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  1. Fatima at | | Reply

    lookin good!!! her skin looks really good, her make up looks simple yet gorgeous…

  2. Rezia at | | Reply

    The dress looks beautiful on her. I also like the diamonds ;)
    The hair I’m not a big fan of, but the makeup is spot on.

  3. B at | | Reply

    She looks stunning and so regal as always.

    But I am sure every part of her body including each strand of her hair will be analyzed and criticized here.

  4. sugarandspice at | | Reply

    Could be wrong but the gown is very similar to a Donna Karan one i’ve seen.

  5. k= at | | Reply

    wowww she looks absolutely stunning!!! such an understated, elegant dress!!! im so proud of her! lol

  6. FPDP at | | Reply

    I loveeeeeeee the dress and how she styled herself. But that hair is not going with her face.

  7. Tanika at | | Reply

    She looks good! I think this is the first time I’ve said this about her in a very long time! She usually doesn’t have the best fashion sense even though she’s pretty but here she did just right!
    I like the make-up and hair because I wear mine like that too with black dresses.

    For Aishwarya this is a major step forward, finally!

  8. pia at | | Reply

    stunning…just perfect..love her hair and makeup

  9. k= at | | Reply

    omg i just noticed her necklace! im sooo jealous!!! love love love!!!

  10. Monika at | | Reply

    I really like it that she skipped earrings and let the necklace do all the talking..

  11. Carol at | | Reply

    Finally Aishwarya has learned less is more. This is a very elegant look. The dress looks better on her than Anne. Anne has bones poking out. Whereas Aishwarya has curves and her skin is glowing.

  12. chaahi at | | Reply

    gorgeous necklace
    flawless skin
    classy dress
    don’t think the hair suits her face shape though.
    regardless, a good show, ms. rai err bachhan.

  13. tina at | | Reply

    It might just be me but I think she looks dull. Not a great dress for her body either. It makes her shoulders look huge!

  14. Another Kiran in NYC at | | Reply

    The stylist got it right this time. She does look good here.

  15. Ritu at | | Reply

    I like the dress on her, but one complaint I have is: why must every single Western stylist put this ponytail on Ash? We’ve seen this a zillion times now. It’s like the only hairstyle they try on her. Not her fault though, but the stylists’.

  16. tehzeeb at | | Reply

    she looks fantastic……even though i think ‘black’ is a safe colour anyway she looks fabulous and OMG i just saw the trailer and i think … I THINK! her voice was doubed my some one else :S LOL

  17. Karma at | | Reply

    Wow, LOVE this, probably the first time I’ve said this about Ash! Hair, makeup, necklace and dress, all FIERCE. Usually she’s a pretty wallflower…now she’s the STAR!

  18. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she looks GREAT!
    very chic, despite the fact that she’s put on some weight
    as I’vealways said, simple and chic are the best on her- and she got it right!

  19. Carol at | | Reply

    PnP, there are pictures from a PP2 press conference this morning. She looked good there too. Maybe she is getting wiser with age – lol

  20. Roni at | | Reply

    Fabulous…I have always admired her sense of style and dressing…just a thought maybe she should invest in a diamond bracelet…would have been a lovely complement to the necklace and gown.

  21. herdisnot at | | Reply

    regal, a cut apart….

  22. Surbhi at | | Reply

    naaa.. me not liking it.. i think she is looking tired and not her usual fresh self..she looked better at the press conference..

  23. Tanika at | | Reply

    A new stylist or finally she learned that Frieda’s getting international acclaim for fashion so she needs to up the fashion level too! Took her a long time to get started when she should’ve been the first one to start the fashion trend in Cannes and all. No worries, there’s still time Ash! hehe

  24. cooks at | | Reply

    The dress is lovely..it looks great on her. Make-up seems too much..she looks terrible. Nothing natural about her look..she looks made up.

