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  1. Hansini at | | Reply

    Was it a staid diplomatic lunch or yet another Kalyan Jeweller’s Store launch. Minus that amboda on her head and take off one piece of jewellery , it might have worked. But what is ARB if not fashionably clueless.

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      She looked perfect but to each their own opinion.

  2. Chic at | | Reply

    I love everything about this look. She’s so beautiful.

  3. olala at | | Reply

    Aishwarya AND Sridevi in two morning posts looking freaking awesome – what a way to begin the day!

  4. Mita at | | Reply

    Wish aishwarya had donned the look like sridevi’s above her.

    1. Dits at | | Reply


      Something about this look seems very off. Don’t like it all.

  5. jaya at | | Reply

    its a lot of red for sure but dont agree with chiffon in winter – too cold in delhi

  6. Vatsie at | | Reply

    It’s a tad cold in Delhi to think that a chiffon saree would have worked for the lunch, despite it being a day event. It’s 3deg C!!

  7. Senorita at | | Reply

    it’s a lot of red for an afternoon affair, but will take this any day to an AJSK horror.

  8. Desimom at | | Reply

    Love love this look !!!!She looks stunning!!!!
    Regal is every sense !!!!

  9. Lulu at | | Reply

    Maybe not the most event appropriate but she looks hella good. This look feel like the way actors like Vyjayanthimala, Nargis used to(at least in my head they used to) assemble their own outfits and not like current times, when an array of stylists put together a choreographed outfit and actors just wear them like models on the runway. I feel a loss of personal style. In a nutshell I like this look – tad excessive but lovely nonetheless

    1. Nida at | | Reply

      I’m sitting here double checking to see if I wrote this comment because homie you echoed *ALL* of my sentiments.

      1. Lulu at | | Reply

        Haha! Doesn’t she looks like a filmstar and not some fashion starved starlet?

  10. Pri at | | Reply

    Its really cold here in Delhi to don a chiffon sari :P :P

  11. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks breathtaking! Very elegant.

  12. lizzy at | | Reply

    Aishwarya looks perfect. So beautiful!

  13. Meenakshi at | | Reply

    Though she rocks the desi look, I’d have loved to see her in a Sabyasachi Heritage saree.

  14. GS at | | Reply

    she looks lovely…I prefer this to heave AJSK anarkalis… I agree may be some less kundan jewelry would be ideal..

  15. Shree at | | Reply

    She should either go easy on the earrings or the necklace…both with the red lip and red saree looks very gaudy.

  16. gossip_chic at | | Reply

    I’ll take all the laal, except the flowers in her baal. Those flowers in her hair are the deal breaker for me. They just give off a very cheap vibe.

  17. ishasverdict at | | Reply

    I kept looking at this picture thinking there is something bothering me but I can’t put my finger on it! The sari is beautiful and so is she so what is the problem – and then I got it! I think the hairstyle does not work on her at all – the middle parting does not work for me here … Overall, stunning effort!

  18. nm at | | Reply

    Shs should have skipped the necklace.

  19. FL at | | Reply

    Two items need to go; either the phool and the necklace or the middle parted hair and the necklace…!!!

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  20. Ashwini at | | Reply

    I get the “heavy silk because of winter” bit. But That much red & gold for a diplomatic lunch? An understated ikat silk in neutrals or peach/ pistachio maybe…

  21. slc at | | Reply

    The saree is absolutely beautiful and draped perfectly. I can’t fault anything in this look. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  22. Sapphire at | | Reply

    She looks so resplendent and out of the world beautiful. Love everything on her. That’s how an Indian woman dresses. People are saying too much and take off one item but, I will take this any day over the over-processed fake fusion designer stuff many celebs are wearing nowadays. She is representing India in very accurate way at the French consulate and she does that job perfectly from the last 25 years.

    1. Thea at | | Reply

      Come on Ash – even the first Cannes. This look is not really how an Indian woman dresses – this is how a very rich kind of fashion clueless Indian woman wears which is what she has been most of her famous life.

      1. Sapphire at | | Reply

        Which celebs in your view dress sensibly and get it right?

  23. Puneeta at | | Reply

    I generally think Ash has no sense and wears crap but in this she looks like a Goddess with a capital G. I cannot believe people would actually criticize this. Jesus.

    Let go of your fashionista obsession and go filmy for a change- it won’t kill you.

    1. ak at | | Reply

      Agree. And it’s not even filmy. It’s just a very classic desi look – one that you will probably see at so many dinner parties that take place outside of Bollywood. I am not a fan of the flowers, but in the last picture (where they are hidden) she looks pitch perfect. And honestly, this is so refreshing in the litany of designer outfits we see that are Indian in name only. When ARB goes the traditional saree route, she rarely fails – she’s worn some really classic, simple, non-designer silk sarees in the past and she outshines every time.

      1. Puneeta at | | Reply

        Agreed on ladies dressing like this outside of Bollywood too. I was dressed similarly for a reception of sorts in December and I had gajra instead of the roses which I must add was an adorably old world touch on her part and one that I am going to try the next time I have a chance :)

        Now that you remind me, her trip after marriage to Tirupati had her in a gorgeous traditional saree with just her sindoor and mangalsutra, she looked pretty amazing.

        1. ak at | | Reply

          Yes! It is exactly that trip to Tirupati that I was thinking of! She looked better there than any of her wedding outfits, because I think she gets it wrong when she tries too hard, but kills it when she stays simple (and maybe more to her roots – i.e., maybe traditional weaves are what she is drawn to, so her taste there is well developed). So, yes, Tirupati and when she got her national award – that green and purple saree was great, and she looked divine in it.

