Aishwarya At Cannes 2013: amfAR’s 20th Annual Cinema Against AIDS


The amfAR gala this year will feature a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor with a gold themed fashion show. The show has been curated by Carine Roitfeld and also features designs by Tarun Tahiliani that will be auctioned away.

Going with the theme, Aishwarya wore a gold sari by the Indian designer for her appearance. I don’t mind the sari but the gold (sari) on gold (blouse) look wasn’t working. A darker shade on the blouse would’ve helped balance the look. As is, it just looked too gaudy.

Not a fan of the tight high updo either. It reminds me of her Ms. World pageant appearance. Hair down also would’ve softened this look.


Aishwarya Rai At Cannes 2013: amfAR’s 20th Annual Cinema Against AIDS


Aishwarya Rai At Cannes 2013: amfAR’s 20th Annual Cinema Against AIDS

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. What a royal mess. The most beautiful woman in the world and she can’t dress to save her life? Hate the OTT look, nothing can salvage it. The hairdo is just terrible. I am absolutely convinced that her make-up artists and stylists hate her to have done this to her. She should just dress herself.

    • Hahaha, royal mess!! :)

      Between hair and blouse neck, I don’t know what I hate more. Maybe a simple, sweet heart neck would have just worked.

    • Lets just cut out the most beautiful tag, it probably puts more pressure on the poor woman. She is a nice looking mom and she is looking quite nice here. End of.

  2. Payal, you’re being too critical. The gold isn’t shiny, more matte. There’s nothing gaudy about it. The hair, jewelry, clutch, nail paint all complement the look. I like it very much.

        • Lol, if she had her hair down i could bet all my money that p+p would’ve said ‘oh if only she wore her hair up or pulled back’
          Lol! The gold on gold looks good.

          • not a person on this earth with some sense of fashion wud have asked for a high neck collared sleeved equally blingy blouse with tht shiny sari; neither wud anyone have asked for such a tight wreath-on-head sort of updo—leave alone fashionistas like P&P. The look begged for a contrasting blouse and a soft updo. she might be a great mom…but i am sure all ur moms are great moms–then stop worshipping her as “the most beautiful woman in show viz” if she cant bother to look into the mirror herself before presenting herself to the world.

          • That’s not true, this look is totally aging her. Wish you would show some skin even if she was wearing a gold blouse and a softer hairdo would have looked so much better.


  3. Honestly, how is this look better than Sonam’s in Anamika Khanna. She really needs help with her Indian wear. Stick to Elie Saab Ash.

  4. Don’t you guys think..wearing hair down will be boring for this far as make up is concerned i don’t feel anything bad there either..although i agree she has the capability to pull every look with dignity so this can be a little below her standards.she can do much better and make us go “wow” !!!

  5. I have seen some pictures in other blogs from the same event and she looks stunning. I have a feel that for some reason, you purposefully chose the most unflattering pictures and then criticize. I agree she look odd in this picture. But if you see some other pictures from the same event, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Of all the beautiful pictures in the other blogs, only “this” picture looked odd and you posted it. Sounds like a certain miss Kapoor is paying you…;-)

    • yep i have noticed that as well, there’s no objectivity in this blog unlike other fashion blogs.
      That reflects in the commentators as well.. there i said it, now we will have HHC defender squad coming for us

    • I agree. They seem to post the unflattering pics when there are soo many others where she looks absolutely stunning

      • Fashion is about individual tastes and universal acceptance. If HHC’s tastes and verdicts dont seem delectable to you, I think you should stick to “other fashion blogs”. This is just an opinion forum where all of us voice our own. No one is out here to “sue” any celebrity for a fashion faux pas. So,I suggest you stop being judgemental about the blog/bloggers/fellow readers whose voices dont merge with yours.

        • +1. Accusing “a certain Ms Kapoor” of paying P&P is taking it to a whole new level. I find it a bit too much.