  25. peechu at | | Reply

    hehe, i have to agree, im pretty proud of her..its like she finally knows her place in the sun and isnt being such a try hard anymore

  26. forhhc at | | Reply

    usually however mnade up she is, she never manages to hide the lines on her neck and that is one of her weak spots beautywise – this time she has managed to pretty much cover that …

  27. priya at | | Reply

    the dress is nice. not a fan of the neckline though! her make up looks cakey but she carries herself well. not liking the hair either. she should have worn chandelier diamond earrings instead of the necklace.

  28. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Beautiful! Finally!!!

  29. K.K. at | | Reply

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the dress and that diamond necklace is to die for. I wish she would’ve worn little diamond studs (it just looks so bare). But other than that, she looks WOW!!

  30. Ashi at | | Reply

    Ooooh, she looks very classy. Love the necklace.

  31. zara at | | Reply

    @ B: Don’t underestimate us! I think Aishwarya looks simply gorgeous!
    I love that she stuck with a simple necklace and put her best asset – her face – on display. She is aging wonderfully, and it’s amusing that Anne Hathaway, who is about 10 years younger, looks horrible in her outfit.
    I actually like the strong makeup because it gives the dress a more dramatic effect. And after all, the event is a movie premiere.

  32. odd at | | Reply

    dress doesnt suit her…makes her look too wide.
    also, instead of necklace, she shld have worn earings…necklace is just drawing more attn to her odd wrinkly neck. too much makeup, and i dnt like how her one eyebrow is always extra arched.

  33. dn at | | Reply

    Classy, must say. The necklace is simple yet classic and beautiful.

  34. romi at | | Reply

    Everything is A – she could have toned down the makeup to make her cleavage look so voluptious when there is none – tee hee

  35. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    I think she looks absolutely divine! She seems to have put on weight, but it suits her. She has made a successful(by that I mean well-styled) appearance after such a long time, its nice to see!

  36. anita at | | Reply

    dont like the hair style AT ALL.. she looks nice neck down..which is rather disappointing – something’s wrong with the makeup and she looks uncomfortable with herself.

  37. Megan at | | Reply

    The dress is actually Alberta Ferretti. Believe me I know.

  38. Jillie at | | Reply

    I don’t know guys. I don’t think this is her best. She looked outstanding during the Cannes festival but this time she has disappointed me. I am a huge fan of hers, but I feel she looks rather old in her close-up. Elegant dress, beautiful necklace, but the hair- do does not suit her. But she still is beautiful regardless. I hope the movie does well!

  39. prisha at | | Reply

    Glad she got herself a stylist…
    Dont think she is capable of putting this together herself, though…

  40. swee at | | Reply

    very nice outfit…she not lookin her best… shez lookin huge…weird!! :-s

  41. gul at | | Reply

    she look nice and did anybody noticed that after so long her favorite ring is missing

  42. anoo at | | Reply

    cant she borrow freida’s stylist? i think this is a tad borin…..but better thn wht she usually clothes herself in…!!!

  43. NJ at | | Reply

    STUNNING! Someone’s clearly inspired by Freida Pinto. Thank You God.

  44. K at | | Reply

    @ Anita – you stole the words out my mouth, sista!!

  45. annie at | | Reply

    She looks big. This would make a great maternity dress. Her head looks small compared to her body… not liking this at all!!

  46. annie at | | Reply

    Agree with odd’s comment. She should have gone for earrings instead of the necklace to draw attention away from her neck.

  47. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    she looks stunning.

    however, i wish she had worn some sort of studs, her ears look really empty with the pulled back hair.
    her hair actually looks cute, i like it!

    btw what kind of a clutch is that?

  48. Karishma at | | Reply

    OMG!! The very first time that Aishwarya has wowed me. She looks amazing! I think the styling is flawless!

  49. Missy at | | Reply

    Her makeup is exactly like the ones seen in her latest L’oreal ads! She looks perfect nonetheless.

  50. Violet at | | Reply

    She does look FAB except for one thing that kinds deterred me. I don’t like her cheek color. It stands out and doesn’t look natural. She should have used a more light rosy color rather than a coral looking one. Not a fan of the hairstyle either, but she is looking fantastic otherwise. Very elegant in this dress. And her skin looks flawless!

