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  1. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I liked both the sarees but I think Vidya would have looked much better than Ash had she worn some lipstick.

  2. Rhea at | | Reply

    VIDYA! She looks soo beautiful, loove the sari and the whole overall ‘image’ she is going for. Beautiful!

  3. KP at | | Reply

    i think the main piece of ash’s outfit is her sleeves. wish we had a better picture.

  4. anon at | | Reply

    Usually it’s Ash who’s dressing conservatively these days…I agree w/ you – don’t like her saree or her red lipstick!

    Vidya is looking better with a more conservative look – love her saree. It’s possible her hair was done that way to portray her character as the Maa.

    Overall, I’d say Vidya looks better than Ash.

  5. sonam at | | Reply

    vidya is looking sooo beautiful. I love her sari.
    Aishwarya is all dressed for a halloween party.

    1. neetu s at | | Reply


    2. Dee at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly!

      1. sri at | | Reply

        wonder why she had to dress sexy..scared much?

  6. jujunye at | | Reply

    i think that red lips are not at all looking sexy on miss pink panther !!! :P

  7. suchi at | | Reply

    vidya looks gorgeous here!

  8. charan at | | Reply

    Aishwarya has velvet blouse?? Are you sure MM is not around??

  9. gaga at | | Reply

    vidya’s sari is definitely more beautiful but i like both.
    ash’s blouse, what little i can see of it, looks very interesting.
    three quarter sleeve blouses seem to the trend now…prefer them to the bra blouses, they look more classier.

  10. Never Mind at | | Reply

    Finally, Vidyda proves me right!! She finally comes off looking miles ahead of the “Bahu”

    1. Never Mind at | | Reply

      But why does she wear the same blouse again again and again?

  11. lg at | | Reply

    Both looked pretty but I have to say WOW WOW to Ash for glamming it up!!:) This red and black combo plus red lipstick..she is totally looking the part of hostess of the event :)

  12. GG at | | Reply

    Ash looks very sexy.Vidya is in her comfort zone here and so pulls it off. I saw some other pictures of ash at the same event where she kept covering her stomach.It looked weird.Nevertheless she looks awesome.

  13. Shweta at | | Reply

    nope I beg to differ here…coz i think Aishwarya looks far better than Vidya! I loved Ash’s lacy saree esp. that deep red blouse! This lady sure knows how to wear her sarees!!
    As regard to Vidya…I can’t stand her outdated blouse and don’t dig her saree as well…she desperately needs a stylist!!

    1. divzo at | | Reply

      exuse me but ur very own ash wore that outdated blouse at Oprah :)

  14. sarita at | | Reply

    Luv vidhya’s saree more….his website needs to be updated

  15. Amy at | | Reply

    In the 2nd picture……right under where she’s holdig her clutch…..why is there a color other than black? Is that her petticoat or skin?

    1. Sana at | | Reply

      No I think its just the light bouncing off her saree.

  16. P at | | Reply

    Vidya looks so gorgeous, what an underrated beauty. The weight loss looks great on her. I LOVE her sari! Next to her, Aishwarya looks overly-made up and unfit; maybe because Ash’s weight gain shows on her face a lot.(I know I am going to be facing a lot of wrath from Ash fans and accused of being jealous, maybe?)

    1. MojitoLover at | | Reply

      I agree. Also, Ash’s hair looks horribly flat-ironed and fried..somehow overall she’s unimpressive.

      1. Anu at | | Reply

        Ash’s red lips are over the top…and against that caked up foundation just makes her look like the kinda make-up the 90’s heroines used to wear…I like vidya’s sari…but her hair do is so boring…

  17. May at | | Reply

    lipstick on ash is too red.. but she looks great as usual
    I like vidya’s saree better… yes i do agree that her hair isn’t working. I liked her red saree look during IIFA 2006… that hair style would’ve worked

  18. bb at | | Reply

    ASH looks better. she shd do smthing diff w/ her hair

  19. krk at | | Reply

    natural vs. plastic, fresh vs. jaded, elegant vs. OTT…vidya wins this hand down!!

