In Collette Dinnigan


Tanya tipped us off that the daisy gold dress donned by Aishwarya last night to KJo’s birthday bash was by Australian designer Collette Dinnigan.

Our first reaction upon seeing the dress was that it looked like a bad bridesmaid dress picked intentionally by the bride. You like?

On an aside, it is nice to see that like us mortals, Ms. Rai also wears Spanx.

Left and Right: Collette Dinnigan, Spring 2011
Center: Aishwarya Rai at Karan Johar Birthday Bash at Mannat

Photo Credit: NDTV, Style


  1. If you are a 20 yr old, the dress is cute. But if you are 37, you need your head examined.

    And considering her recent Cannes appearances, the lady certainly needs Spanx.

    You guys certainly have a soft spot for Ash, never openly criticize her. If anyone else wore the dress, you would have not spared them.

    • Exactly my thoughts…this dress is way cutesy for Ash. When will this woman learn that she looks her best when she keeps it simple, a la Karishma Kapoor!

      • i think the dress is beautiful! and even though i am 20..i dont see why anyone older couldnt wear it….its elegant and well fitted. what is spanx?
        i dont see any problems with this dress…

        • i agree! Sabrina, i dont see anything in the dress which is too cutesy for a 37 year old. So she wears spanx, big deal! a lot of actresses do, if it makes one feel better, one should wear them. oh! and spanx is like a body suit to keep all the wiggly parts in check :)

    • If you are 20 you can wear this, if you are 37, you can’t? The herd mentality again. Fashion has no age-bar. And it is a party for christ’s sake. The whole idea is to be fun and experinental.

        • Looks like she missed her prom and had the dress hanging in her closet .N that night she decided i,ve had enough I will wear it , n i dn care who think what . LOL
          Jokes aside its not about the age but wearing what suits you and this this dress definitely looks out of place on ash (it’s very frock like ). If it had a more slender waist down stitch with not so fluffy sleeves and NO BELT , MAYBE it cd’ve worked (read MAYBE ).

      • agree, SK. besides, it’s such bull to demand that a 37 year old wear spanx if she wants to wear a dress like this.
        that said, the dress is too cutesy for my taste. i doubt i’ll like it on anyone spare a few.

      • i dont agree with u that fashion does not have age bar.
        a 60 year old does not wear what a 2 year old may wear,say a bright pink mini skirt. also a sari is not worn by a small child. each age group has certain dresses which will look best on them. one may wear the dress from immediate younger or older group but only when they can carry it and I think that is what is fashion all about -“wearing what suits you”.

        the dress looks too tight and short on her. but the color is nice. i think dia mirza can carry this dress well – with her keep it simple mantra.

    • I agree, love the colour on Ash, the dress looks good and she carries off the make up well-so its a def like for me too.

  2. Everyone wears spanx, even the skinny ones. Ash is full figured, spanx is essential.
    I like the dress on the model though.

  3. Dinnigan’s clothes are very girly, ethereal and dreamy – that’s her style- they are meant more or less for waif like girls.

    Not for Ash though, lovely as she is. IMO – and this is debatable – she actually looks way way better in sari, bindi etc. than in Western clothes. She looks amazing in some movies where she is in a simple sari, for eg.

    And yeah, go easy on the makeup.

    • I agree. I first saw this pic of Ash on some other website and intensely disliked the dress. But on the model, it looks so lovely! You’ve nailed it perfectly about being suited for waif like girls.

      • Why did I have to open your blog just before going to sleep ????
        10:45-10:50 pm: staring at her pic trying to spot
        the spanx.
        10:50-10:54pm: ah there it is… but wait is that Spanx? must be…err no…but P says so…crap…

        Kadavale !! PnPPPPPPPPPPPP see what you have done to meeeeee…
        Next time just tag the damn spanx on the photooooooo…

        • exactly, i gave up after trying for sometime too. I just decided to take PnP’s word for it :) @diptiN, still cant see it :(

  4. I liked the dress on the model but somehow do not like it on Aishwarya. It seems bulky on her already big frame.

    I think it would have looked great on someone with a slightly thinner frame (like Genelia, Shraddha Kapoor or Soniya Mehra)

  5. Pretty dress, just not on Ash because he is not 20yrs old! But her makeup looks awful. I am assuming as brand ambassador she wears Loreal which seems to be doing no good to her skin (after seeing some of the closeup pics).

