1. WOW! she looks amazing now, but I agree that the look is flamenco-ish. Nonetheless, she looks awesome and I have to say, she lost a lot of weight! :)

  2. Since when do Flamenco dancers wear well-tailored blazers – A and B – what’s wrong with wearing a flamenco-inspired dress? I think she looks fab

      • my opinion is totally unnecessary because i dont like her expression, body language and outfit? oh right. what i SHOULD have said is “whatta face my gawd i cant stand how gorgeous she is lookin who needs a stylist when you have a face like that, shine on you most beautiful girl on the planet”.

  3. The dress would have looked better without the jacket, maybe she’s not comfortable showing her upper arms yet but yes this could be the best look of hers after giving birth..that million dollar face! sigh..

    • True that!!!
      Its high time she realizes that… she seems to have a liking for OTT, blingy, garish outfits and heavy make-up…
      Simple suits her.. makes her look beautiful… i hope she knows that!!

  4. She needs to fire this stylist asap. If she really wanted to cover up.. why not wear an Indian outfit? And covering your arms doesn’t make them look less flabby. In fact, it makes them look worse. It’s irritating to see such a beautiful face get lost in that dated hair and all black ensemble. Aish please hire a new stylist. Thank you.

  5. makes me reaaaalllllyyyyyyy curious….why is she sooooo “secretive” about her arms??? why does she ALWAYS have them covered!?

    • yeah when you have the media portraying you as a trumpeting elephant
      commentors on blogs like this talking about how they lost all their baby weight mere hours after delivery with no help at all, and
      how she should learn to flaunt her weight like ‘so and so’ D grade actresses,
      i am sure it got to her, even if she is Aishwarya Rai and thus this result..
      Besides her child is almost a year old, so she’s lost it quite gradually…
      But here she’s definitely spandexed and that’s not a great outfit..

      • Totally agree bunnybunny.. feel so bad for Aish nothing she does will have people unanimously applauding her. When she’s gained weight it’s elephants trumpeting noises, when she loses it it’s oh she’s so fake she said she was happy with her weight how dare she lose it.

  6. I totally agree about the flamenco dancer comment. I wish she at least experiments with her accessories & hair-do. That bangle and ring looks dated.

    • I too agree. So boring look, if she wanted to cover her arms should have worn some nice scarf or an interesting jacket.
      Her hair, makeup doesnt go with her dress.

    • she always wears that ring and that bangle, maybe sentimental reasons…. or maybe its her engagement/wedding ring… i doubt people remove their wedding ring to “experiment” or “not look dated”??? also FYI she didn’t remove dat bangle and the ring for a photoshoot for Vogue when she was on the cover in Feb 2011

  7. Looking good Ash! I really like the styling Tanya – for some reason it reminds me of one of her Vogue editorial shoots. She looks great – most importantly she looks current and not so dated! ***(notice how my comments are NOT centered around her weight!!!!! Can we PLEASE stop making that a focus and just let that be BESIDES the point?)

    I agree with one of P&P’s previous comments would love to see some color on her (not navy blue, red, pink, cream..maybe a burnt orange!!)

      • I’m not really obsessed per se lol but she does seem to evoke a stronger emotion in everyone on this site than other women (based on the number of comments she usually gets)…and I’m no different! I don’t know anything about her personally but I do think she’s usually hated on unnecessarily (when it comes to her sartorial choices). Not when it comes to the outfit choice but what ppl say after that – her weight, comparing her to Shilpa, things like that irk me!

        • lol ok sorry … my observation is tht some of the hate also comes from the irritation that people feel when some of her fans /ppl defend her with equal gusto … for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction holds true here

          • The defending comes after the attacking remember that. The only reason why some ppl feel the need to defend her all the time is because there are some ppl who always feel the need to attack her for no good reason and nitpick at every little thing. The way she stands, the smile on her face is being criticized. Other actresses are not being criticized for such petty things.
            Aishwarya is immensely popular on Highheelconfident. She is the most commented on celeb on here. Most posts about her have atleast 50 comments if not more.

  8. The length of the jacket screws up the outfit. And knowing full well she’s wearing a short jacket, why she would position her arms such that it spans out like an iguana neck i have no idea. Isnt she an ex-model, shouldnt she know the best way to pose to show off an outfit rather than make it look funny?

      • agreed! so then she shouldnt wear a hideous outfit, the hideousness of which she emphasises with that posture, the end result being all attention from the watch being diverted to the outfit! so yeah, ex-model skills should be of some help no?

  9. She’s a beautiful woman. While I may not agree with her choice of clothes every time, it upsets me to see people rip her apart so much – her weight, her face etc. Why can’t women be supportive of other women? Why do we women live up to this bitchy, catty stereotype?

  10. I think she looks beautiful! People were saying the Abu Sandeep outfit was too much and I agreed, but now when she tones it down people are saying it’s boring and that I disagree with. This was at an event for Longines so it’s not surprising to see her in this. She always dresses classy & elegant at events for Longines.


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