  51. SS at | | Reply

    Love the hair, love the makeup, love the dress, love the necklace – it all falls into place with understated yet dramatic flair. I love how international in the truest sense Ash can look – more so than the all American Hollywood stars. At her best, she’s such a global beauty!

  52. Missy at | | Reply

    her cleavage looks like a martini glass or an hour glass :P

  53. Megha at | | Reply

    i dunno what it is cause i like the dress but something doesnt look right to me…

  54. preeti at | | Reply

    eww heavy cleavage exposure, to me it looks vulgar and her facial expressions are like a hindi-soap vamp!! I saw her other pics on another site and i was like wtf????

  55. debs at | | Reply

    she looks divine.
    what a necklace…love love love it.

  56. pinka at | | Reply


  57. Ashna at | | Reply

    I lovee the way shes looking !


  58. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    As usual there is always something or the other off about her appearance at international events. If the make-up is good, the dress is ugly. If the hair is good the make-up is ugly. In this case, the dress is great but the hair and make-up are bleh. She always manages to get exactly one thing wrong. The speedbump hairstyle does not suit her face shape at all. It’s making her look like a turtle. And the make-up makes her face look harsh. Google photos of her the previous day at the PP2 press conference with normal make-up – she looks like a goddess! When will her stylists figure out that less is more when it comes to her? She doesn’t need all that gunk.

  59. Marya at | | Reply

    I heart Aishwarya..even when shes 60 she’ll be beautiful ;)

  60. ana singh at | | Reply


  61. Reshma at | | Reply

    If its all the magic woven by the Stylist has anyone figured out who it is or has anyone owned up yet??

  62. kg at | | Reply

    wow she looks like a goddess.

  63. suraima at | | Reply

    The dress is ok but she needs a diet immediately!

  64. Jyoti at | | Reply

    I’ll be honest, She looks beautiful, but there is something wrong with the shoulders.. and that hair… no no no

    and I am a die hard fan

  65. AMM at | | Reply

    I love her dress and make up et al – but feel her expression looks kind of haughty?

  66. AMM at | | Reply

    Isn’t she feeling cold?

  67. Monkey at | | Reply

    @suraima: No she doesn’t need a diet. She doesn’t look fat at all.

  68. me at | | Reply

    the top of the dress like the first picture on the left is great but from waist down a big no no, the dress doesn’t flow nicely and that little knot effet on the tommy part makes her look big and chubby there, HEY maybe she is pregnant

  69. Another Kiran in NYC at | | Reply

    Okay so yesterday when I saw the first two pictures I thought she looked pretty good FINALLY. Stylist did good.

    Today I looked at some insider pictures(unpublished press photos) and talked to folks who were there and very observant and some websites and she dosent look good. The make up is chalky and tacky and she looks heavy. The blush is too low and too bright even for the cameras. The dress is nice though. The cleavage is a bit ummmm… how should we say…. Gina Lollobrigida… just teeny bit this side of tacky… not the sexy way.

    Still a major, major improvement on previous red carpet appearances.

    Girlfriend, aint going to be a style icon.

  70. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Don’t like her hair and makeup..neck down she is fine :-)

  71. J at | | Reply

    I must say I find this a little hypocritical though. She behaves all glamourous and poses etc when abroad but in Indian awards and other functions she completely ignores the press. You’ll never catch her looking or posing this way at the Filmfare.

  72. Renuka at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the makeup or the hairstyle..!!

  73. Tanika at | | Reply

    If SHE needs to diet even in this look than we must all be obese! I’m not a fan of hers but she looks just fine.

  74. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    J, that is probably because at Western functions they have a line of photographers all gathered at a certain area facing a sort of promenade (sorry, couldn’t think of a better word) for the stars to walk down so that the press can take their photos. In India it is less organized – as far as I know there is no such promenade – the photogs are all over the place – so no one fixed place for the stars to stand and pose.

  75. Kanan at | | Reply

    Hmm the dress is fine looking and necklace super cool, but the eye makeup is not the same on both eyes or may be it’s my eyes and like Violet said, the cheeks look too colored and are distracting and agree with gul on the big white ring on index finger is missing. I thought it must have been her lucky charm.

