In White. In Black.


Wearing a Monisha Jaising kaftan, Aishwarya attended the premiere of her movie Jazbaa with metallic pumps finishing out her look. If the premiere was in Goa by the beach, I’d be totally in for the look. But as it stands, the kaftan just felt a bit out of place. As did the sheer panty hose. Again.

Now, if she’d worn that Nachiket Barve look to the premiere, we’d be singing a completely different tune! She looked gorgeous there!

What do you think of her premiere look? Am pretty sure you all love the Barve one already :P


Aishwarya Rai at Jazbaa Premiere


Aishwarya Rai Tapes For Komal Nahta’s Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Can’t wait to see how die-hard Ash fan girls who bring their claws out in Vidya’s and Pernia’s posts (regarding their poses) turn a blind eye to this one ;)

    Regarding Ash’s looks- love that she has toned her make-up down and tied her hair! Her face looks gorgeous (esp the first one). The choice of clothes- disappointing again. The pantyhose and missing pants look is wtheyyy and the second curtain skirt is plain ugly.

  2. The Barve looks majorly REGAL on her and is one of her best appearances in recent memory for sure! This is such a gorgeous woman and can do really beautiful things with her style in looks like this. The kaftan is very Dubai or me but her hair and makeup is classy in both looks. Digging the black look though… A lot

  3. I don’t know what’s the harm in Look 1. Point is, she looks HER AGE. Everyone doesn’t dress to look younger. She does look like a mature married woman with a kid and there is nothing wrong about it. And in my opinion, discarding that leg pose (and the pantyhose of course) the look is immaculate.
    And I love the second look. Love the shirt on her and the cuff :) Gorgeousness !!!

    • I don’t think the issue is that she dresses her age but the fact that she doesn’t bring her A game to her style. At least not in India. Abroad she has it figured out, relatively speaking. Part of the problem is that having seen what she can do and that she does bring her stylish self to certain events, people are disappointed when she doesn’t and the fact that her own country or films don’t warrant the kind of effort her endorsements do.

  4. Just because a woman is naturally gorgeous , it shouldn’t cloud judgement on her fashion – on a fashion site !
    That white kurta dress kaftan thing is inadequate for a night premiere of your movie. Pantyhose – how old is she ? If this was a breezy casual appearance aka deepika it could have held better. But she is carrying like a more formal look and it falls flat . The make up though is stunning .
    The second outfit only holds up because of the colour black! Otherwise that skirt is too curtainy. And again – ash, black , red lipstick . Where’s the novelty ?
    She had given just one stunning appearance so far . Rest is below par for an international icon .

  5. She looks stunning in any thing I believe. But the second look the black skirt is more fashion and apt for the event. I agree with p& p she should have worn the Nachiket Barve look for the premier. Loved it.

  6. As much as I love her second look… The Kaftan dress looks more like a Kurta too long… Kaftan dresses are usually loose and easy breezy… Not so fitted… But then what do i know… Just a housewife!

  7. Wowww…this rose skirt and shirt is stunning…m in luv with this look. This is one of the best come back look of Aishwarya.

  8. Woo hoo Aishwarya in a refreshingly new look finally. I like the hair in the Monisha Jaising look the transparent pantyhose is a big No no. .
    While the Nachiket Barve black ensemble stands out without a doubt. I wish she had done sleek pony with it.

  9. I think you guys are just nitpicking. I love her for going easy breezy in that white dress. It looks casual and comfortable, ofcourse I have to un-see the pantyhose and inappropriate heels.
    She looks drop dead gorgeous in black.

  10. Gorgeous face in both!! Cannot flaw those features, that smile and those eyes! She lost me on the caftan look (is this in style??, looks like nightwear to me). The latter (black look), she knocks it out of the ballpark! Wow!!! Pizzazzzz!

  11. Angles always look good i white and she does!!!
    Having said that….
    Panty Hose under a kaftan???!!!!???? Come on, that’s pushing it too far… if ur not comfortable showing bare skin… don’t… chose another dress.. but why spoil the mood of the garment??

  12. Why oh why is she wearing a pantyhose with that white dress?!! Is she feeling that uncomfortable to show her legs?
    Clearly she looks better in the second look because she looks comfortable and confident probably because she is covered head to toe and that seems to be her comfort zone. She should stick maybe.

    For most of these celebrities, it looks like dressing up means putting together some “name” brand clothes, shoes, clutch, and so on. For me, dressing up is an expression of yourself. And for me, for a look to work definitely includes the message one puts out there. In that sense, that pantyhose totally ruined the look for me. Nothing against Ash here, she is pretty. But she doesn’t come across as confident :( Kind of sad.

  13. She looks ridiculous in the kaftan. What was she thinking. N who wears panty hose with a kaftan? She looks comfortable in the second look n carries it well. She looks super uncomfortable wearing revealing clothes (in India). N the poses….she’s got “pageant girl” in right down to her tippy toes! she never looks candid in any of her pics. Be it the smile, the eyes, or posture.

  14. Well, her beauty is globally acclaimed! Her beautiful face would look sublime no matter whatever she wears. But, here we are talking about Fashion!

    A white Kaftan that looks more like a night-wear n that too with a pantyhose worn by an international icon on the premiere of her much awaited come-back movie is just not acceptable! She looks gorgeous in the 2nd look but it’s simply bcoz as sm1 said b4 Ash-black-red lipstick! There is nothing outstanding in that outfit.

    I love Ash and I’d love to see her look fabulous in modish outfits!

  15. Aishwariya looks fab in white, but the kurta is too long. She needed to shorten the length and add matching churidaar and importantly a clutch! Make up and hair looks great. The second look I am so disappointed with because the skirt is gorgeous. But why pair it with even more black, a crisp white shirt would have done wonders, and that makeup would have looked good as well.

  16. The kaftaan by itself is nice, but the hair and panty hose kind of ruined it. The Barve look is spectacular and the pop of red on her lips takes the look to another level.

    PS: Not sure why you’ve tagged Manish Malhotra and not Monisha Jaisingh.


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