  6. Time to bring out the Bouquets and Brickbats again :P. I really hope this is a case of hiring-a-bad-stylist-for-Cannes and not something more lasting, more regular!

  7. Nope. Not working…at all. I can’t even tell what killed the look; the blingy saree, blingier blouse or the weird hair. Fail.

    • Reading through the comments…so many people actually liked this look…loyal fans madly defending Ms. Rai…dragging Vidya and Sonam into the picture for some inexplicable reason…lost my faith in humanity…gasping for air…send help! aahhhh, drama, drama!

    • Reading through the comments…so many people actually disliked this look…loyal haters madly dissing Ms. Rai…dragging Vidya and Sonam into the picture for some inexplicable reason…lost my faith in humanity…oh the lord of light please take me awayyyy

  8. Rolled with laughter after seeing her pics on Getty (man, I sound as if I work for them), and was waiting for this post.
    Actually you have slightly modified version in the post, the actual pictures are so much more blingy. The sun is shining off the saree! She seemed to have taken things too literally this time – tiara for a “queen”, and a gold wrapping paper for a gold theme. No other celebrity is decked up in this much gold – a white gown with gold accessories (Sharon Stone), white dress with gold border (as hideous as the Heidi Klum outfit is). There were so many graceful ways for a gold themed outfit, epsecially from the Indian subcontinent, and she came up with this? A pity.

    • Just realized, the theme of gold was only for the fashion show, where all the models/ actresses are wearing gold outfits. None of the other guests were decked in gold. Ash and her team misinterpreted the invite.

      • Humm, as far as i know, she walked the catwalk. She is absolutely divine in this look. But one can always find something to critisize if looking hard enough.

        • No she didn’t, atleast not according to the pictures that had 20 people on stage in golden clothes. The people who walked the ramp were actual supermodels. And I didn’t have to look hard to criticize her shiny gold wrapping paper at all! It’s definitely not bronze or matte. I like nothing about it. To each their own, if you liked it good for you!

      • We don’t know if she misinterpreted the invite. Maybe she diliberately chose to go all out, make some kind of statement who knows.

  9. She was asked to wear this, supporting a designer from her own country. Everyone always seems to think they have the right to voice their opinion in everything she wears or does. Let’s all STFU! she can wear a potato sack and still look fab and maybe a 100% times better that all the haters.

    • I don’t know about you guys, but she looks very beautiful and well put together to me.But I’ve noticed some funny patterns in here:
      she wore her hair up, u said she should’ve worn it down.
      she wore it down,u said she should’ve worn it up.
      she wore long sleeve, no it should’ve been short sleeve.
      she wore short sleeve, no it should’ve been sleeveless.
      she wore black, Aish wear some colours.
      she wore some colours, no, Should’ve mixed it with black…..
      All these comments just made me realise that she’s never gonna satisfy everyone, so it’s better she wears what she feels satisfied in.Afterall, we wear what we want and no one critises us for it.

      • I soo agree … she looks absolutely beautiful..this coming from a non-ash fan… loved it…
        yes I don’t think anyone can satisfy everyone..

      • Agree with every single thing ou said. With Ash, there are always double standards. Even if she does everything they like, they still don’t like t because it’s Ash.

    • “she can wear a potato sack and still look fab and maybe a 100% times better that all the haters”
      & i think this is why they can´t stop hating. + Cannes is all about being over the top, but so many people just don´t seem to get it & yet praise most hollywood stars for their looks. Seems like jealousy to me

  10. Even if the gold on gold worked at some level (after all it’s that dull kinda gold not the shiny, gaudy type), that shaved looking hairstyle completely ruins this look for me.

    So true how subjective beauty is! I mean, she, her entire team of goodness knows how many stylists, let her walk out with that on her head, thinking it looks good!

  11. Common guys!! I am sure if she did let her hair down I am sure u guys would have a problem with that too :)

    Just saying!!

