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  1. Alisha at | | Reply

    Looking like a million bucks. But, doesn’t she always? And from what I can see, I love her dress!

  2. Saffana at | | Reply

    Wayyyyy too much makeup!!!!!! She looks like her wax figure in Madame Tussuad’s!!!!

    1. arpitha at | | Reply

      ha ha ha! that was a good one.
      s, too much white makeup.

    2. kavya at | | Reply

      second that :)

    3. probster at | | Reply

      third that :) fourth that :)

    4. Vanaja at | | Reply

      I totally agree with your comment. Too much bling, hurts my vision

      1. uumema at | | Reply

        she wears these shoes with almost all of her Indian outfits and yeah too much makeup..the outfit is not very nice!!

        1. gul at | | Reply

          i noticted this too, same footwear all the time ;-)

          1. mary at |

            knowing the bachchan parivaar maybe its (the footwear) a good luck charm.

  3. kiwi at | | Reply

    can’t see the outfit at all

  4. Ann at | | Reply

    She looks chubbier. And I do like her like this as well!!!! The dress I don’t mind..seems like all the other MM’s seen before. She looks pretty and the color suits her great!!!!!

  5. Smita at | | Reply

    she actually looks plasticy sometimes…that we can bear with to a certain extent, but if she is really serious about her profession especially the International career, she needs to tone up. FAST.

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    That first picture is rather unflattering, but the face is as gorgeous as usual. The clothes, on the other hand.
    But it’s to be expected, this is MM we’re talking about.

  7. kavya at | | Reply

    She needs to tone up, the industry would not be so forgiving had it been for any other B-town actress.

  8. kanika at | | Reply

    wow that is one ugly dress…

  9. probster at | | Reply

    she looks so aunty-jee! hate the dress, dislike the makeup. I bet if anyone else wore this, readers would’ve torn them apart! We are always more forgiving towards Aishwarya Rai methinks….hmmmmmmmmm

    1. uumema at | | Reply

      yeah!!! and the outfit is visible enough but p&p didnt comment on her dress…i dont get it!!

    2. duh at | | Reply

      i am just sick and tired to comment about her dressing sense. the only time i liked was when she wore Sabyasachi for Filmfare awards last year. that’s all and if i were a brain surgeon, i would like to see what’s cooking in her head in terms of clothing and styling. nothing left to say because this is what i expect from her. this is her taste, style blah blah blah..tired already. just frustrating.

    3. KityPurry at | | Reply

      so we should be. Aishwarya is a legend. and i thought she was great at Cannes this year :)

      1. Kristy at | | Reply

        Are you kidding? I still have nightmares about her blue outfit with that strange hair. She is FAR from being a legend.

  10. Hema at | | Reply

    Good lord, what happened to her? That fussy hair is too much.

  11. shradhdha at | | Reply

    hate the hair color

  12. Dits at | | Reply

    aargh too much bling , make up wise and dress wise

  13. siri at | | Reply

    Her hair reminds me of Shahnaz Hussain. Too much bling bling. Cant handle…

  14. charan at | | Reply

    whatever happened to being classy? Why does every other MM dress have to look like a sequin tent?
    Ash can start dressing up a little more sophisticated and less decorated.

  15. x3hee at | | Reply

    is she afraid to put her hair in a ponytail or a bun or an updo or anything other than tht same ol’ style of big open curls and side part? and while ur at it, Ash, give the hairdye a rest..it doesnt befit a proud indian woman to have copper hair. we’re not in the year 2000 anymore, wake up sweetie
    the outfit is meh but that’s MM’s fault. beats me why these celebs are happy looking like clones of each other.

    1. Kristy at | | Reply

      I so agree on this. I am proud to have black shiny hair, why on earth would anyone destroy that on purpose? If you have natural brown hair that’s another thing. I just think God knows what he’s doing, he gives people what they were meant to have. When you go against it, you usually look like a garish cartoon character, like this girl. Except for Elvis….lol……LOVE his dyed black hair…He looked more exotic than most of the Hindi actresses you see.

    2. charan at | | Reply

      It get really scary is when hair colour matches your clothes **shudders**

  16. duh at | | Reply

    what is there in her besides being “known” as the most beautiful woman in the world (well, in India)? after all these years of playing with designer wears and everything at her disposal, how can she not have any sense of aesthetics, or flair for colours, styles, whatever else? how can she not know what works and what doesn’t? she makes it look like a rocket science. i am always baffled to see her.

    1. charu at | | Reply

      i know, and the irony is she’s been a model for almost 20 years! model, beauty queen, miss world, brand ambassador for cosmetics…the works….and she still just throws some designer outfit on (which usually ends up being either repetitive or inappropriate for the event or just plain fugly) and comes out with that boring old hairstyle and hyper-accented eyes every single time. well whatever floats her boat i guess.

  17. hsap at | | Reply

    i ditto most of the comments here :) i just don’t get her sense of fashion or styling when she’s been a fashion model, crown holder , actress , an international celebrity and what not , except may be for her few appearances like ones in cannes or at times when she’s wearing sabya sari. Being pretty is not always enough, also i don’t get when she get tons of positive comments when actually girls like dia mirza, neha dupia, twinkle, deepika , bipasha etc dress up much better and decent compared to her.

    1. Jay at | | Reply

      P&P – Over to you…

  18. HHCFan at | | Reply


    The dress, the hair, the make-up …meh ..

    And I’ve already said hundred times she need not be size zero..but should have a well-toned body..

  19. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    EEK those shoes are mad beautiful. Overall she looks very good. I guess she wanted to keep it classic.

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