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  1. kanika at | | Reply

    It doesnt matter how beautiful a sari is….If it is worn as badly as Suzanne has worn it it just looks awful !

    I seriously wonder by these rich ladies cannot get someone to properly tie a sari around them.. Twinkle Kapoor is another person who wears saris very badly.

    1. romi at | | Reply

      twinkle kapoor? u mean khanna kumar?

      1. lavanya at | | Reply

        very true.
        even i wonder why they dont hire some beautician who can drape it properly. Maybe they want it that way! “U see, i am not at all a saree person! meh”

      2. kanika at | | Reply

        yup sorry for the mix up… I meant Twinkle Khanna

  2. quirky at | | Reply

    everytime i look at sussane roshan..all i see is bones :(

  3. rêve at | | Reply

    whts with the upscale weddings and (almost always)weirdly dressed guests?

  4. dn at | | Reply

    Like Suzanne in her saree, but why does she always look so tired these days?
    Ash looked lovely at the Nakshatra launch – perfect dress to highlight diamond jewellery. For the evening wedding reception, not at all.. why is the salwar so high?

    1. dn at | | Reply

      Didn’t realize it was her cousin’s wedding, Suzanne could have done so much better.

      1. mary at | | Reply

        its not a salwar just a very poorly stitched straight pant.

        1. cutie at | | Reply

          I see ash repeating clothes whenever its not a l’oreal sponsored party ……… wonder how she will survive without the sponsorships :D

  5. rêve at | | Reply

    I think i liked Dia the best!!!
    plz plz can you feature her??? :)

  6. Sej at | | Reply

    Like neither – very DRAB. And it annoys me since both have so much money and so many resources at their disposal. Suzanne’s sari is bleh but it’s the blouse that really kills it. And she looks pale and worn out. That gold clutch doesn’t go with the rest of the look. I said this before for someone but I can totally see someone like Diya making this sari work with her glowing gorgeous face.

    Aish’s outfit is equally bleh and makes her look older then she is. And it’ll be the day that she comes out without caked layers of make up.

  7. Kanira at | | Reply

    I definitely like Suzanne’s sari…and she looks much better with shorter hair and better accessories..or should I say the lack of them…as for Aish…why would she wear such a boring dull outfit to formal occasions that does nothing for her …she shouldn’t even wear that in private!!

  8. Kanira at | | Reply

    do i spot a tattoo on Suzanne’s arm??

  9. aisha a at | | Reply

    hey ASH didn’t forget to don the same ring from her earlier appearance in the same outfit…well its too simple for a wedding,…and i never get what’s with suzzanes’ hair cut…the side swept bang looks like she borrowed some hair and glued it to one side….horrible….

    1. princess_sim at | | Reply

      i was thinking the exact same thing. 2 years later, she’s still wore the same ring! :)
      n that thing abt suzzane’s hair.. true!

      1. Anu at | | Reply

        …and Ash actually wore different shoes this time!!!!!

      2. priya at | | Reply

        if u guys are talking abt the ring on her index finger, she ALWAYS wears that regardless of what outfit she’s wearing. i think it has an astrological significance.

  10. Saniya at | | Reply

    Both looks are very DULL. Suzanne looks weak and her sari does not sit well on her body. As for Ash, she’s such a pretty girl but seriously, WTF is she wearing to a wedding reception? She can do SO much better, so so much better.

  11. ish* at | | Reply

    Suzanne looks so frail and tired :O

  12. RS at | | Reply

    Agree with all the other comments. Suzanne is too thin to carry this look and her hair looks very unkempt. Ash looks boring. Am I the only one who thinks she’s lost the famous glow that she once had on her face?

    1. mary at | | Reply

      No one is too thin to carry a look. Suzanne is gaunt and sickly pale. My guess is it comes from some kind of extreme crash diet. I’ve seen thinner people with a nice healthy glow to them.