  12. when vidya wears gaudy clothes then its okay to HHC. but for ash its gaudy. why you people are so harsh on her.i actually love the sari much better then vidya and sonam’s sari in cannes..

    • To be fair, I’ve seen pretty harsh comments about Ms Balan too. I know that for sure because I’ve posted some myself…

  13. First I dont think she the most beautiful women in the worls. She is pretty but a hot mess .Zero sense of style .

  14. I am sorry but this look just falls flat! And that nest on her head is absolutely cringe-worthy and does nothing for her beautiful face..Two thumbs down!

  15. Did she sleep with the same hairstyle from yesterday and just change into a saree? It was stylish yesterday. But this bun is a joke. The hairline looks too severely pulled back. She looks like one of those sculptures in Universal studios or someplace. That saree is yuck. Beautiful face is the only saving grace!

  16. I completely disagree with you guys. This is the most beautiful and ethereal Aishwariya has looked in a very long time. The hair is perfect not too severe at all complimented with beautiful make up. And I don’t think her saree is gaudy at all, it’s the perfect tone of gold without being too sparkly and tacky. That face is just stunning, she looks so much younger now with the weight loss!

      • Excuse me? Delusional much? If you don’t think she’s lost weight I really think you need to get your eyes examined. She’s lost so much weight since her last cannes appearance. Yes it’s called WEIGHT LOSS! Thanks!

          • I guess there’s a lot of you delusional people out there. Spanx doesn’t take off 20-30 pounds!! Also even skinny people wear spanx! And honestly it makes me so sad to see women pulling Down other women. This is a fashion blog, stick to that. Dont get personal. And most importantly acknowledge and encourage achievment! Thanks for coming out!

    • i think the reason aishwarya evokes such a strong response is because unlike many other beauties, she has such a irritating, fake and forced persona. you hear it when she talks and you see it in her attitude.

      her achievements are courtesy her beauty. she is in cannes not because of any exceptional talent and skill but because a company needs her beauty to represent their product in this event they sponsor. there is nothing to be proud about that!

      • Excuse me?! If Aishwarya’s acheivements are a result of her beauty then so are achievements of other actresses, models, etc present at Cannes. Most people at Cannes are there for their beauty.Sonam is there because of her l’oreal connection as well I didn’t see you write this comment for Sonam. Others there for their looks are Heidi Klum, Irina Shayk, Karolina Kurkova, Eva Longoria, Megan Gale, Milla Jovovich, Selita Ebanks, Cheryl Cole, Freida Pinto, and mostly every female present there. So when Aish does it it’s wrong, when others do it it’s right?
        And who says she can’t be proud of her beauty & her 10 yr connection with lo’real as their ambassador & walking the red carpet for 12 consecutive yrs? Don’t hate what you can’t imitate.
        Pnp should not approve the comments like the one above. This is a fashion site, so critique fashion don’t start with the personal attacks.

        • I absolutely agree with this statement. My thoughts exactly. Lets stop making this personal and getting away from what this site really is- a fashion blog.

          • Fangirls and groupies are hard to reason with!

            Aishwarya passed her modeling stage long ago, but it says quite a lot when she is bracketed with other models rather than her acting contemporaries!

            A lot of posters who criticize her (lack of) style are called haters. How’s that for getting personal?!

  17. Seriously, if she’d let her hair down, you guys would likely say she should’ve worn it up to reveal the high collar/blouse details. though i do admit a different style of updo would’ve been better, like a tighter knot or chignon.

    she looks great… the higher resolution images do more justice. her make-up is just perfect.

  18. She looks heavenly! That is not a shiny/blingy gold, more of a matte finish.. almost looks like bronze. Make up is flawless and I love that she took a risk and put her hair up! Love the look head to toe, much better than Sonam’s AK look, white/gold has been done to death!

  19. Agree that the choice of saree is nothing to be excited about….however calling it ‘gaudy’ is absolutely harsh! Wish the hair wuss different….but the woman looks lovely.

