In Burberry Prorsum


Considering Sabyasachi has styled the leading pair for the movie, it is a surprise that Aishwarya wasn’t in a Sabya. Instead, she wore a lace Burberry Prorsum dress that has a ruched detail along the center. The belt on Aishwarya was a good addition as it makes for a better break between the non-ruched top and the ruched bottom than the original dress itself.

Not to be on a ‘stuck-in-a-ponytail-rut’ ( ;) ), but really do think Ash would’ve worked this look so much better with the hair pulled back.

Left: Aishwarya Rai at Guzaarish Music Launch
Right: Burberry Ruched Lace Dress

Photo Credit: Glamsham


  1. Are you guys for real??? This post should be titled “How-not-to-do-lace”. Either there’s a bias for Ash or there’s a bias for Burberry. I think its the former. She’s beautiful, but her fashion sense is definitely not an A….

    • I agree…the lace sleeves look bad to start off with and they just look horrible on Aishwarya who does not exactly have the most toned arms. The weird ruching down the center of the skirt only emphasizes her wide lower half and overall the dress makes her look stocky. Also the wide chunky belt is completely out of place in what was supposed to be a delicate ensemble.
      And I hate to be b*tchy but I see some horrible split ends. Orange fried hair needs to go pronto.

    • I agree with you completely Ruchi & Seerat……I never like her dressing sense ……the dress, belt and hair colour, pumps nothings is working :-(

    • Hahahaha bias! Poor P & P….if they like they are bias if they don’t like they are also biased! Can we keep the accusation against the girls and let them give their opinion? You give yours and they give theirs. The accusation is getting sickening!

  2. Before pony ,i would rather cut her net sleeves.
    Doesnt she look her self in mirror or abhi baby tells her that she needs to remove those ugly sleeves.
    Ever b’ful Aish couldnt make it work .-that means dress is real ugly.

  3. I really like this dress; something about lace sleeves executed well always works for me. That aside, Aishwarya looks pretty, and her legs are fantastic. I do agree that a different hairstyle would add a bit more punch to the look, but it’s a stellar appearance nevertheless.

  4. This is better than velvets and tent like anarkalis, but sorry guys, she didnt really pull this off. Face is pretty as usual, but somehow orange hair and lace dont go well together.

  5. Ok, so if MM or any other indian designer makes an ethnic wear with sheer sleeves, its BAD. But if its burberry and its Aish who is in it , there is no way you guys could dislike it right?!!
    These sleeves are tacky!!!

  6. first of all, i applaud her for not wearing a velvet tent clown outfit.

    second of all, i applaud her for not being a stick insect.

    but thats about it.

    lace sleeves are baaaad (cant beleive i even have to SAY that), the ruching is baaad, and belt is meh, and orange hair is baaaad.

  7. The dress is pretty average looking and the belt definitely adds to the outfit.Her legs look so awesome and shiny. Ladies like Sameera reddy, PC, Neetu Chandra and others who show up with ashy legs should take note.

  8. Agreed, I am not sure I like the look either. I am kinda tired of the hair looking the same. The sleeves don’t look as nice because they are sheer – reminds me of MM, and though I don’t want to say it, if her arms were more toned, prolly sleeves would look better.

    Somehow adding the belt makes the dress tacky.

  9. Happened to see the back side of her hair, in some other site. She is obviously wearing some hair-extensions…A little prominent in the second pic, here as well..If she ever decides to ditch those carrot colored hair, she has to get rid of the horrible extensions as well!!!!

    • Yes. She has been wearing extensions for some time now.
      She has hair of normal thickness and its wispy. Here it looks way to thick to be her own hair.

  10. Beautiful, the lace sleeves add that extra edge to the dress, the ruching adds style, ash’s legs are fantastic – yes her hair color/style if better would have added perfecton. Wow Ash beats all those other bwood actresses/models/socialties in the dust even the ones much younger than her. You cant beat that intrinsic quality of beauty and intelligence that ash has!

  11. Hmm.. The belt and the sleeves are a complete mismatch! A more feminine belt (read: thin) and strappy sandals could have salvaged the look. For now.. me no likey!! (On a different note: seriously what’s with her hair colour? And why isn’t L’oreal bothered by it?!!)

  12. Like the dress on her…like its vintage feel. Probably that is why she she wearing it instead of a Sabyasachi saree or kutra chudidaar. Sabya’s creation is generally very different from the feel of her character in the movie. Though I would never mind to see her in Sabya :)
    She has nice legs so I am glad she is showing a bit of those. I agree on the ponytail.

  13. Sorry, this looks like one hot mess. Legs are the only nice feature. But what is it with the crossed legs pose in every photo (many more in the photo album too).

  14. Though the dress itself is not that bad & adding the belt was good. But apart from that, the lace on the hands is drawing all the attention to the hands & making her shoulders look broad.Also the hair color & parting, and makeup do not suit the black dress.

  15. Totally blaah…!! The sleeves look really bad. And really her hair color has not change. She has beautiful hair, if only she chose a different color. Do not like this appearance of her at all.

  16. i love these sleeves….i remember seeing somewhere that Grace Kelly’s wedding dress had similar lace sleeves. The only problem is ash’s arms are too stocky for lace, which needs more audrey hepburn type shoulders/arms to look good. i think the dress looks lovely on the model…

  17. It looks like there are spiders crawling on her arm. I wish the sleeves had more lace. And maybe a different belt, because this one looks like a seatbelt. It’s an almost for me.

  18. The whole look is so dark and dull
    Didn’t like the lace sleeves at all !! And yeah , an interesting hair bun would have added some spice to the look ……may be some deep brown belt would have given some life to it

    Its a NAH from me …….. She does so well in international events and always fails at her home country events…..It is almost like a routine now :)

  19. I usually have a soft spot for Ash for not “tampering’ with her natural beauty (except for that weird haircolour that is), for not giving in to the size zero craze and for dressing in an age appropriate fashion but this look is plain tacky and did I mention the hair colour absolutely sucks.

    that aside I think she has a nice collection of shoes which is something one can’t say for a lot of bolly A listers. Pity her clothes do not pack the same punch.

  20. Bleagh…she looks terrible and a tacky pose….like bhenji dressed in burberry.

    Maybe some one like kangna or freido might have pulled off thedress thats quite ugly to begin with, but Ash looks downright matronly in it. Very few western outfits suit her, such a pity for such a good looker..

  21. I actually like the dress – it has a very feminine, vintage vibe.

    But …

    Her hair color makes her look like a Japanese boy band reject. She needs to step away from the orange dye and try a more natural shade. A darker reddish-brown would look lovely with her skin tone.

  22. I never usually comment on Aishwarya posts coz there is enough and more said all the time but I have to say this … Why does she insist on going from one tacky hair color to another? Why does she cake her gorgeous face with so much make up every single time? Why does she go from one tacky Indian outfit to another or one matronly western outfit to another. Does she not have friends who ask her these questions? WHYYYYYY!!!!


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