1. Kolhapuris anyday! they are sooo comfortable! my dad had the mens ones and i always used to wear ’em, hehe i guess cuz my fam’s very ‘marathi’ in that sense! but yes i LOVE kolhapuris…and not the ones that come with esigner tags and designer prices, cuz i know the poor craftsmen who are so good at creating this beautiful fotwear probably won’t get their due…

  2. She looks very casual yet stylish.. Loving it.. Prefer the Kolapuris. Somehow the top looks smaller in the pic from the press meet?????

  3. Aishwarya is one of the best dressed celebrities, she always wears right clothes… there is no dearth of people who are jealous of her looks and are constantly trying to find something wrong with her, but her achievements keep growing… I think here she looks casual yet very pretty I like the kolhapuris

  4. I like both of the looks.
    And Ash is so pretty here. Wish she’d do more photo shoots. Don’t see enough of them from her which is very surprising.

  5. she looks good when she doesn’t pile on the makeup with what can only be a shovel.. like she did for the padmashri awards.

  6. There we go again!Jealous of her looks comments are back.She does dress inappropriately for her body shape and occasion most of the time.She looks great here and I see everyone acknowledging that.There are several fabulous looking celebrities and stating that they dress badly isn’t being jealous of them.Coming back to her looks,I think she looks better the second way around.The top looks bigger and sits well on her hips

  7. She looks best in simple classic clothes. Well done Ash—you have redeemed yourself after the Padma Bhushan tres horrid saree.

  8. She looks nice the second time around in the Kohlapuris. Also, love the fact that she went with minimal make-up & accessories.

  9. Aishwarya looks lovely and cool considering it was over a 100 degrees on election day.

    I agree she looks best with little or no makeup and darker hair.

  10. Yay, I was hoping to see the full length pic on this site! I think she’s dressed so nicely.. loved the look when I saw it. It’s so fresh, crisp, cool, stylish and easy!

  11. oh and I agree, what’s up with the “jealous of her looks” comment? Just because someone doesn’t like her hair or her attire doesn’t mean that anyone is jealous. People are allowed to think she looks bad! It’s all relative though, bad for Ash is usually 100x better than bad for…Manisha Koirala?

  12. Rarely see Aish in such casual clothes. I think she missed the mark. That shirt with those jeans? Just no. Though can’t really judge properly since she rarely dresses casually. Hope to see in her more casual outfits so I can make a better jugdement of her style.

  13. she luks awsome…when aishwarya keeps it simple she comes out a stunner…features like her’s are not meant to be covered in layersof make up……

  14. I got the same kolhapuris and I often team with jeans and a tee :)

    JD, if your based in India, you should be able to get kolhapuris in any Fabindia (which has branches in most major cities in India) or Janpath (Delhi). You can also try the Khhadi bhandars (again in all major Indian cities) and Kolhapuri Centres (seen them only in metro cities)

  15. Come on guys!!! She looks so blllahhh …even if you don’t want to over do it..and want to go minimalistic you can be a little creative. Ash shows very little creativity when it comes to dressing up…this is just another example.
    I am not even sure this outfit of hers is comment worthy!

  16. I remember Lara Dutta on some show where she wore a white shirt with denim capris, nude patents shoes, a fantastic belt, and lovely earrings.It was a simple outfit…but it was well thought out…
    I guess for you to even fall in the radar of a well dressed personality..you need to out together an outfit…
    Aish has no dressing sense whatsoever. She really really needs a stylist.

  17. Agree with Divya, but we have criticised her even when she was dressed by stylists. Which stylist are we talking about?

  18. I agree – the kolhapuris look way better here than the pumps!! And the open windblown hair adds to the “breezy” look…..
    I think kolhapuri’s are the ultimate comfy flats, and even look good in their ‘heeled’ avatar…..

  19. Nepali ..not sure who the styling gurus are in India… I am going with the assumption that the ones Ash can afford generally do a good job…if they have failed with Ash …well there is nothing more to say. Ultimately even if the stylist is great at her/his job the final say is with the client. And typically if the client has a great sense of how to put an outfit together then the results are flawless.
    Some stars don’t even have a stylist..and they do such a damn good job …case in point: Gwen Stefani.

    If I were Ash I would go for someone who does classic looks…who loves to pair classy and structured pieces (Stella, YSL suits) with interesting vintage/retro items like belts, necklaces, handbags, zippers, earrings etc.

    And sometimes you need to take risks…she is sooo risk averse..haircuts, clothes..so darn uninteresting.
    You can sum her up in one line: Most uninteresting personality with a slightly arresting face…(you can tell I am no big fan)

  20. She looks her best without any make up. I haven’t seen many ppl who look so good without any effort! I sure love the kolhapuri look better. Her chappals definitely go better with the shirt than those pumps. P & P please add some new posts! It’s been 22 hours since you added this one! It’s time for a new one! ….. xoxo

  21. I hate that white shirt with the pumps. Its baaaad… atleast those slippers give the “i am not quite dressed up” look. So you can forgive her in it.

  22. wow… even Ash in Kolhapuri chappals gets a great response at HHC. So whoever said we’re jealous, or whatever, PUH-LEASE!

  23. I also agree with @ divya…Aishwariya NEVER knows how to put an outfit together, it’s always safe and boring…her personality never shines through her outfits..she’s getting super boring for me :(


  24. Divya, I understand you; so many great clothes and accessories, and so many ways to wear them. I sometimes wonder, is it so hard to grasp even by flipping magazine pages? It is not about trying to make sense, or memorising or mugging up formulas. I used to get frustrated, but learnt to calm down or gave up, because I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

  25. I think she looks great, breezy and comfortable. Not to mention incredibly apt for someone who’s just stepped out to vote in burning heat!

    Compared to the other celebs on election day, who were so goddamn overdressed as if they’ve come out for brunch or for a store launch!

    Style for celebrities does not need to scream out look at me I’m a star and have millions of bucks and outfits and hence I will be overdressed and try extra hard everywhere.

    And yes I agree with others that Ash usually has no sense of style whatsoever, sometimes though she really surprises me with her choice of clothing. Like wearing a business suit simply everywhere. Which to me sells classy but then she shows up in that pink colored dukaan on Padma Shree awards, to which I go speechless!

    P&P— You guys! What’s with the sudden slowness in putting up posts. I’m sick of checking so many times a day! ;)

  26. Nepali…I feel you..I buy all these accessories and bags and I can never seem to pull off an effortless look….anyway hopefully one day we will get it right and be featured on the Sartorialist ;-) till then keep trying (like Robert Bruce)

  27. Commenting here with a frame of mind from there doesn’t help in finding nice words; it’s like Madhuri has spoilt for me, I don’t have patience to watch others dance in a movie.
    I will look out for you there, hopefully the day will come when we least expect. LOL.

  28. i lost faith in her style when i saw a picture of Ash walking in NY (fashion capital hello) with sweat pants and tennis shoes

    anyway she is beautiful but this look dulls her beauty


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