one who thought lime green would look cute on a little girl. lol!

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      Exactly! My son is dressed pretty gender neutral too- even pink, which he looks damn cute in! :) I hate this whole ‘pink pressure’ that girls are subject to from day 1. I wanted to be an engine driver or fireman when I was young- I wonder if little girls now think beyond ballet dancer or princess, considering all the frou frou they are given!

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      yes. i remember this really cute grey dress on harper. little girls anyway get pink candyfloss in their brains once they hit 12, so why usher it in sooner?

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      yeah, my sister just had her little girl, a month back and she hates pink, so we only buy gender neutral colours for her!

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    Tod’s bags are gorgeous.

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    It’s a little sad that we’re dissecting the look right down to the baby carrier.
    Is that all there is to life?

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      There is nothing sad about it.. its not about the fashion statement she is making but it makes it easy for the moms to decide..Ms rai wud have had experts suggest her about the product since there are a zillion variety in the market.. soo by letting us know the brand, it sometimes helps in makin a choice with wats best in the market.. nothin wrong in tht..

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        Ooooh when did this become a website to review baby products for moms?

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        Well said, sheets!!!

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        i think it is strange, perhaps not sad, that branding has gotten so out of control for things like baby carriers. its really not something people need to overthink about. my mom used to carry me in something she bought from colaba street market, i can’t say i remember it.

        but its a sweet photograph.

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        That is not the best baby carrier there is. I as a recent mum can attest to that. Surprised that the big b family settled with middle of the line brand. Oh well, makes me think they’re human.

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        Agreed with sheets!
        and they did say for “mums or mums-to-be”

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          +1.. I am glad they are making this website “something-for-everyone” ! Its ok that we discuss this once in a while..

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      Totally agree with you R

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      Not really… I’m sure many mothers would want to sport the same carrier and would be very grateful to learn the name of the brand. I guess its your perspective and how you look at things..

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    I love that bag and Ash looks like a yummy mummy.

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    Baby Björn for Baby B-Whoever sold that carrier to them pulled off the marketing coup of the century- India sales are going to spike!! But also look at Bella Baby, ladies- its pretty good too- not so strappy and backpacky looking.

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    wow, it must suck to have to cover the baby up like that in so much heat. plus baby bjorns are horrible for your back. why not ergo or beco?

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      I have a baby bjorn with lumbar support. it was a boon for my travel to india.

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    I really really really wish Aish sticks to this hair color now. It looks gorgeous on her.

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      I agree. So much better than the orange she used to have.

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    Its weird seeing her with her daughter,it has finally hit me that she has a daughter now…………….so happy for Ash.

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    baby björn products r tooooooo gudddd….my daughter uses their bib …a single bib costs 800 rs….so tey r xpensiv but v v good n bpa free….

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    Babybjorn slings are highly uncomfortable for the mother, I am speaking from experience

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      Totally agree, used mine just twice! In this case I’d like to think they wanted the baby carrier with ‘ maximum coverage’!

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        An Ergo offers EXCELLENT coverage. It even has a sleep hoodie thing and she wouldn’t even need to use the hat on the baby :)! She could have kept her hands free!

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    All I keep thinking of how HOT that poor baby must be in India’s May/June heat, the onesie, hoodie, and that horrible Babybjorn carrier. I used one for both my kids and its def does not breath! Great for winter/cooler months here USA, but not for India at all!(my experience with it). Anyhow, why are we on this website discussing baby carriers and not Ash’s ugly jumpsuit:P (j/k)

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      The baby travels in super air conditioned plane and car, she is out of AC for only few minutes, so the outfit is perfectly alright!

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        true tht.. she is out only for few minss.. rest is all top class AC.. rollsss royceee!!

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    this hair color suits her than the reddish color she usually sports. (wonder how long she will try to hide the poor baby.)

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    Baby Bjorns are really bad for the parent (their back support sucks!) and TERRIBLE for the baby, with the really weak pelvic floor support. Especially bad for little girls. They should’ve done better research and gone with Ergo – or even a Maya sling.

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    I’m just glad to see that there is a baby … flesh and blood. uptil now, believing in a bachan grandchild was like believing in god … you just had to have faith.

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      Hahahaha.. good one!

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      Are we sure it’s a real baby and not a cabbage patch doll?

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        Funnie.. but no, it’s not a cabbage patch doll. You can see baby’s fists and beaded bracelets on her tiny wrists in other pics (google for aishwarya aradhya airport).

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    Come on!! P&P nobody is wondering about the baby carrier bag.. its no big deal….I am sure Baby Bjorn have sponsored this posting for you guys…

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      Lol. You give the blog too much credit… No sponsored posts here! But, point taken!

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    Ha! So what if I cannot afford Tod’s tote bag, I at least have the babybjorn carrier.

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