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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Holy Moly !!! like seriously….from overwhelming abu sandeep clothing to looking drop dead gorgeous at cannes ..to this…this women surely knows how and when to change things and make people gasp :P

  2. ICE at | | Reply

    I am sure it’s a wig, only if she wear to do it for real she will be ‘BREAKING’ the Bollywood. Do it aish, YOLO ;)

  3. olala at | | Reply

    What a chameleon this woman is! Never ‘just a cover’ when she is on one…

  4. vinnimeow at | | Reply

    Smokingggggg Hotttt..!!! She has that attitude which others try to copy but may be can never reach that height.. Tooo good for a cover.. :)

  5. acelister at | | Reply

    Kate Moss doppelg√§nger down to the styling, shearling collar, pose, lip part, minimalistic makeup …. :)

    1. A.dot.2.many at | | Reply

      I agree. My first thought was Kate Moss too. But this is the BEST Aishwarya has ever looked

  6. Adara at | | Reply

    Amazeballs. So international. LOVE.

  7. rs at | | Reply

    What a transformation ! From her eternal “Saas bhi kabhi bahu thee” mode to this grungy, edgy appearance. I love it.

  8. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Such a great cover! Love this look on her! But i feel like it’s so overly photoshopped!

  9. Ashi at | | Reply

    love love love!!!

  10. Leila at | | Reply


  11. Surabhi Verma at | | Reply

    Gorgeous but anyone else was reminded of Katie Holmes?

    1. sm at | | Reply

      I thought she looked a lot like kate moss

  12. MissSummer at | | Reply

    woah!!!! ???????????? (faints, one more look at it and faints again!!) love love love it!

  13. Bozo at | | Reply

    Is it just me who thinks that this doesn’t look like her at all?

    1. thea at | | Reply

      Me too.. it is different look from her that’s about it. she doesn’t look particularly good – just different. and photoshopped.

      1. Sam at | | Reply

        Agreed! Photoshop overload though the fringe has softened her face.

    2. Tj at | | Reply

      I thought she’s Celina Jaitly

      1. Tehi at | | Reply

        Me too!

  14. Bertie at | | Reply

    Unexpected is the word! She looks awesome! She should try out the whole edgy/grunge look to shock everybody including her mil. Hahaha

  15. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Looks well like it could have been shot 20 years ago. Nothing auntyji about this styling, no sirree!

  16. Kay at | | Reply

    she is so beautiful! Y does she drown her self into over whelming Abu Sandeep anarkalis y the same old boring hair when she can look this hot too.or is it bachan bahu can’t look hot she has to be in anarkalis n dupatta All the time.ASH STAY LIKE THIS ALWAYS!!!!!

  17. NITIKA SETH at | | Reply

    LOVE !!!!

  18. Priya at | | Reply

    Am not a big Aishwarya fan, never have been. But… This magazine cover is what makes her a rockstar. Wow!!! Simply amazing and mind blowing!!!

  19. Rupali at | | Reply

    Sooooo much photoshop, her jaw line is not at all like this. I know she is beautiful but photoshop her to make her look something else???

  20. vandana at | | Reply

    looks great, but is it just me, or do her lips look different? hope she didn’t succumb as well :(

  21. monika at | | Reply

    at first I thought she is Celina jethly .. loved the cover ..no doubt but she is not looking like Aishwarya

  22. Janice at | | Reply

    Very Vogue indeed, I love it!

  23. aly at | | Reply

    Love it because its different for Ash. She doesn’t do a lot of covers but when she does its usually something unique

  24. Ranij at | | Reply

    LOVE this!! She is looking incredible! For all those who keep saying she looks the same old all the the time, look at this!!!!

  25. sonia at | | Reply

    Fish. Is that her?

    She looks kickass!

  26. Fi at | | Reply

    I was floored!!! Just amazing ????

  27. sini at | | Reply

    Stunned!!! She has a whole Kate Moss vibe going on here…

  28. RENY at | | Reply

    How fabulous does this woman look here!
    What a turn around from those aunty-ji clothes she wears in real life.
    She looks 18! You go Ash! Keep on keepin’

    Sigh, I need one of these makeovers!

  29. Sandy at | | Reply

    OMG ! Love the cover .She looks amazing .

  30. just me at | | Reply

    Have always found her face beautiful and loving the edgy look here…but I mean the lips, jawline etc. it’s not just makeup, they’ve really had a field day with the PS tools…the only defense for the photoshopping here can be that everyone else does it so it’s okay…I guess

  31. Chez at | | Reply

    Oh the Photoshop comments. We as normal everyday people edit our photos before putting them up on FB, changing the light the look, taking poses that make us look slimmer.
    They are stars afetr al, this is their bread and butter, some photoshop is to be expected. We need to seiously get over it!!!

    Aish looks good here, a fresh look and a nice departure from the AJSK looks.

    1. Gowri at | | Reply

      Thank you… About time we stopped cribbing about photoshopped images..

  32. KalaJamun at | | Reply

    Whoa! She looks hot.

  33. roni at | | Reply

    She almost passed off a ‘ Russian beauty’ ..phew my heart is beating fast !!!

  34. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Well she may not agree but it is a great comeback! Looking good Ms. Rai

  35. Rupa at | | Reply

    I just can’t get enough of this cover. Aishwarya, what a rockstar! Probably my favourite Vogue India cover till now :)

  36. Amrita at | | Reply


  37. catty cat at | | Reply

    guys chill about the photoshop, its just clever make up!!

  38. Shef at | | Reply

    Did anyone notice there’s a guy in the cover as well ? ;) (Cue: he’s leaning into Aish, his hand resting on the wall) Go figure XD

  39. soup at | | Reply

    This is exactly why I feel she should stick to modelling …
    There’s a chance she’d do it right once in a while !!
    Way to go !

    She looks great here, more than anything its the depth of her expression that makes the difference.
    She has a limited stock of expressions unfortunately.

  40. SS at | | Reply

    Sizzllinggg. . .i cant stop staring at the cover. . She looks so young and fresh. .

  41. urvi at | | Reply

    Boy…tht attitude on her face…jst so awesome..

  42. ano at | | Reply

    Fringe is going on a lot coz of dakota johnson (Anastasia in fifty shades of grey).
    Vogue india people just took inspiration from it. Otherwise hardly anyone features witha fringe

  43. Shweta at | | Reply

    Now that’s a cover! Though I wish it wasn’t real fur.. Nobody rocks fur.. Her face… Hot damn ! That’s how she should keep her hair

  44. Sonam at | | Reply

    The fringe looks amazing. I love fringes!
    With the styling , I’m sure vogue has taken it up to guide the vogue india from the recent disasters.

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