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    And prepare to have this site flood with comments in

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      so true! positive or negative, Aishwarya posting gets the most attention.

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    The look falls flat on her. Wish there was some brighness in her look. Yes,the hair is such a turn-off!

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    Vidya still leads!

    1. divya at | | Reply

      she looks 100 times better then vidya. vidya luks odd in her over the top clothing.

      1. Pd at | | Reply

        Nope …. Vidya is much better !

      2. crab at | | Reply

        Nope. Vidya nailed it. She looked gorgeous and confident without trying too hard. Aishwarya looks good, but the hairdo is off and boring. It’s obvious she wants to hide her cheekbones.

        1. aaroohii at | | Reply

          Aishwarya doesn’t get to choose her own outfits for every event at Cannes. Loreal chooses for her at times as they want ‘global’ look, so can’t really compare.

          1. human at |

            If that the case, why is Frieda skin looks natura (brownish)l and aish looks “ultra white” ?

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          lol Vidya not trying too hard? I say Vidya was the definition of trying hard along with Sonam. The giant nose ring and the extravagent sarees.
          Aishwarya looks completely effortless here in every way.

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      Hahaha! Vidya cannot lead anything except wear the same aunty blouses. :P

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        lead in * (lol)

        1. Fromchi-town at | | Reply

          Why to mock someone to praise someone you like? I like aishwarya here, but Vidya looked incredible today.

          1. WittyWman at |

            Aish is the winner..She looks divine.Vidya – maybe a winner for her acting..but when it comes to style and fashion , she is nowhere!

          2. Adara at |

            Its no mockery even in a stretch of imagination, it IS a fact. Ha! In India or Cannes, it doesn’t matter, Vidya is known for wearing such blouses. :P

          3. crab at |

            ditto. Aishwarya has poor style and fashion sense too. I’d be hard-pressed to pick the better one. Also, Adara, Ash just wore an aunty blouse herself. :P

          4. crab at |

            *Ditto to Fromchi-town.

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    STUNNING! That face is to die for!

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    SEE! you’re NOT fat! Now stop hiding behind those fugly anarkalis, suits and saris!

    1. RS at | | Reply

      The same message to Vidya as well. Ash looks beautiful.

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    We can finally c her arms!!!
    Its been ages :P

    1. Sukriti at | | Reply

      Oh u know the gown’s modified after all!!
      The original was sleeveless..

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      That was my first thought too. She looks nice.`

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    Why O why is she wearing a gold bangle that doesnt match with that outfit! A black diamond cuff should be there instead Thank god she chose a gorgeous gown for a change She luks lovely

    1. SS at | | Reply

      What you said.

    2. Bloo at | | Reply

      She has mentioned in a few of her interviews that the gold bangle is teh Bengali equivalent of a mangal sutra and hence she always wears it.

      1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

        No its not….the Bengali equivalent of a mangal sutra are a pair of white bangles called “Shankha” made from conch/shell..

        1. Bloo at | | Reply

          Okay, thanks for the information. I am not particularly aware of the actual equivalents.. I mentioned that with the intention to drive across the point that it wasn’t a choice related to fashion but something to do with tradition, keeping in mind the supposed mandatory nature of both. My information just comes from an interview I read of her’s somewhere.

        2. taniya at | | Reply

          Bloo is correct, that gold bangle is equivalent to mangal sutra, shakha-pola is not mandatory to wear but that gold bangle is must.

          PS i am bengali….:)

      2. WittyWman at | | Reply

        yes…it’s called “noah”- iron bangle covered with gold..married bengali women wear it..

        1. bongbabe at | | Reply

          bengali hindu women wear a shonkho, a red bangle and a gold bangle as a sign of being married.

          having said that, the single gold bangle doesnt go with this gown.

          she looks nice though.

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    I love her make-up here – it’s not an overload, when she normally cakes up even for flights. She looks great in the third (quite divine) and fourth picture, the first one is just unflattering. I like her hair and gown separately, but we were never going to see her put up her hair anyway.