    1. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

      really. it’s there for everybody to see. beautiful without trying too hard..comfortable in her own skin and then the person who got stuck with OR rather has to live up to a self created tag of *most beautiful*..as if something like that even exists. Ash will find it harder as the years grow…
      on another note Vidya looks pristine..something you can’t ascribe to mrs. constipated

      1. pp2 at | | Reply

        How does this get approved P&P?

        1. neetu s at | | Reply

          whats P&P

    2. Ami at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

      1. Sharin at | | Reply

        I hate when people put their own presumptions on other people.. when Rani had her weight loss and was wearing maxi dresses she was “uncomfortable in her own skin, should stick to her mother india look, looks like she is trying too hard” and etc, now it’s Ash who supposedly is trying too hard and not comfortable in her own skin. It’s all in our own heads and rather it is us that is uncomfortable looking at celebrities outside of the pretty little box that we like to put them in fashion wise. I don’t know I’m totally fine with people’s comments on clothing but personal attacks like “mrs. constipated” is just below the belt…it’s these kinds of comments that cause “Ash fans” to call people jealous..because “Ash haters” often shoot below the belt. If you truly were indifferent to Ash then people would be able to say things in a more respectful manner! In this picture.. I like Vidya’s sari a lot more and her makeup and hair as well… I appreciate that Ash did something a little bit different with the red lips and all at least she tried. I too don’t like the lace.

        1. Pri at | | Reply

          I agree!

        2. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

          no Sharin. This is not a personal attack. It is merely a perspective on someone who beats the drum about being the epitome of “beauty’..a vague and illusive concept with social ramifications. When you make absolute assertions about yourself in a democracy, you expect as I’m sure even she does, disbelief and critiques. Afterall one is striving to set themselves apart from others, anyone who wishes to can questions those grounds.

          Please refer to some of the comments below referring to Vidya as a “kaam vaali”. Are you prepared to get worked up over a classist comment?

          And for the record I am neither an “ash fan” or a “ash hater” as you have so neatly divided the world at her majesty’s behest.. I am merely an observer and student amused that someone in this day and age can get away with an absolute territory and bear no responsibilities in turn.

          also i am equally interested in fashion. good day to you.

  20. SK at | | Reply

    vidya is wearing the saree really well….
    gosh! she looks great :) in comparison ash looks ok.
    isnt vidya wearing the same blouse as last time with the green sabyasachi …? did she buy mix-n-match pieces ;) love her earrings and batua.
    by the way – ash’s boob showing saree – thumbs up from me ;) totally not vulgar! after last time’s controversy…dont kill me for opening THAT can of worms! :) hee hee hee

  21. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I actually love both looks, but I have this thing with super-glossy lips. Especially in red. I ALWAYS prefer a matte lip. Vidya’s saree is what I would choose, but I like that Ash chose something different.

  22. anita at | | Reply

    I said Both because I don’t like Ash’s lipstick.. and i don’t like vidya’s hair

  23. koel at | | Reply

    Ash looks like a Chandni Bar girl ! Makeup is too loud !
    Vidya looks much better and looks like my mom did her hair … I can smell amma’s Parachute coconut oil from here !

  24. Lg at | | Reply

    Love love Ash here!! Vidya also looks lovely but her sari is very similar to what Ash wore on Oprah show and on such a special night she could have gone with something that have not been seen before .. But nonetheless they both look great and both of them together make a pretty picture:)

  25. Desiette at | | Reply

    They both look fantastic! Dig the red lipstick on Aishwarya. For once she is not playing down her full lips!

    I wish more people would flowers in their hair. Its so Indian, so feminine.

    1. Desiette at | | Reply


  26. anita at | | Reply

    guys, is it the trend to wear a metallic or other color petticoat under transparent sari?

    1. SK at | | Reply

      its all the rage in india… actually it was a rage last year… dunno wats happening with it now tho.

  27. SK at | | Reply

    yup… i checked … its the same blouse from the green sabyasachi saree …

  28. divya at | | Reply

    vidya looks awesome!i sooooooooo love the sari!

