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  1. VK at | | Reply

    Nothing WOW about it, but yeah she makes it work. Elegant and gorgeous.

  2. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Everything looks generic on her these days. I feel she deliberately dresses this way due to post baby weight. Hope to see her back I svelte and can-wear-anything shape soon!!!:)

  3. Ramya at | | Reply

    It’s a bad suit and common quit the anarkalis !!I guess money doesn’t buy good taste evidently..

  4. POP at | | Reply

    I like it. She looks fresh and pretty :)
    P.S. Where’s Priyanka? No posts from her lately…

  5. Jyoti at | | Reply

    ewww there is nothing special about this suit. I cant believe this is designer

  6. Vaishnavi at | | Reply

    Net suits and the hair…she really needs a new stylist..!!

  7. Paddy at | | Reply

    I know she is beautiful, she is stunning, she is gorgeous, she is a new mom, etc etc…but given her last few appearances, should we start calling her behenji??…I mean u can wear these loose shapeless suits only so many times, right?

  8. PrinessRuchi at | | Reply

    Anything & Everything she wears seems to look generic on her now. Maybe since she is still sticking to her maternity style. Hope she gets back in shape super soon so she can be back to wearing other attire!

  9. Gayathri at | | Reply

    Prefer this anyday over AS designs she has been sporting. Love the bindi addition. She looks gorgeous!

  10. SLC at | | Reply

    Why was I blaming Abu-Sandeep, she just has bad taste.

  11. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Loving the colour on her, and despite not liking net, I kinda like this. She looks good!

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I wish she would stop styling her hair that way…the suit in itself is too busy…a braid would have looked way better and made the look miminalistic

  13. minx at | | Reply

    I think she looks beautiful!

  14. neha at | | Reply

    She wears these anarkalies like a uniform…..just changing colours.

  15. Shina at | | Reply

    I like this outfit. . But she tries to hide behind the fabric too much these days . There are no curves to be seen, just flowling fabric. She needs to pick her game up again.

  16. AshA at | | Reply

    The suits ok just not good on her… Wish she would wear more sarees she seems to have given them up post baby, i hope shes not (mistakenly) thinking these anarkali suits are more slimming than the saree – i think she might find the opposite to be true.

  17. Priya at | | Reply

    Totally agree with all the comments about her generic look. She dresses way too “flashy”…I think the big “flashy” outfits bring focus to her figure, in a negative way. A nice dress (non-traditional Indian wear) may actually look nicer on her than the tents she has been hiding behind…

  18. Supriya at | | Reply

    She never had good taste in clothes… always dressed aged and dull except for a few sparks here n there…
    Ditto with hair..
    That said, something is making me like it.. Maybe the color

  19. Tanya at | | Reply

    Nothing new about her look..same old same old!

  20. Dumbo at | | Reply

    Looks the same. Boring

  21. Rajvi at | | Reply

    this hardly qualifies for a change..also, don’t understand what’s wrong with her make up these days.. her face looks like its drowned in layers of powder

  22. adelia at | | Reply

    Can’t look past her beautiful face. the outfit is elegant and the color looks great on her.

  23. Shallu at | | Reply

    Too mediocre, can’t belive Aishwarya could pick such an average suit for such an event. She is beautiful and charming, no doubt but dressing sense also means something for a celebrity.

  24. SushiQ at | | Reply

    Just 23 comments on an Aishwarya rai post says a lot. Its boring, repetitive and plain lazy. Even the bashers are tired.Enough said.

  25. Dee at | | Reply

    looks like she’s losing weight.glad she wore sth other than abu sand….shud surely restart wearing other designers’.

  26. A at | | Reply

    Glad she picked this color. I don’t think she has ever worn this color before. That being said, this outfit is so-so appropriate for the occassion, but than WOW. She hasn’t done a full 360 in terms of her dressing style, but hopefully she will get there. I want to see her in sarees. Hair looks nice because it’s different.

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