  6. Aishwarya came directly from the L’Oreal shoot. She shot the ad until 2AM and from Mehboob studios went directly to wish KJo. Hence the same dress and the same makup.

    She looks tired but cute! One can’t really comment on how it looks on Ash until we get a full-length picture. From what I can see it looks good on her… but maybe she has more pounds than the model.

      • Iit was in today’s papers, so I told that to people who are unaware of it. As simple as that. If that’s so hilarious, who am I to stop you from laughing? Go on. :-)

  7. looks very traditional on her….felt like churidar is missing…
    money really cant buy style…
    its for younger age group….

  8. That dress looks cute on the model but not on Ash.. On Ash it looks like a long dress cut short & those puff sleeves dont suit her arms..

  9. I think don’t think its that age inappropriate..i don’t like the heavy make up but dont think its that bad overall…

  10. She looks really gorgeous! P&P, you should’ve waited for full length pics. Some people are already commenting the dress is short on her/long on her, without even seeing it. Her make up is not too simple, not too OTT. It’s perfect.

    • You are right, but somehow from the available pics i dint like the dress on her. on model it looks really looks like she made this dress out of a silk saree. ;)

  11. can someone please tell me how did you figure out that she is wearing a spanx?
    And Yes, I would wait for full length pictures to comment further!

  12. Ash needs to cut down on the heavy pancake make-up though. She never seems to venture out of the house without looking like she dunked herself in a vat of foundation. And blush. And lipstick. And eyeshadow. And probably even more stuff. She would look better without it!

  13. I’m in two minds about the dress itself – one one hand, it’s pretty cute, and on the other, the fabric is not my favorite based on the paparazzi shots – but I have to say, she looks very pretty and well put-together, and kudos for changing it up and veering of the beaten path when it comes to labels.

  14. UGH…. she looks like a silicon valley cougar…. ugly ugly… honestly she looks best in a sari.. also ONE time she looked great at a casual party was at Sonalis birthday sometime ago in a purple pink maxi.. Nachiket Barve wasnt it?

  15. I like this look, don’t know why so many people think it’s too young for Aish. It’s cute and classy and I think the makeup is ok for the nighttime

  16. Let me start with a disclaimer. I don’t mean any offence to the Anglo-Indian community and my friends there.

    This dress totally reminds me of the clothes my anglo friends would wear in the early 90’s to Xmas dances and weddings. They were usually made out of the satiny silk that came from abroad and very rarely looked good unless you were tall thin and had a cool ‘tude.

    Haha she looks totally like a blast from the past. Quite ageing though I think twas meant to have the opposite effect. Her gorgeous face saves it from being a total disaster. Imagine a Vidya or Rani in it and you will see what I mean.

  17. She looks like she is going to have high tea with the queen. she is missing a hat, people! Please how can she not have time to quickly change…way too dressy!

  18. Alright, I dunno if anyone else noticed it or not, but when I was tryin to look for her spanx, I noticed that she’s holding Abhishek’s hand. I am not at all a fan of Ash and just hate her fashion sense. But that holding hands thing just made my heart melt… Specially coz they’re not like the new couple on the scene and have been married for a few years,. lol… I’m a sucker for these small little old school lovey-dovey gestures.

  19. I think she looks gorgeous! She makes the dress look good on her…cant imagine anybody else carry off this dress with so much grace at her age! And her makeup looks just right…I dont find anything wrong with it….she looks flawless as always!

  20. Without analyzing it too much, I like the dress on her simply because it’s a good change from what one might have expected!


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