  29. T at | | Reply

    VIDYA looks gorgeous .. i think even the hair goes with the over all look .. i soooo want the jhumka’s and the saari and the batwa …..

  30. precious at | | Reply

    cheers vidya, you finally did it!! a perfectly draped saree with perfect accessories. the saree itself is lovely, and vidya looks gorgeous.

    took me a minute to digest the vampish Aishwarya tho. me no like.

    1. white at | | Reply

      i second tht!!!

      1. zainab at | | Reply

        I too agree with you precious.

  31. mad at | | Reply

    vidya looks good….ashs saree not hapenin!

  32. vin at | | Reply

    i feels ash’s saree would look better had it not been lacey.. and some how her hair color looks a little off with the whole get up…the red lipstick is a welcome change though..
    Vidya however plays it safe & looks good

  33. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    Vidya Balan dear,.. i know parineeta was ur first film and u constantly strive to relive those days (when you were considered the next madhuri dixit in wings,,,, as compared to now when you have to start playing the amma roles)…

    But honey.. its 2009 going on 2010… dont u think u need to snap out of ur parineeta mode ALREADY

    1. neetu s at | | Reply

      agreed,shes a big aunty

      1. Pri at | | Reply

        Uhh no she looks gorgeous whats so ‘aunty’ about her? Whats ‘aunty’ anyway?

        1. annie at | | Reply

          lol.. I use the term auntie for Aishwarya when she wears those conservative boring pantsuits.

        2. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

          Aunty is what you call any Indian lady over 30, as compared to didi (elder sister)… in colloqial use, it means a lady with an outdated / nonexistent fashion sense who tries waaay to hard to be the cats whiskers…

          Gorgeous is an overstatement, she can only look nice with good clothes (of a certain type), hair and makeup styled a certain way (which i call her parineeta look)

          1. Saya at |

            LOL@cats whiskers. I’m going to particulary look out for your comments when VidyaB makes a presence on this site.:D

      2. Saya at | | Reply

        Haha! Spot on. She always has this auntyji look to her. When was paired with Shahid, man, she looked like his older sister.

  34. SS at | | Reply

    Vidya looks absolutely divine – she stands out from all the other ladies at the event, and her look is so well put together and flawless. Apart from her shade of lipstick, Ash looks fabulous too – it’s a fun flirty sari, and she wears it with elan as usual.

  35. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I perefr Ash’s saree but Vidya looks much, much, much better. Ash’s make up is too. tool, too lous and she is looking plump.Is that her thigh showing under the saree or a shiny/lurex underskirt!!!

  36. moon at | | Reply

    vidya looks grt but somehow her sari reminds me of the sari ash wore in oprah.considering the fact it was done by the same designer.i wish he had choosen something diff for vidya.neways she looks grt

  37. KS at | | Reply

    LOL! This is a poll and we already have thirty something commnets! Happened before?? But this is Ash so the brickbaters cannot sleep well and still wonder how this girls makes more money than most indian lead actors !!!

  38. gem at | | Reply

    whats aish ka hair colour.is it burgandy.she looks gorgeous.her happiness reflects n tat makes her pretty

  39. lazyU at | | Reply

    matching the lipstick with the blouse wasn’t that great an idea.. The colour is too dark for me..

  40. pp2 at | | Reply

    Love Vidhya’s over all look but the transperent midsection is a little akward!

  41. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    For a change, I love Ash in this! Vidya’s sari is definitely better, but seriously, the side-parting makes her look like a typical Tam Brahm “paati” ( grand-mother)!

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Well she is a Palakad brahm..

  42. Najina at | | Reply

    IMO Ash’s saree is way too ugly. Ash glamorized it with red lips.
    Vidya’s saree is really nice but she looks bored. hair need help.
    I am not sure this is her in character look…

  43. divzo at | | Reply

    girls vidya is wearing ” ditto ” same sari as the one ash wore at oprah :)

    1. annie at | | Reply

      Yeah it is the same sari except the border is wider and the polka dots on the blouse are bigger on Vidya’s sari.

