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      Me too.. I’d totally buy it.

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    bye bye to Manish Malhotra anarkalis,patch work, left over garbage .

    I hope this is in NOW?

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    She looks stunning!!

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    She looks lovely. A bindi would have looked lovelier.

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    really pretty!
    a piece of advice : either go blonde or brunette,wash off that orange stainy hair already ugh!!

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    Looking at her makes me happy. Very cute :)

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    Any idea where one can get those red bangles that Aishwarya and Jaya Bachchan have been wearing often these days?

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      that’s the paula, one of the three bangles bengali women wear to symbolise marriage. the other two are the loha (iron) and the shankha (the white one that usually accompanies the paula). they’re traditionally gotten from places that sell pooja stuff, but am sure hip jewellers in Calcutta also stock them or can source them.

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    Why is the chudidhar so loose around the knees? That is a pet peeve of mine. She looks good! Simple and elegant suits her and her personality.

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      its actually next to impossible to stitch a perfect chooridar. which is why I can always picture one with a long A line shirt where you can see just the chooris at the bottom and not the unsightly mess around the knee area.

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    Hats off to Abu Sandeep!!! Its marvellous!!!

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    Beautiful color simple design not too blingy or over the top makes an impact(the good type) and of course ash is tunning whatever she wears! You go Aish you are the Best!

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    I can’t work out the exact colour as its different in both. Is it mustard yellow?
    She looks lovely – like the halka work on the kameez.

    Love shoes like that with churidar – thumbs up :)

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      totally agree. Not many people may have noticed but Ash has a nice collection of shoes and this one is amongst the few that complement a chooridar pajama.

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    i dont like the outfit…but aishwarya always looks lovely in these short shirts and chooridar pajamas.her figure appears so slender here…its one of my favourite color,deep yellow thats what i named it!!

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    the outfit would have looked much better if it was in a pastel colour

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    u kidding me. Yeah, not a MM but doesn’t meant this is good only coz its different. its a boring suit plus the color urges me to have an indian dessert…or aam ras puri maybe or maybe mango pudding

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    Well, okay, but it better be natural fabric. Otherwise = cheap and tacky.

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