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  1. Mockjay at | | Reply

    She looks so un-stylish. The dior top does not look good on her. The hair, lips and shoes bring it down further.

  2. SK at | | Reply

    So effortlessly chic. Sonam should know how to do this from her aunt, because it always feels like she puts too much effort.

    1. sanya at | | Reply

      effortlessly chic? this off the catwalk look is hardly effortless… maybe easy layering would be chic…and effortless

    2. Div at | | Reply

      Its amazing how sonam is dragged into everything. And well now that you’ve said it, she really does look like her aunt out here.

    3. ri at | | Reply


  3. mina at | | Reply

    Ash never had taste in clothes. So I am not surprise her wearing this. she would have look better just wearing just plain t shirt. She must have got it free.

  4. Asha at | | Reply

    Wow all this makeup just to get on a flight? It’s still a miss…with that awkward printed patch around her stomach.

  5. Monika at | | Reply

    Maroon satin flats ..not good!

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks good to be on a flight. She is not wearing boots and not in clown clothes like many others, thank heavens for that.

  7. sanya at | | Reply

    She is looking so bad. She looks so good when simple and stylish… this is like major label vomit. The printed band makes her waist look wide, the black bib is like an extension of her hair and her face is totally a mismatch with the vibe of the clothes. trying hard much!

  8. sanya at | | Reply

    and dior makes really weird clothes… the bags are fine… the jewellery is cute… the clothes are weird. period

  9. Debbie at | | Reply

    This is what she picks en-route to Cannes? It maybe Dior but its a bad outfit and doesn’t work on her.

  10. sam at | | Reply

    HORRIBLE ! she always dresses so badly and she wears so much make up all the time.

  11. sanyukta at | | Reply

    Why oh why….Do they have to dress up in all black, as if going to some funeral…not a good look at all and that dior top is way too ordinary and unflattering!

  12. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    Ugh ! Why does she dip her face in makeup? And really badly put together outfit. Not to miss the red satin pumps .

  13. olala at | | Reply

    The negative and snarky tone of the majority of the comments above is hard to believe.

  14. Shoeul at | | Reply

    Love the look! She pulls this off so easily..

  15. dilorea at | | Reply

    Such a beautiful woman with so much money. But doesn’t know how to dress stylish.Why did she think that just because its Dior it works for her.Maybe she was wearing matchy match shoes with her daughter.

  16. Amodini at | | Reply

    Comfy and chic. Love it.

  17. Rose at | | Reply

    She looks so GOOD! Perfect size, perfect face, perfect choice of clothing!

  18. Sapna at | | Reply

    She’s looking really good! I don’t understand what the negative comments are about, what more could she do?

    1. Maya at | | Reply

      Lol. Ikr!! If she dressed up people would question why anyone dresses up so much for a flight etc. she looks fine and simple, she’s so pretty. I’m sure she will blow it out of the park for the actual events!

  19. Slc at | | Reply

    Too much makeup. Outfit is bad, Dior or no Dior! But I like the shoes a actually, but they belong with another outfit.

  20. Venus at | | Reply

    shes looking totally fine…in her comfort zone…u don’t need to be dressed to the nines for a flight…why is there so much oh hate? Baffles me!

  21. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Still whatever she does it become news….She is oblivious around her but some sick people have enough time to criticize ….at least she is not a self proclaimed Fashionistaa like a star daughter…..And moreover r any of u fashion designers otherwise So much fashion knowledge incredible….leave her alone.

    1. Fashionizta at | | Reply


  22. vanaja at | | Reply

    She looks fab and comfy, so perfect and apt for travel

  23. Violet at | | Reply

    Leave the woman alone. She’s never had a sense of style and she won’t develop it over-night. All these comments are in vain. This look is as usual bad and tacky(red satin ballerinas with black jeans, really??!!!) She needs a good team behind her looks and I really hope she gets one that can do her beauty some justice at Cannes.

    1. Fervid at | | Reply

      Your comment is hilarious! You say ‘leave the woman alone’ and go on to bad-mouth her yourself. Lol.

      1. Avani at | | Reply

        Ha ha. That’s the hypocrisy – double standards around her for a very long time.

  24. AMM at | | Reply

    Fellow hhc copatriots – this is perfect – she is travelling with a kid and it’s like 100 degrees in Mumbai with humidity taking it to 200 – I am melting seeing sonam

    1. Desimom at | | Reply


    2. Fashionizta at | | Reply

      Well said

  25. arpitha at | | Reply

    she looks ok but the top isn’t for her body type, makes her look top heavy – drawing attention to her hands and mid section.

  26. Ava at | | Reply

    She looks how she always looks; drab. But she’s so gorg, that it hardly matters.
    What does matter though is why Sonam gets dragged into every Aishwarya post! I mean seriously, self proclaimed or not, she’s a fashion pro. Her being over dressed in a jacket doesn’t make this sleeveless Dior anymore palatable

  27. Fervid at | | Reply

    This top actually encourages a muffin top, like on the skinny model. I could get on board with that!

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