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  1. olala at | | Reply

    I guess they did not want any crowd, given a watch is easy to miss.

    Quite a hit, nonetheless!

  2. Monika at | | Reply

    The dress is nice but the boots bunch at the ankle. This brings the look down.

    If she’s keen on covering her legs, why not wear stockings/tights with pumps instead? With these tall boots, its as if the lower half of her body is in a cold wintry place and the upper half is in Mumbai (where I imagine its neither cold nor wintry).

    1. Anon at | | Reply

      MAYBE she just wanted to wear them? sheesh

  3. Paddy at | | Reply

    Studded Loubs…that’s what the look needed. the boots are making the look too crowded.

    1. Shalini at | | Reply

      Those boots ruin the look for me. Although I’m glad she didn’t go for another boring anarkali!

  4. tina at | | Reply

    She looks good. The only problem is that wearing these kind of boots in Mumbai looks ridiculous. Dressing so out of season looks bizarre no matter how ‘nice’ the look actually is.

    This is more of an autumn in New York kind of dress.

  5. madhu at | | Reply

    yeah. I don’t like the boots either. she should have stuck to pumps or ankle length boots.

  6. Ramya at | | Reply

    Wow!!!look at that face . Is tht even believable? She does not look a day old than 25 . How many of us can look like this (reality none !!!)

    1. Siara at | | Reply

      Make up and photoshop.. And she looks 35-ish, gorgeous definitely.

      1. Slc at | | Reply


      2. Sheneitha at | | Reply

        +100 definitely more than 25

      3. nela at | | Reply

        Exactly, she looks amazing. But can we just let her be an amazing 41 instead of insisting she look 25. And you can look your age and still look gorgeous.

      4. arpitha at | | Reply

        She looks her age, but with well maintained figure and nice face.

  7. MrsKapoor at | | Reply

    Emma Stone wore this dress on Jimmy Fallon like the model did on the runway (apart from the shoes). I kind of like Aish’s, makes it look more approachable.

  8. lemon at | | Reply

    Its so good to see all that hair finally away from her face. However, the entire outfit looks a bit contrived. It looks a bit school-girlish on her, when on the runway it looks sexy and hip. Still, I’d rather see her in this than some boring anarkali.

    1. Amodini at | | Reply

      +1. Agree on the school-girlish thing.

  9. KP at | | Reply

    She needs to fix her eyebrows.

  10. Vinnimeow at | | Reply

    Girl crush alert..!!!!
    MY God. She looks stunning and that dress suits her perfect. Any day better than many self claimed fashionistas… ;)

  11. tanu at | | Reply

    How is she 40? !!! she looks so young and so pretty!

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Quite a change from her usual tents…I love this knee up, hate those boots.

  13. Monika at | | Reply

    Except for the boots…I love this look.

  14. sree at | | Reply

    Love that she didn’t wear another one of those horrid Abu Jani anarkalis. She looks great!

  15. Siara at | | Reply

    It seems out of place on her unlike on Emma Stone or the model. But can’t deny she looks good.

  16. Paroma at | | Reply

    Love it! Here’s hoping Ash and her anarkalis are finally parted

  17. Saya at | | Reply

    Holy smokes. She looks great. That gorgeous face. Just wow.

  18. blah at | | Reply

    The boots look tacky

  19. ash at | | Reply

    I would give the lining a V cut under the arm.. to resemble the shape of the collar…

  20. Slc at | | Reply

    Knees up she looks fabulous. Don’t like the boots at all. Watch the videos if u get a chance…there ‘s a lot of make-up.

  21. sini at | | Reply

    Those boots need to go!!! Wish she had worn studded pumps instead.

  22. Shef at | | Reply

    Is it just me or can no one else notice something’s up with her hair ? Looks kinda matted, in a weird way..

    1. resh at | | Reply

      + 1 something up with it looks totally off n weird…like it has mehndi on

  23. Devika at | | Reply

    Can we just talk about the boots?
    I mean seriously!

  24. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    The boots look ridiculous. But this look is a welcome change from all the anarkalis

  25. just me at | | Reply

    Her face is her fortune – beautiful Aishwarya. A belt would have crowded the look -glad she skipped it and the main accessory was the watch – except yup dem boots gotta go take a walk elsewhere – looks out of sync.

  26. Tania at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous !
    P&P, Please feature Grazia’s Dec cover featuring Priyanka.

  27. arpitha at | | Reply

    Nice to see her in something different, she looks nice.
    But the dress doesn’t go with the boots and hair.

  28. ashkaa at | | Reply


  29. a at | | Reply

    This a dress for a twenty something…doesn’t really suit her.

  30. donkey at | | Reply

    comes across as trying too hard. don’t like it one bit.

  31. khushboo at | | Reply

    i am happy to see her in anything apart from those blingy anarkalis! Is it the camera or there is something weird with the front part of her hair?? Its looking as if something shaved it or she is using a wig..or may be its just the hairstyle!

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