  20. Overall this look is not a disaster. Or am I getting used to Ash lack of fashion sense. Anyway, I would never wear the saree but it looks quite nice on Ash. She chose the wrong blouse though. What irks me more is her hair. It is pulled back so hard that the skin around her hair seems stretched. I bet it hurts. I do like her earrings though.

  21. You guys seem really bitter when it comes to Ash. The updo went perfectly for such a high collar blouse and this updo is no where as tight as the last one. The sari is absolutely beautiful too. Yes, a little less gold would be nice but this is no where near being gaudy at all.

    • I don’t think they are bitter. Ash is a beautiful woman and its baffling why she is never able to hit it out of the ballpark when other women do.

      Someone here said that the problem with both Ash and Vidya is that they are never at ease in public appearances and I agree. So while they may be lovely, accomplished women they just aren’t able to project a public persona that comes across as elegant and interesting and “copy worthy” (maybe different on TV, I am talking about red carpet appearances). In contrast people as diverse as Karishma Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Nandita Das and Kiran Rao have that ease, that feeling of being perfectly put together in keeping with their own styles in their public outings.

      That is all there is to it. I might think Vidya is the best actress around but I don’t defend her fashion choices just because of that.

      • MaidinMumbai, well said. Thank you for articulating it so well. That’s just it. All you defensive fans….Pray explain why PnP need to be “bitter” against her. Maybe they wanted to win the Miss World title way back in 1994 and they didn’t so they are holding a grudge for all these years? Please!! The woman is just badly dressed, accept it. That doesn’t make you any less of a fan. Be adoring and appreciative but don’t lose all perspective of reality. Please!

        • “Maybe they wanted to win the Miss World title way back in 1994 and they didn’t so they are holding a grudge for all these years?”

          Ha! Awesome.

          Thank you RS and Lola.

          It can be tough being a fangirl (Vidya, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy these appearances!) so I can appreciate their passion. On the other hand, criticism doesn’t diminish them.

          And one should applaud the ladies who do get it right – who may not be adored actresses but are spot on with style. Because to dress well is an art and must be appreciated, and that’s what this blog is about no?!

          • But since fashion is, like beauty, a matter of perception maybe getting it right is up to everyone´s interpretation?
            Aish & the other “adored actresses” do not always do well on the redcarpet, but i respectfully disagree with you on this; it´s almost as if they are resented for their status, & therefore are more scrutinised than everyone else in an attempt to find a fault. & here she is smashing it.

          • Well the argument works both ways. There is so much fangirling of adored actresses and so much loss of perspective that some people feel just tired of the whole thing and correct it.

            Sure its a matter of perception. I like an offbeat kind of beauty, not the Ash kind. But it would be stupid of me to say that I don’t think Ash is beautiful because she is. So yeah we all have personal preferences. But we do know when someone is lovely looking or well turned out even if they are not our personal choices. So its not all that biased.

        • I think you are exaggerating. People are just pointing out Pnp’s and some commenters and their hypocrisy because Pnp & commenters have said she needs to put her hair up when it’s down, now when she has put it up for many of her appearances at Cannes, ppl are saying she should put it down. And then there’s the comments on how she should embrace her curves and not cover herself up, so when she wears a dress like the blue Armani Prive from the Cleopatra premiere some ppl were talking about how the dress shows her “buldges.” So it’s just that ppl should stick to one thing and not give her mixed messages like “put your hair up, no put it down, show off your curves, you’re too fat,” etc.

  22. Not that it’s perfect or even anywhere close but it’s not as atrocious as some of the things we have seen her in. I wish the pallu was bereft of those ghastly flowers or whatever they are and her ears bare. I love how clean and fresh her face looks with the hair pulled up.