    1. angl at | | Reply

      yes! love that her makeup is not heavy at all. her features always shine the most with less makeup.

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    an Elie Saab it is then, looking good Aishwarya.

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    im not aish greatest fan..
    but there is no denying that this is the best she has looked post pregnancy..
    good way to start an outing at Cannes.. heres hoping she doesn’t wear any abu-sandeep

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    Wow I’m so happy to see Ash looking good!!! YAY! The dress looks good on her – it’s flattering, and her hair looks nice too and she looks like she has slimmed down a bit which is always a plus I guess!

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    its nice to see her. that’s a good silhouette, all in all she looks super.

  13. Anon at | | Reply

    Oh wow – I can c her arms! I most definitely like!
    I guess she amped it up for Cannes, her hometown she’s definitely more relaxed n I have seen this much effort on her part since before she got pregnant.

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    P&P Aishwariya was spotted in a white dress shirt n Black skirt Could you post that She luks good though I cant find a full length one

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    wow! she’s looking so beautiful and fresh!

  16. karishma at | | Reply

    she’s proved here that she’s still the most beautiful woman in the world.

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  17. Cheri at | | Reply

    oh i dont know… it kinda looks like a half-hearted effort by ElieSaab…. like as if they started putting on the embroidery on the dress, got tired and just left it hanging in the middle with a little haphazard action a the bottom.

    It’s just so serious looking. and boring. her hair/face looks good but should have been placed in another outfit altogether.

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    the Queen is back!! this is the best she has looked post pregnancy. you can just tell that she feels a lot more comfortable in her own skin.

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    People shud stop giving her such a hard time. So unfair. Had Vidya worn this you all would have been gushing right now. She looks great!!

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    She’s mainly been conscious about her arms with the weight gain. Hence, the hair. It’s there to distract from the arms. A lot of people saying they’d prefer an updo but I don’t think she’s quite ready to have her arms on display. Which is kinda sad. They’re perfectly good arms.

    Liked the A-line silhouette; definitely the most flattering on her at the moment. Though, her face and those eyes look stunning. I’m not blown away by the look but it may easily be her one of her best appearances at Cannes.

  21. divya at | | Reply

    she luks like million bucks . much better then sonam and vidya( with their over the top dressing). the gown is beatiful and make up in perfect.

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    wow…! what a beautiful woman. love this gown..

  23. Srkan at | | Reply

    So gorgeous…Love her and she looks stunning.

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    love her kinda natural make-up!

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    She is looks good.Better than overdose of traditional Indian (desi) couture. I have nothing against traditional clothes, but just hate its overdose.

    I also always wonder why Aish wears gold bangle. The only explanation I can come up is Bengali tradition, where a bride is given a iron bangle by her husband when she enters his home for first time. Usually women get it cover by gold. In her case her mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan is Bengali.
    Again it is just a guess…

    1. asmozonic at | | Reply

      apparently your guess is quite correct. read it somewhere that it is indeed the sr. Mrs Bachchan who gifted it to her. doubt she’ll ever not be wearing it :).

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    she looks good but her outfit disappoints. mallika sherawat outfit today beats itt totally.
    vidya too looks amazing but as she is wearing indian clothes can’t compare it but not liking this look on ash

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    she looks so beautiful
    she proves again that she is the bollywood queen
    love her dress !!!!!!!!!!

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    She’s beautiful and always looks amazing in a black gown. Love the hair too

  29. Rina at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! She always looks amazing in a black gown. Love the hair too

  30. Rina at | | Reply

    Gorgeous ! Black gowns look amazing on her! Love the hair too

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    I dont understand why everyone gives Aishwarya a hard time. esp the gays and women – both of those being acutely aware of weight and image issues. it at all, they should just commend her to getting out there. I wonder how many of us onlline face-less commentators would dare step into the spotlight looking not the best version of us? Anyway, Vidya is OTT, Sonam is trying too hard (wish she tried that hard at being a decent actor) and Aishwarya, well if you read international fashion journalist reviews, is looking AMAZING – easily one of the best looks so far.