          I think I don’t like the roses because there were more than one. One would have been perfect, although when it comes to flowers in the hair, I am a sucker for gajra

      2. Sapphire at | | Reply

        ak agree with you 100%. I don’t mind the red roses.

        1. Puneeta at | | Reply

          I think the roses are very SLB of her to wear :) She had them in the Udi song in Guzaarish and both Deepika and Priyanka had them in Pinga(Bajirao Mastani). She is after-all an SLB masterpiece :)

          Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the National Awards look. I loved that green and purple saree. You are right-she probably has the best taste in these traditional weaves and I would also say in the sporty-cute dresses and shorts she wore in the early part of her career.

          She looks amazing in either. As my granny would say, Baree yedd porlu ponnu (she is a good beautiful mangie girl). That is when she isn’t trying too hard to be a Bachchan.

  24. shanaya at | | Reply

    She’s beautiful but did she have to go so OTT for a lunch function? The red, the roses,the heavy jewels- like she’s inaugurating a jewelry store not meeting the french president! Would have liked to see her tone it down a little. She would have looked spectacular in the sabyasachi sari sridevi is wearing.

  25. donkey at | | Reply

    Looks like she’s attending a wedding. Should have skipped that heavy necklace. And way too much make-up.

  26. Avani at | | Reply

    Elegantly Stunning. Love the red on her.

  27. la at | | Reply

    You ppl need to look in the mirror…. She is absolutely gorgeous! Everybody wants to be a critic.. Haters!!!

    1. Himani Joshi at | | Reply

      Ha ha..sooo very true..ppal really need to luk in d mirror n thou I shud nt say dis bt m 100% sure none of dm wud b half close to Ash’s beauty!

  28. Rashu at | | Reply

    I love her look totally but wondering why I have never seen her in this avtar at a wedding or Kalyan Jewellers launch!!! OTT for a lunch, would have loved a lighter shade saree and a different jewellery set. She went OTT for Padmashri award a couple of years back too… Can’t understand her approach… Maybe that’s her USP.

  29. sahana at | | Reply

    Way too much of red and just not suitable for luncheon

  30. Paroma at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful!! Love this look.

  31. payal at | | Reply

    Why must this woman with a face out of a fairy tale dress so poorly?

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  32. UPK at | | Reply

    I’m glad folks pointed out how inappropriate chiffon would be for Delhi winters. What happened to season appropriate attire!

  33. Sonal at | | Reply

    Does showcasing Indian have to veer on being costumey. The roses are completely out of place here. Simple studs instead of big earrings would have still made this look classy.

    1. Ash at | | Reply

      I agree with the roses.

  34. Indianholiday at | | Reply

    I don’t like this saree with that blouse, the heavy ugly kind an necklace. And the roses in her hair are straight out of the 1960s. My problem with this look is too much happening everywhere. With the loud red saree, a subdued blouse or subdued jewelry would have looked more elegant. Maybe even mogra instead of roses may have done the trick. I think she aged herself quite a bit in this look. I hope the guests weren’t left blinded after this mid day bling fest :(

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  35. Arie at | | Reply

    Aish needs to learn from Sridevi. Sridevi blew Aish out planet Earth.

  36. Shreya at | | Reply

    I am unable to express in words how beautiful and perfect she looks.

  37. Shreya at | | Reply

    Perfect traditional look and no body can look better than this.

  38. D at | | Reply

    No comments on what she could have done or not done to look any better. But suggesting a chiffon sari in north Indian winters, even for a day event — I don’t think so. Silk is the fabric for winters, and Aishwarya is right in choosing it.

  39. ashika at | | Reply

    Smaller earrings and a nude lip may have worked … it is like those Bridal looks in the films from the 60s. Too much. Like a Roop Sangam or Nalli Sari ad… and she looks like the Ranka Ad with twinkle and Dimple. OTTTTTTT

  40. Debbie at | | Reply

    Not event appropriate…but she looks pretty!

  41. Debbie at | | Reply

    A white, beige or grey Sabya saree would’ve been perfect for the occasion. This is much too red…plus the saree in question is very average.

  42. Aparna at | | Reply

    Not working, not working at all. Too much red. Very heavy jewelry. Whats with that blouse? She took the business lunch way too seriously!

  43. Ash at | | Reply

    This is true Indian.
    99% Indian women her age dress like this and she represents us very well. I find the look very unpretentious.
    I loved the look. For the national festival, it could not be more real than this.

  44. Sharnali at | | Reply

    The first look!
    She looks so pretty!

  45. Um at | | Reply

    Hideous from head to toe ! This woman will never learn . Money can’t buy you class !

  46. Ahot at | | Reply

    Aww. Aishu was super excited to be invited so she went all out! Totally overdressed for a lunch BUT she fully represented India with glamour & starry allure. Sweet.

  47. savneet at | | Reply

    It was a national festival u guys… in dead cold Delhi. .. if now is not the time to wear red silk… I don’t know when is… jewels maybe a bit much but show me an Indian woman who does not wear jewellery… less or more is pretty personal… and the festive sari demands a little bling… have a hard time imagining solitaires with this… could have gone a little smaller on the earrings n thts all I’m conceding… she is full on traditional n I see nothing wrong in it.

  48. Ashoo at | | Reply

    She just gets away with that face every time … It is a total soap star look … I think it qualifies as an OTT !!!

  49. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Aishwarya Rai gets more number of comments on this site.

  50. Nagpure Paithani at | | Reply

    Aishwarya looks very beautiful this Indian Saree.

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