  13. viz at | | Reply

    Suzanne so doesnt look like she is going to a wedding. She looks quite scruffy. Aishwarya.. why oh why!!why this atrocity. Beautiful woman no doubt, but that color is really taking her charm away from her. Its so dull. that salwar suit is so drab.it looks like its been sewn together by the kone ki dookan ka darzi. Ash looks quite terrible.

  14. romi at | | Reply

    who is twinkle kapoor? (please refer first comment!!)

  15. paris at | | Reply

    omg, what a disaster susanne looks like! hate the gold clutch with the sari and the hair is awful! i can’t understand what the big deal about susanne is. i think she’s one of the most badly dressed women!

    1. shireen at | | Reply

      finally…join the club sister :/

  16. meria at | | Reply

    i like Ash’s look

  17. Richa at | | Reply

    Suzzane looks gorgeous, but again, as has already been mentioned, she could do much better for a cousin’s reception…

    Hate the suit that Ash is wearing.. Just because it is designer stuff, doesn’t mean that it is good !

    And, finally, what’s the big deal about repeating outfits !!???

  18. mary at | | Reply

    major ewww at Ash’s shoes and can’t get over the little toe sticky out of the shoe! As for the outfit I had one in a similar colour with a bright fuschia/rose pink tied and dyed dupatta to go with it and it just lifted the whole outfit. otherwise I agree too bland.

  19. RB at | | Reply

    Hey why don’t ull feature the bride and the groom. would like to see what they wore..

  20. OMGaaash at | | Reply

    Ash : Getting it right.

    Sussane: huh..what?

  21. Emaan Khan at | | Reply

    WHY WHY WHY Would Ash wear this colour ever…and to top it all a plain almost shalwar kameez??! WHY

    Emaan Khan

  22. arj at | | Reply

    i dunn like ashs outfit…she could dress classier

  23. Soho at | | Reply

    Sorry for the rant but why do woman like Suzanne who have some much fr…… money and resources dress so badly consistently?? If I remember the last time she looked heavenly was when she got married, in the last few years i think it’s all been downhill, the clothes, hair color and style, the makeup, anorexic body, is it that hard to turn up at an event looking nice?? they all have twitter accounts and I keep fighting this urge to tell them what a mess (style wise) they are, weather it is Suzanne, her sister Farah or Priyanka Chopra…

  24. sri at | | Reply

    both outfits meh!

  25. Di at | | Reply

    FUGLY outfits! and that Suzanne woman needs some food! Go feed her already! Ash plastic as always and incredibly bad dressing style..

  26. HHC addict at | | Reply

    plz someone gives this woman a sandwish . she looks like a zombie. her face is weird.but i like the colour of the saree very womanish. as beautiful as Ash looks , i think she borrowed tat one from her granma. absh looks like her baby brother

  27. tina at | | Reply

    This is no surprise. Ash and Suzanne are both consistently dressed badly.

    I don’t know what is wrong with Ash. For someone with her looks, why does she act so desperate and dunk herself in a vat of make-up? It always looks like she took a swim in a tub of foundation before going anywhere.

  28. Bella at | | Reply

    AbuJani & Sandeep Khosla outfits are classy, expensive and the ‘IN” thing in the bollywood circle.

  29. ash at | | Reply

    Aish. almost always dresses badly as far as I’m concerned, and this outfit is no exception. Somebody get her a stylist! Suzanne looks more chic but that saree is hanging off of her like a coat hanger, and the clutch is a bit of a mis-match also.

  30. Alisha at | | Reply

    May be Ash didn’t want to steal the limelight from the bride! That’s why she’s dressed so simple, yet elegant! I like this side of hers! Go Ash!

  31. Laila at | | Reply

    Suzanne’s drooping eyelids/corners make her look old & tired

  32. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Susanne’s hair colour now is better, but the style could be better. Her saree is nice but she looks anorexic, washed out, better make up will help. Can’t understand what Ash is wearing under the Kurta, does not look like Churidaar, salwar or pants!!!!???/ She looks plasticky in the last photo

  33. smv at | | Reply

    since it was her cousin’s wedding, shouldnt Suzzane have bought something new and b-ful to wear?

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