  23. Oh my god! The sari so gaudy. Horrible neck and ill fitted sleeves. Why these so called “designers” create these horrible outfits…….Yucks. There is nothing good about the sari. Material, color, design, pattern, blouse…..ewww

  24. Whats wrong with you guys? She is dressed according to the theme – GOLD. She is looking every inch of a ethereal beauty here. If she would have left her hair open – You would have wanted it in a Up do.
    This is her best appearance in Cannes in an Indian Outfit. Her Make up is perfect. Hair compliments her face….
    Gosh cant believe you are even criticizing her blouse….
    Her Saree and look is so much better than the hideous Black Sabya outfit she wore earlier….. Which you liked….
    Appreciate and Criticize….
    Her Hair Style may look like a Miss World – But The That’s what she is… ;)

  25. Aishwarya… I have better sarees in my closet… I can 4 sure lend u :) :)
    This is a really bad appearance….

  26. Seriously, too much hate for her! She looks so graceful and love how the saree is draped so perfectly! She looks great! :)

  27. The saree on on its own *may* have worked, paired with a blouse not so gold or high necked. She’s looked better, but she’s looked worse too, so…
    What I hate though are these beaded tassels on the pallu border. They make the saree look really cheap.

    • +1 Every photo has her arm covering the area. But cant blame her for that. She is being “examined” by so many people and the amount of detail cameras capture these days is a celebrity’s nightmare !

  28. She looks Regal. This is a risky look for anyone else but she has the height, the face and the presence to carry this look.

  29. I think she looks gorgeous!!! Her face is not caked with too much make-up and everything is working for me. She looks royal, suits the theme!!!

  30. even if somebody gave me that saree n blouse for free, i wouldnt wear it..especially to Cannes! How can she not see how unflattering these hideous outfits look! her makeup is nice though but y this blingy gold-on-gold? what is wrong wid her?

  31. My complaint is regarding her stylist. It’s their fault for choosing this look. I am curvy like her and saris are great for us. But I don’t like the severely pulled up do or the big earrings or the sari (too much bling).

    Her make up is also cakey.

    And this is not a comment on how aishwariya is as a person or her god given looks or her personal style.

    It’s sad that she is under heavy scrutiny but that comes with the territory of being the “most beautiful woman in the world” (I disagree. That title goes to my mom but I digress :)).

  32. I dont know ppl r taking the comments by HHC so personally. its actually laughable. yes if u disgree just say so calmly but u can actually see the fist pulling and the accusations of bribery r hilarious. yes we all have our favs and if sonam is popular here then so be it. but that doesnt mean to say that u start accusing wildly.

    secondly, yes the hair does seem very harsh- couplde with the hugh neck bluse, she looks like a blingy aunty ji who is grabbing onto youth with both hands that we see at many asian weddings.

    yes she is beautiful- she is a beauty queen so it goes without saying. she carries herself with elegance and poise and she has the most stuning, gorgeous soft face..i am glad i am around in her times. BUT she looks good despite the clothes she mostly wears. this look is no exception,,very rekhaish, very shiny and very severe.

    and this is my opinion-. i am an ash fan, do think she is gorgeous but am not blind or fashion illiterate.
    and this current tag of ‘besy mummy’= wth is that about?

  33. The problem with this hair is one, that it’s too tightly pulled back, making her forehead appear too big (and consequently her face appear too round). She should’ve gone for a more relaxed, softer do.
    Also, I think the addition of a simple neutral bindi would have elevated this look. And provided some distraction from all the gold. As would a darker pair of earrings.
    Really dislike the pallu though. Those giant flowers and tassles take this look down several notches!

  34. Ash looks fab!! I also second anyone who thinks P&P the self styled fashion guru’s lack fashion sense. Easy to bring out the knives on any star. So easily done! Lead people on! Sadly their idea of fashion is short and skin showing western wear I have noticed! No one can get fashion right except them! Name me one person who gets it together and pleases everyone all the time – True it’s always hair should be down not up or vise versa etc.

