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  1. Iris at | | Reply

    when it comes to the face, there’s no contest. EVER. Ash, all the way (and what’s a little photoshopping anyway)

    1. Soho at | | Reply

      Agree 100% :)

    2. Nidhi at | | Reply

      So true…completely agree wid u :)

      1. Arati at | | Reply

        i thought that was Sarika’s daughter Shruti there and was surprised to read that was actually Ash…. hmmm

        1. precious at | | Reply

          yeah, i thought the same..it looks so much like its shruthi

    3. Shallu at | | Reply

      Entirely agree, no one can match Ash’s face value.

  2. Inihos at | | Reply

    I was waiting to see Ash on the cover. I think I just died. She looks even better than she did on Vogue.

  3. Enne at | | Reply

    I almost hate to say that its PC on this one for me! Why cover up half of that Gorgeous face and photoshop the other side to not even look like Ash?! WTF is up with these photo cover editors really?! Ash’s nose is so wrong in that photo.
    PC looks good (cringe)… I’m so not a fan!

  4. Billa at | | Reply

    Aish looks more amazing nd fresh . She also has a better hair do… Although both their eyes r dramatic aish eyes do more justice nd speaks volumes compared 2 priyanka. Not hating priyanka but prefer Aish?

  5. Piyali at | | Reply

    I have noticed that Aishwarya has a habit of keeping her left eyebrow raised all the time! Not even a single photograph of hers comes where she hasn’t kept her left brow slightly raised. Don’t know how she manages it all the time but it seems she has consciously worked towards it. Here, at first look I thought that it was Eva Green as she looks exactly like her and if I may say a bit evil too…

    1. Shallu at | | Reply

      I think it was Khakee accidents which made her left eye brow suffer. SHe mentioned it in one of her interviews so I guess there’s not much she can do with that.

  6. ConnaughtFleur at | | Reply

    Aishwarya for me. Priyanka looks bad.

  7. dn at | | Reply

    Are the magazine people taking Ash’s face from 10 years back and photoshopping, no, not just photoshopping, but replacing it??? We all know she does not look like this any more. Its actually quite insulting to her. She is still a beautiful woman, just doesnt look like she did earlier.
    Just for that I pick Priyanka, although both are creatively similar.

    1. angl at | | Reply


      1. rina at | | Reply

        Oh come on… Its obviously Ash and she looks stunning. i like the way pc’s dress been shot but not the makeup.

      2. Rathi at | | Reply

        same thought

      3. Shallu at | | Reply

        Actually this look on Ash is bit differet than what we regularly see on her, especially this hair do is better than always keeping the hair open with not to forget a partition :-)

        Priyanka ‘s pic is in full shot then I can not compare her face with Ash, as I find Ash way better.

    2. Roise at | | Reply

      Every cover is photoshopped. You’re acting as if women in 30s never look as good as they look in their 20s. Get real.

      She looked gorgeous at the Oscars and here stunning again!

      Thank god ‘eyes’ don’t change with age. Otherwise people would say even her eyes are photoshopped.

      1. dn at | | Reply

        I said she is beautiful now too so it is an insult that they are using her 20s photos, or photoshopping to make her look as if she is in her 20s. Please read the posts properly.
        And she did look her age at the Oscars. Gorgeous yes, young no. And that’s not a bad thing. Look at Helen Mirren, looks her age but still stunning and regal.

        1. Roise at | | Reply

          Using her 20s photos? Haha. Tell me which cover is not photoshopped, honestly? :-)

          1. dn at |

            Photoshop should be used to make a better you, not a different you. All of us criticize a bad photoshop job, not just hers, that make a person look different. Check out her old photos, the face structure looks exactly like this. Anyway, that’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree. After all, that’s the best part about this site :)

          2. lolita at |

            No comparison with Ash…ever!
            With a face like Ash, one doesn’t need to show off clothes or styling….just focus on the face and BAM the cover is dramatic and striking!

            I guess the photoshopping editors couldn’t resist perfecting an already perfect face! And yes, they did shave off atleast 15 yrs off her face!

          3. tina at |

            WHOA! cat fight! hehe

    3. envy at | | Reply

      I agree with dn…ash is really beautiful but she certainly doesn’t look like this anymore…I know everyone does photoshopping but if you put these picture aginst other pictures taken at event…priyanka’s look more close to how she looks…

      Also niether can you see Ash’s face completely nor the clothes hence I voted for Pri too

  8. SS at | | Reply

    Verve hands-down!

  9. Sal (SS) at | | Reply

    I like both covers, but there’s just something impish about the Verve one that I can’t resist. Priyanka does look fierce, though, and the inside spread from the Filmfare issue is pretty fantastic, too.

  10. Neha at | | Reply

    for once, Ash’s face is more expressive than any other actress’

  11. Trinket at | | Reply

    The Verve cover is well balanced in terms of colour and layout…..love PC’s dress and Aishwarya’s hair.

    It seems both stylists watched Black Swan and loved it ;)

  12. nafisa at | | Reply

    voted fr prinks only coz ash’s face is over touched, has lost all its natural features :P

    1. Steph at | | Reply

      The “:P” at the end says everything! :D

  13. Ratna at | | Reply

    Ashwarya, even when her face is partially covered. I don’t like Priyanka’s ghetto face with that dress.