  76. bins at | | Reply

    As much as I dislike her….She looks fab!

  77. melange at | | Reply

    hey she is lookin good here! Very elegant.
    She should have worn earrings though.

  78. me at | | Reply

    me again, a pair of earrings is saddly missing here, maybe just a pair of one stone one karat bling would have brighten her smile even more, maybe she was in rush and forgot to put them on, with that kind of hair style you shouldn’t leave the house wihtout a tiny sparkle of bling on your ears

  79. charan at | | Reply

    My boyfriend who has never seen her before thought she was nearing 40… i think she is starting to look old.

  80. Anu at | | Reply

    I usually like Ash, but I have to say that she got it all wrong today. The makeup is too chalky..casts a white cast (not visible in above photos-except one, but google to believe) . The hair, OMG, what was her stylist thinking. Even soft simple down curls would have been better.
    The dress… safe color, trashy neckline. Makes her look too broad. Nice necklace, but IMHO with that hairstyle earrings would have helped to soften the face.

    And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ABHISHEK, buy her a diamond bracelet!!! That steel/silver tacky bracelet does not suit the occasion.

  81. sunita at | | Reply

    she looks stunnin!

  82. Tanika at | | Reply

    Actually, I might have to take my comment back on how you she doesn’t need to diet. Just a picture of the back of her in this outfit and that chub and flab on her back just ain’t working. Good front though! :-P

  83. Tanika at | | Reply

    Just SAW a picture of the back
    *Major typos!

  84. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    Wow…a goddess. *sigh* :D

  85. Enne at | | Reply

    she looks great. I’m more puzzled by why there has been no media coverage by any of the talk shows, hollywood magazines, anyone non indian on her! Did she totally blow it with all her snide comments on the interview run a couple years ago?! What’s going on??

  86. k= at | | Reply

    anu: the bracelet is from her wedding, hence, she wears it all the time no matter what the occasion is.

  87. tina at | | Reply

    Enne, she was on Martha Stewart’s show this morning.

    I too saw a picture of the back. Scary stuff! You can see all the rolls of fat. Whoever chose this dress should be shot. So completely wrong for her body.

  88. K at | | Reply

    @ charan: your bf is not too far off. she is in her mid-30s, turning 36 this year.

  89. diptiN at | | Reply

    I just saw a photo of Ash at the PP premier with her back to the camera, to say the least, she should not have worn a back less dress.

  90. ronan at | | Reply

    i have the pics from martha show … how can i forward them ? to you …

  91. preeths at | | Reply

    she looks … correction.. IS…beautiful no doubt!
    doesnt anyone else find her a little chunky? i can see no collarbone at all!

  92. Priyanka (HHC) at | | Reply


    You can email those to us to the address on the sidebar…



  93. sapna at | | Reply

    plastic barbie doll

    too artificial

  94. Chetna at | | Reply

    UMMM…. I think its boring ….. she didnt take any risk ….She picked somthing that anyone would choose to just be on the safer side …. hairstyle is bad and her cheeks just too pinky :D

  95. renu at | | Reply

    some how this dress making her look wide shouldered but better than her earlier disasters .. she confirmed her dress is Ferretti , bag Armani, shoes jimmy choos … i want to look at what jaya was wearing it was some thing green but could not find any pics without the coat :P can u find her pics.

  96. Anu at | | Reply

    Thanks k= for the info on the bracelet. So I’ll take the ‘tacky’ comment about the bracelet back, to be fair.
    BUT I still feel, an add-on diamond bracelet would have sooo helped the look. So ABHI, my instructions to you still stand!

  97. Anu at | | Reply

    Hey! where can I find pictures of her back? My curiosity is now aroused!

  98. xoxo at | | Reply

    she looks nice but fat !!

  99. NFashionB at | | Reply

    She looks good ,makeup ,hair ,dress everything is fine ,but i kinda feel that she lacks something…she is looking little dull….
    it might be dress/if dress-fabric was more dark/pitck black /shiny or dark lipstick…Something is missing i feel

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