  44. hana at | | Reply

    PP is this ur opinion’s influence or does Vidya really looks better than Aish–that Vidya winning votes. Its not the saris, but the way they pull it off. Vidya had wasted this beautiful sari with dull make-up & hair.

  45. SS at | | Reply

    What a site..2 of the prettiest women in Btown..love it! They both look sooo gorgeous….Do we need to pick 1 over the other?? pls dont…they both look super…different styles for both…apples and oranges…..I love them both. period.

  46. AnnMM at | | Reply

    where is jaya?

  47. anita at | | Reply

    the more ilook at ash’s sari the less i like it. it now looks like some creature chewed something and spat it out

  48. shruti at | | Reply

    The combination of ash’ s hair color & red lips is making her look very wired .. I don’t like her sari. Especially the copper in it is looking bad.
    Vidya is looking elegant.

  49. Noorina at | | Reply

    I think Aish looks great…very sexy and sophisticated.

    I cant even look past her to comment on Vidya, actually

  50. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Love Aish’s sari! The mahogany hair ruins her look though. I wish she’d leave her hair in its natural black state for once; bleached/dyed hair completely dilutes her features.

  51. SxD at | | Reply

    Vidya needs a light lipgloss or lipstick! Thatz the only thing missing in her look else she looks fab!
    I don’t mind Ash’s saree but her red lips are bothering – she should have actually gone for deep maroon lips coz that would’ve matched the saree border. Her face can definitely carry off that bright red color but with that saree, it looks odd as the lip color & saree colors don’t match!
    On a separate note, I don’t like the middle picture with both women slouching! Stand straight when wearing a saree!!!

  52. gauri at | | Reply

    Both lovely!! I love white sarees especially.

  53. AnI at | | Reply

    Sharin & lg….just njoyed reading ur comments..i loved wat both the ladies are wearing !
    After all its Sabyasachi..& he has never a bad day…
    Ash pulled it off damn efforlessely…& as for Vidya…she looks damn elegant !

  54. asf at | | Reply

    that red lipstick on aish is bothering my eyes. it looks gross. toooo much!

  55. sri at | | Reply

    lacy sarees and sarees with frill broders are the lastest trend! care to update ur knowledge??

    1. suzy q at | | Reply

      i’m not really seeing any frills here. both borders are heavily embellished, but they are also FLAT and NOT ruched.

      care to explain?

  56. suzy q at | | Reply

    i think this is the first time i have truly appreciated aishwarya, because she usually has such dowdy dress sense (read: ill-fitting gowns, unsuitable necklines, boring prints, strange hem lengths). she looks amazing here, and i don’t even wear sarees, but i definitely want to wear the one she’s got on! the lips are fab too, and the hair color is a great contrast as well – chic.

    vidya looks outstanding. contrary to the beliefs of fellow commentators, i love the blouse. it’s very orthodox – very sabyasachi because his work is fashions of yore with a twist, it’s quirky and unexpected – and reminds me of my mother’s very excellent dress sense, three-quarter sleeves and all. and the saree (also) is TO DIE FOR! and her earrings: i want. badly. she’s dressing in a way that so many others can be inspired by, while giving her own spin on it and keeping true to the designer’s quirk.

  57. NFashionB at | | Reply

    I like both saarees .I am not personal fan of Aish but i liked here sari a lot.Though red lips are classic and should go well per dress color but dint suit her.
    And she seems covering her belly bcos of sheerness of sari.
    Vidya looks so feminine in sarees .Here earrings seems overly big here and hair could been let loose.

    For those who says ‘outdates saree/blouse’
    i guess both saris were already worn in olden times .
    ‘what goes around ,comes around’ ,and these designers have this job to bring/recreate oor set the trends.

    If a normal person like me ,wears thess ,i would be called as wearing ‘o’utdated’ but if designer -dresses the models, we call it ,it is ‘IN TREND’ again.

  58. mary at | | Reply

    Ash with a more natural hair colour.

  59. Aditi at | | Reply

    OMG i cant even believe ppl like Vidya more. i luv Aish and i luved this luk on her.

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