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  1. Violet at | | Reply

    GORGEOUS!! She’s changed her hair AND shoe game! This is a rare event and I’m savouring every moment of it! The sleek dupatta is also a refreshing change ’cause I’m so tired of seeing her in heavy duty ones that weigh the look down.

  2. roni at | | Reply

    not liking the churidaar …think flared pants would have looked better.

  3. Mads at | | Reply

    Wearing black for good reason? And what would that be? Why can’t a look be critiqued objectively without sneaking in catty remarks? Aishwarya looks beyond stunning here, irrespective of the color of the dress!

  4. Meg at | | Reply

    Wasn’t necessary to comment about the ‘slimming effect’. Never saw you say that about Lisa Haydon wearing black

  5. Sumi at | | Reply

    single strap sandals would have worked better. Also that namesake dupatta not adding anything to the look.

    1. Jas at | | Reply

      Exactly..She should have given the dupatta a miss!

  6. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Love everything about this look! The shoes esp.

  7. sonia at | | Reply

    And thats why she gets the big bucks. She is gorgeous.

  8. Ranij at | | Reply

    She’s beautiful!!!

  9. Monika at | | Reply

    Wow…2 back to back fab appearances. Love.

  10. Sree at | | Reply

    Aishwarya would be gorgeous even if she was 300 pounds.
    But fat shaming while attempting a back handed compliment? Well done.

    *Slow clap*

  11. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. Yay for the new hair style. I like her shoes but the don’t go with this outfit. P&P your remarks for Ash wearing black are not catty at all. A fact is a fact. Only after her weight gain has she worn more black than before.

  12. Debbie at | | Reply

    Wish she had skipped the dupatta but otherwise like her in this look…especially the hair and the shoes.

  13. Venus at | | Reply

    I think she is slim, she doesn’t need to wear black for the “slimming effect”. She probably wears it because she likes the color :P Anyways,she looks gorgeous as usual !

  14. vin at | | Reply

    yay for ditching the fugly anarkalis!!!

  15. girotrayyur at | | Reply

    Love everything about this except the dupatta. There was no need to desify this look.

  16. Vysh at | | Reply

    Good??? She looks freaking amazing, come on!!

  17. Mehnaz at | | Reply

    Aishwarya looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not a great fan of the dress but its a welcome change from those heavy gowns :) Loving it!
    PS: She has ‘slimmed’ down and I don’t think she needs black to look slim :P She wears black coz she loves it!

  18. megz at | | Reply

    Wow! Sabyasachi and Aishwarya- Definitely the deadliest combo! Always look forward to her appearances on HHC-page!

  19. from-chitown at | | Reply

    She looks great. I am so glad she did something with her hair – it instantly elevates the look. Not the best shoes for this look, but I can’t deny that she looks gorgeous.

  20. SK at | | Reply

    Wow P&P. I condemn that comment of yours. Very poor in taste. Why so anti-Aishwarya? Please stop featuring her if you cannot be objective about her appearances. Same goes for the extra fawning over Sonam’s mediocre appearances. KThxBye

    1. Vysh at | | Reply

      +1 I hate to jump on the ‘you’re biased’ bandwagon but they usually go crazy over the smallest issues with lining and stuff and say its too distracting. But if Sonam has the same issues they hardly mention it. Even if they do its always “not that big of a deal”. Even if its super obvious.

  21. Aman at | | Reply

    Love this appearance of hers. She looks fabulous. Hair and makeup is just perfect. While I don’t think you guys HATE Ash, but I definitely don’t agree with the black-slimming comment of yours. She is one actor who never went into hiding and stood proud at Cannes with all the post-baby weight. Not in a good taste.

    1. rupa at | | Reply

      I completely agree. She was one woman who was not ashamed of her post natal weight in spite of all the non- stop slamming by anyone and everyone so you comment is not just unnecessary but also comes across as very judgmental and in poor taste (though that may not be your intention).
      Also a bit more objectivity in general would make it more interesting and fun for us readers to be here.

  22. Vindhya at | | Reply

    Like the hairdo which goes very well with dress.she looks fantabulous.minor gripe is with the sandals.

  23. Carol at | | Reply

    Why is anyone surprised about the catty comment (slimming effect) from this site? Sonam can wear the most fugly outfit and they will find something nice to say about it. But for everyone else especially Aishwarya there is nitpicking.

    Aishwarya proudly appeared when she had not lost the baby weight. She has always favored black outfits. So I doubt looking slimmer is why she is wearing black here.

    The scarf (dupatta?) could have been shorter as to not hang past the tunic else she looks great.

  24. olala at | | Reply

    I doubt PnP meant this comment personally. They just meant to say that the reason why people in general (and in this case, Ms Rai Bachhan) pick black is because of the slimming effect. I did not read their post as body shaming. If at all, the entire site comes across as contrary to that phenomenon.

    As for ARB, I am a fan, and I even liked the Manish Arora suit, so what do I know! :-)

  25. K at | | Reply

    It’s unapologetic empowerment, the garment..!!! Just beautifully put together, she could black out the rest of the lot seriously..!! SbyS you rock

  26. Lara at | | Reply

    Has she learnt nothing from her recent vogue shoot!
    Tips on hair?
    Outfits that are normal.
    Is there some rule she has to wear only indian in India.

  27. Amit at | | Reply

    P&P you have removed my comment on Lara’s comment which was live till last night. Any special reason for this favor to Lara or is that one of you with a fake name?!

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      You comment slipped through. Since it didn’t meet our Comment Policy (we don’t allow comments attacking other commenters), it was moderated. Thanks!

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