  35. Her hair styles are too harsh for the soft attires.
    A softer updo would have looked good, and
    the blouse design looks normal nothing designer about it.

  36. Either its the hair , or its the outfit and accessories – Aish SERIOUSLY- just 1 great look before you retire please………

  37. If she is not changing then obviously she does not care and if she does not care then why should rest of the world care. It’s pointless to comment on her style. I think everyone is wasting their time analyzing her.

  38. One word- Terrible… And one would think she was a Miss World.. What happened? or What’s really going on in here?!!!

  39. The look ages her by about 20 years. The saree and especially the style of the blouse (high collar might sometimes look like you are hiding your neck) and that hairdo.

    • LOL so she looks 59 in this picture??

      seriously which city are you from? i wanna go there and find the nearest fountain and bathe in it.. If 60 year olds look that young where you’re from

      your help will be appreciated.. kthnxbye

  40. I just want to say that the people who r critics on aish,vidya,sonam etc……………the people are how handsome or b’ful…………and there fashion sense u all …….why u all r spent time on them……………. they are best so they are in Cannes….and abt aish she is only star having high reputation out of India………………Just proud to her………… and proud to all girls who makes our India proud.

  41. slight marcel waves on the side parting, and bun would have lifted the look to a whole new level. all else fine, the hair is just severely tight.

  42. Her face is gorgeous I’ll give credit for that. That’s why she doesn’t look a day over 28. No one ever brings it up, but she deserves to be complimented on the fact that she is 39, but has perfect skin and looks so young and wrinkle free. Even L’oreal said Aishwarya doesn’t have any wrinkles so we don’t want her to endorse any wrinkle creams. Not many people can look like this at 39. Look at Dayana Torres and Hiedi Klum they’re the same age as Aish, but has wrinkles all around her eyes and everything. But the difference is Hiedi Klum dresses young her gown at amfar gala made her look young, but Aishwarya chooses to dress too mature for her age and that’s exactly what’s wrong with this look it’s too mature for her. The combo of the hair with the saree makes her look older than she is.

  43. OMG!

    As much as I would like to say I would never wear that material I can’t because I already have. I was eight and I had never worn any desi clothes for weddings. My grandmother went out and bought this although the colour was orange.


  44. in some other pictures in other sites the camera flash has really really highlighted the goooooold boobs, making them look huuuuge. this look just cant win. her hair makes her look like marge simpson.

  45. i think the people do not like this looks they all are batteries , so its a request to them from my side to get their betteries on their eyes so that htey can see what hte beauty actually is, i think she is looking perfect and classy , all of us use to wait for cannes only because of her , we get to know about cannes because of her otherwise it would be a alien planet to us,
    she looks pretty better than any hollywood or bollywood actress , she got the class and graCE
    AND WE KNOW THAN IN CANNES PEOPLE USE TO SAY HER PRINCESS so if they are appreciating her y cant we i=if she is looking beautiful, if u compare this look with the looks of sonam and vidya i y=think she is far better than both of the they even dont know how to stand in a saree or gown

  46. Oh she would have looked extra divine with a deep coloured blouse, dark lips and soft, open hair! It would have helped tone down the sparkle of the sari.

  47. 1- the updo might be a but dated at first look but braided updo is Cannes big hair trend AnD it adds height – balancing her new proportions
    2 – with the collar detailing, pls tell me how loose hair would have done the design justice
    3 – the gold on gold is looking very good and she is working the hell out of the look.
    4 – clearly shows that neither Abu-Sandeep nor sabyasachi did her any good. Abu-Sandeep never do, but that’s a different conversation.
    5 – I don’t understand why ash generates such vitriolic response from faceless, nameless commentators. It borders on being personal.

  48. Horrendous on every level. She looks like an overstuffed gold mess. Her stylist needs to be lynched for allowing her to be photographed in this outfit. I know many on this forum hate her face framing hairstyle, but that is way better than his tight pulled back bun atop her head.


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