1. Oh dear, here we go again. Churidaar suit..check. Duppata up to the neck…check. Poker straight hair.. Check. she looks so much nicer in a saree , havn’t seen her in one for ages.

  2. inappropriate for a punjabi-tamil wedding which is all about bling and extravagance! So dull, so simple (not in a good way) and such a disappointment! If she had worn the all-red chudidaar that she wore on her birthday with that hair and better jewelry, that would’ve fared better any day. Why Aishwarya, WHY?

  3. she looks so much younger and fresh then what she wears otherwise. Wish she would have pinned the dupatta in stylish manner and done her hair more chicly.
    Nachiket has done a great job, never knew he does Indian wear too…..Keep it up. :)

  4. When I look at Aishwarya Rai’s pics nowadays I am certain of one thing that not even an inch of skin will be visible!!! (except obviously her face, palms & feet!) It feels like she cant afford to show skin anymore! Why would someone like her be wrapped up that???

    • So I am going to go out on a limb and bring in the prego angle.
      She dressed exactly like this during the “prego rumor” phase. Everything was hidden. Everything but the face was covered. The purposefully draped dupatta tells me, she *could* be hiding something.
      Anyway, fashion sense wise, there are quite a few better choices I have seen her in that could have been good repeats. Sigh, one day she will get it right.

  5. I would totally wear the outfit. Love the colour. Its quite pretty. The woman has to change her hair and not kill the suit by wearing the dupatta like a shawl for Chrissakes.

  6. I feel like I’ve seen the same outfit and look a zillion times on Ms Rai. I don’t get why she doesn’t wear sarees which would be so much more flattering on her…or at least wear her dupatta a different way rather than covering up like a tent.

  7. I wish you would show what Jaya Bachan was wearing. Jaya was wearing a a bring pink, silk saree, just as simple as Aishwarya’s outfit and she looked gorgeous. Ash’s outfit looks pretty tacky to me. Even worse are the coats of make-up she is wearing. And the hair….P&P …you were complaining about Vidya Balan’s hair….this is a perfect example of ‘beyond a horrid hairstyle’. Aishwarya looks terrible. I know combining work and being a hands on mother is challenging, but she needs to take time out and pamper herself.

    • okay, it doesnt look special but whats “beyond horrid” in her hair? :S
      she has healthy shining locks..the problem is styling.

      • Dear Raaga, Perhaps you misread my statement. I have clearly stated “beyond a horrid hairstyle”… Nowhere in my blog have I mentioned unhealthy or lack of sheen in Aishwarya’s hair.

  8. Gaudy clothes – check

    10 pounds of geisha make-up – check

    Big Shehnaz Hussain hair – check

    Aishwarya these days looks like a parody of her old self. The clothes might be salvageable if her hair and make-up weren’t such a travesty. I don’t see what the purpose of so much caked-up make-up is? She always looks like she’s ready for a stage performance and you can see her painted on overdone lips and eyes and cheeks from 10 miles away.

  9. it is just so so so sooooo sad to see someone SOOO beautiful not even TRY to look decent. I don’t get it – why is she so against putting her hair up? why does she think she looks good with that gothic hairdo? why does she wear the SAME color, SAME styled clothes to every non-bwood function? what is she trying to prove? Aish – you are so much more fortunate than most of us… please use your resources to your advantage and take chances. LIVE a little. Let your hair down (but not literally)… try an UP-do. Wear a Saree. Or even a better salwar kameez. Please. Let us live through you!! Set an example for women all around the world. To look beautiful even after a baby. Thank you!!

    • You couldn’t have said it better! BANG ON!! Someone… please someone show these comments to her. I’ve moved on from wth to bored to feeling very sorry for her.

  10. Yaaaawwwwwnn….
    Poor thing, she went to buy bhaaji and then suddenly realized that she needed to be there at the wedding, so atleast she took an autoric and go there to be with family!

  11. Ghastly makeup….horrible hair (she’s da brand embassador for L’Oreal….!!!!)
    dont care much about the dress….she looks like da ash pics we see in auto’s or in front of the beauty parlours!!!

  12. oh leave her be. she seems happy with how she looks. terrible waste of opportunity given all that god and manna have given her, but still, she looks happy, so leave her be.

  13. oh btw, whats the big chunk of white light on her left hand finger? its probably a diamond the size of a golf ball. oh to be rich up one’s keester…

  14. The outfit is beautiful and bright but she kills it with how she wears it with a tent like dupatta draping and horrible make up. How lovely would Deepika look in this with an up do and a slim dupatta drapery. Aishwarya can make everything look gaudy.

  15. One can appreciate the fact thay she doesn’t give a damn about her appearances. Wear whatever is comfortable. But again she is the most beautiful she has all the resources, make an effort at least. Please!!!

  16. Can she just stop wearing this bright-hot-pink all the time?
    Why are most of her looks hated on?
    For someone who claims to be secure about her body, weight issues etc., her dressing / hair and makeup always seem to suggest otherwise .. that is why !
    She could have dressed in a traditional silk saree. anything Pink / hot pink is not equal to wedding reception worthy !
    And Nachiket Barve .. I wonder how many outfits has he churned out using this same hot pink cloth .. Maybe he knows, Aishwarya will always choose those..

  17. oh! give her a break. the outfit is pretty and she is at a wedding not at an awards function. I guess she can wear whatever she wants to, and this anarkali is a change from all the tents she wears most times which are too gaudy.

  18. I’m so so so disappointed. She is a South Indian & this is the outfit she chose to attend Hema Malini’s daughter’s wedding?
    She can atleast learn from mother in law.

    PS: Is she ever going to get over her body image issues & wear a saree in this decade?

  19. She looks perfectly fine to me. I would buy and wear the outfit if i could. She’s not trying to make a constant statement like Sonam or Kangana. Honestly, I feel she dresses exactly as she pleases without giving a damn about anyones opinions… better than showing up at a wedding or a restaurant launch or brunch like you are at Cannes or in a fashion editorial. Everyone can bitch as much as they feel [i am not a fan of her at all] but its commendable to dress as one feels than trying to create a “sensation” every time one steps out of the house. She may not be breaking fashion records but you cant deny that she looks appropriate.

  20. Is she preggers again? Only THAT cud explain this obsessive need to cover every inch in multiple yards of unbecoming cloth! Sorry aish :/


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