    1. bongbabe at | | Reply

      esp the gay and women? WOW. stereotype, much? o_o

    2. amy at | | Reply

      so true..i agree

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    She has gotten mostly postive reviews for this look by other fashion sites. The only negative some ppl have pointed out is her hair should’ve been kept up, but that’s it.
    I don’t mind the hair down, I just would have liked to see her wear a belt like it was shown on the runway to kind of bring in her waist.
    But overall it’s simple & elegant.

  33. KJ at | | Reply

    How utterly beautiful does she look!! That face is indeed to die for!!!!

  34. Adara at | | Reply

    Gawjus! Look at the 3rd pic, just wow! And proves one doesn’t have to drown in indian wear stuffing yourself in pillow covers for blouses calling it couture. Hah!

    1. mspp at | | Reply

      Haha did u write this comment before seeing her baroque-inspired-sabya appearance ? Just checking!

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Yeah i did. But Aish still manages to look good in that Sabya appearance and that blouse, what a gorgeous face!

        1. mspp at | | Reply

          LOL..hypocrisy much?

          1. Adara at |

            It’s called seeing variety. Lol. On Vidya, we are YET to see any other blouse save a matronly one. :P

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    Finally… This was the moment we have all been waiting for…. Where she is not hiding and she looks beautiful. I am not her biggest fan, but Elie Saab and her combo is great and she is off to a fantastic start. Waiting eagerly for her next appearance on the red carpet.

  36. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    You need a certain amount of talent and tenacity to consistently choose the most boring, unremarkable and irrevocably mediocre creations of designers with the keenest aesthetic out there..Of the select few I hold in regard I assume that it is impossible to go wrong with an Elie Saab, Valentino or Rodarte..since their sensibilities are so faaaaaar removed from that of Aishwarya’s I feel even if she wanted to, she cannot possibly find any way to commit her usual crimes against elemental aesthetics..but her persistence knows no bounds..SHE DID IT! even with Elie Saab..

  37. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks great.

  38. priya at | | Reply

    she looks amazing…AISH IS BACK

  39. Neha at | | Reply

    She getting back…love to see her in anything but anarkalis..she looks beautiful..hair does look little heavy but she owns the look

  40. aly at | | Reply

    No one can match Aishwarya’s elegance

  41. Sandy at | | Reply

    She looks so good ,elegant and much slimmer . Well done !

  42. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    vidhya or aish, I dont know but what I know is, finally she looks comfortable and confident!

    1. sonam at | | Reply

      Comfortable showing her body : yes..
      BUt I feel she was always confident ..

    2. Ayelet at | | Reply

      Concur! She looks quite stunning and after a very long time.

  43. sonam at | | Reply

    does any one see the striking resemblance with Amanda seyfried

  44. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks divine!!!

  45. shaila at | | Reply

    aishwarya looks very beautiful!

  46. SS at | | Reply

    Finally!! Welcome back, Ash..on your own time, terms and conditions!! You are rocking this look…

  47. just me at | | Reply

    Fab! She looks confident. Of course none of us know her state of mind but judging by outward appearance alone, she looks so much more comfortable/confident than she has in recent public appearances. That face is wow per usual! The hair is same old – heavy and over styled, but I don’t mind it much here.

    The gown itself is quite fugly though! It’s like someone poked on a swarm (?) of black beetles and they are starting to crawl all over. But the lines are clean, thank goodness no thick sleeves, and Ash is working it!

  48. Isabella at | | Reply

    She looks amazing.

  49. A at | | Reply

    Her best look at Cannes 2013!

  50. sam at | | Reply

    ‘she looks amazing as she use to long time when I first saw her appearance in lake advertisement. I don’t agree with anyone of the above comments. Time is ever changing and it makes changes in all the women and men . This is a fact and considering it she looks gorgeous. Its not the clothes that makes someone look great but that person’s looks gives great appearance to the clothes. I don’t know if I have been able to put it right but She is amazing and will remain like that. All the best to her.

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