    1. DJ at | | Reply


  14. rds at | | Reply

    Generally i love Priyanka more than Ash, but there is only so much you can do to her face..she is totally not versatile when it comes to magazine shoots. she is definitely not the one actress you can create drama in photo shoots…and that is where Ash takes the cake. If the magazine guys are not out of there mind (or serious case of non talent) it is difficult to come up with bad shoot of Ash.

    but that said i still love Priyanka.

  15. Pooj at | | Reply

    tht is shruti hassan right..on the right?
    aishwarya does not look like that :O

  16. SLC at | | Reply

    we’re comparing an almost 40 yr old with someone who is in her late 20’s. Sadly beautiful Ash’s face has been discoloured, disproportioned to the point where she barely looks like herself. I hate to say this but Filmfare wins. Vevre is truly sending wrong messages by over photoshopping.

  17. sundara at | | Reply

    Ash? Really? I thought it was Shruti Hassan…

  18. suchi at | | Reply

    wish ash’s face was not covered.not liking pc

  19. bongbabe at | | Reply

    i like the dress that priyanka is wearing. so pretty. so so pretty.

  20. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Ash for me here (cringe) I am so not a fan..
    But for me, here she wins, way better cover..

  21. MJ at | | Reply

    At first glance, I almost thought that was Eva Green on the Verve cover! A bit much photoshop can indulge temptations I guess

    1. kumar at | | Reply

      OMG i thought the exact same thing. like WTF!? how much are they gonna they photoshop??

  22. rashmi at | | Reply

    Who can compete with those eyes!!! Aishwarya all the way…

  23. yashu at | | Reply

    ohh come on these magazines have same people over n over again if not then the same person is in different magazines every month …last month ash was in some other magazine this time this …so freaking annoying…..get somebody else or some model…

  24. shilpi at | | Reply

    ash proves again ..why she is WWWWAY up there ..rest can follow

  25. Jiya at | | Reply

    Verve….its fierce…we see the model/actress (filmfare) sitting like that in sooo many covers….since its not bout the face i m commenting only on the way its shot…the dress is playing such a imp role….if wer r talkin bout beauty – its still ash :)

  26. SeksyAngel at | | Reply

    Aishwarya all the way… She’s glowing!!

  27. Blackeyedpanda at | | Reply

    aishwarya looks strangely like raima sen on this one. also in keeping with yashu i must say its very tiring to see the same people, photoshopped and looking pathetically unreal, over and over again on magazine covers

  28. Pippa at | | Reply

    Priyanka’s whole look and the pictures inside the magazine are sooo done to death..I get that it goes with the 7 Khoon Maaf promotion thingamajig, but the whole “fierce” thing just looks like trying too hard. No comment on Aishwarya..shame that they cover her up and morph her into something else altogether, when they already have a flawless face to work with in the first place.

  29. Saya at | | Reply

    Haha! That’s ridiculous to even draw a comparison, Aish fosho. Love those gorgeous eyes.

  30. Jay at | | Reply

    Priyanka looks fierce! Those eyes hold it all…

  31. Aparna at | | Reply

    voted for priyanka…though aishwarya’s dress is quite different, dont like the heavy paint makeup.

    I also agree on the above comment on sometimes changing it up & doing cover photos with models. Heroines r on cover pages, modeling, doing ad’s & films……poor models. :-)

  32. Rifz at | | Reply

    I thought it was Raima Sen on the cover at first glance! Ash seems to have borrowed SJP’s nose here. Love the hair though. PC’s eyeshadow looks tacky…like they hired an amateur make up artist. Same goes for her hair.

  33. l at | | Reply

    for self professed workaholics and full time writers, you guys really dont post much. On top of that your commentary is so repetitive and typical, so how hard can it be to post more often? And yes, im being snide, but im a bored fan of the site..

  34. Angie at | | Reply

    That’s Aishwarya…seriously? Bad photoshop! All that’s recognizable are the color of her eyes… Priyanka fares better!

  35. Reshma at | | Reply

    Pretty updo on Ayshwarya.

  36. Aly at | | Reply

    Nobody beats Aishwarya. Those eyes!

  37. AS at | | Reply

    ash’s eyes look amazing…but i prefer priyanka here…. filmfare is just not focusing on the face the are also focusing on the dress!!

  38. SLC at | | Reply

    My comment was deleted….and I was kind! Allow me to reiterate, Filmfare wins, only because Vevre exceeded their photoshop limits!

  39. annie at | | Reply

    ash’s cover looks more like what woman’s era from the 90’s would have. I vote for neither :(

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      I agree, both photos are excessively photoshopped, especially when it comes to the color of their skin. Ash looks whiter than snow. I have seen her on many many occasions and she is beautiful but looks nothing like this cover, this includes the color of her eyes. Go back and look are her older photos and you will see the real color of her eyes. The oscar photos are a lot closer than how she looks in real life. And do not get me started on the photoshop on priyanka. Her hands look totally artificial, more like the hand of a mannequin.

  40. ashoo at | | Reply

    Priyanka looks recognizable , Aish looks like way too photoshopped . . . dress wise i’d b partial to Aish’z one . . .
    hey galz u shud post Sush’z photoshoot for this branded lawn . . . she looks smokin , n we hardly get to see her look this goOd . . . :)

  41. sara at | | Reply

    Ash’s cover screams photoshop!!what a let down

  42. Rushil at | | Reply

    ash(not a fan) : elegent, stunning and for the first time….sexy!
    pc(huge fan) : bad! can do much better!

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