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      completely agree

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      my thoughts exactly, and her smile looks so much more genuine than on the red carpets

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    wow!!! stunning!!

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    ooo la la..madame rai looks absolutely stunning. Although that dress is not amazing her entire look with the dress just makes it all work. I think she’s allowed to have on screw up at cannes and she has more than made up for the bouffant-do. Gosh how i do wish I was at that Vanity fair party!!

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    Stunning. Simple is good! How little everyone realises this! Love it!

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    yayy open hair finally..such a relief from that stiff hair that did not flatter her.. but I honestly feel that she needs to put more effort into her styling.. a pretty face is not the only thing ppl notice

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    Absolutely amazing. There is nothing she could do to make this better.

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    she looks lovely…am loving the hair!

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      when you write in all caps on the net,its the equivalent of saying you’re really annoyed :-)

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          lol! CAPS are also equivalent to screaming. SCREAMING!!!!!
          See what I mean?
          No offence, just kidding! :)

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          ashooo….when a person write an email / or any message in caps letters, it means he is really pissed off …….people might be offended with ur message….i havent realized until my boss told me :)

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            OK guyz . . . ;-0 . . . iz that ok . . . . .

          2. Saanika at |

            come on guys …….. now don’t call this OFFICIAL ………. LOL :D

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    luv luv luv it

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    Not untoned. Not old. Simple and so so chic. And for those of you who say too simple- look at that beautiful face. LOVE!

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    NOW she takes my breath away!

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    Why couldn’t she have gone with this look instead of that cruella look she was channeling on the opening night?

    One word: stunning!

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    Beautiful!! I’m sure the Lo’real people had nothing to do with this appearance.

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    Really like this look on her…very pretty. I agree…simple and elegant sums it up well.

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    honestly dis is d only appearance of Ash i liked among her Cannes appearances

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      i luv her hair in dis pic

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    Yes indeed, this is the best I’ve seen her look at Cannes, simple and sleek.

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    she looks beautiful, that’s way to dress ASH

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    Absolutely gorgeous! 10 on 10!

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    WOW!! She is elegance personified here!:)

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    WOOWW…this has been one of the best years in Cannes for Aishwarya!! :) She looks absolutely gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, elegant, graceful, stylish, poised…am running out of adjectives.

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    Her best look so far! Smashing!

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    she looks elegant and beautiful.

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    I feel this appearance is one of her best so far. She doesn’t look out of shape as she does in all her other attires and the hair has been done well . Hope she sported this hairstyle in between her previous appearances on the red carpet to break the monotonous appeal of the one she was sporting. Overall a nice , polished and elegant styling to soothe our eyes.

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    Hair down! Lovely! The way it looks best on her.

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    Finally 10/10 Mrs Bachchan! You’ve hit paydirt!! Kudos!

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    is this woman regal or what? amazing, god’s creation at its best. fabulous aishwarya. we in india are proud of u. looking stunning.

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    Stunning is the word.. Why couldn’t she have done something similar on the red carpet? Anyway, I think she more than makes up for her red carpet disasters with this look.. Leaving her hair open makes her look younger..

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    This look is fine, nothing to go gaga over, she suits having her hair down better. Can’t comment on the gown as the picture doesn’t show is clearly.

    I wish she would have worn atleast ONE peice of jewellery as it does look all very boring.
    I guess all that OTT glamour that isn’t naturally you, does take its toll, she looks tired out.

    Still simple and sweet.

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    Aishwarya looks effortlessly stunning. looks great (and slimmer for some reason-maybe the silhoutte and the colour of the gown).

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    I am really digging her appearances at Cannes this year! She is looking really good!
    This look is so simple and so sexy! Love!

  31. zainab at | | Reply

    Ahhhhhhhhhh finally I like her in this black dress and simple make-up and simple hair..she looks lovely and doesn’t look as old as she did in that black dress she wore at cannes. she looks as if she’s in her early 30s :)
    nice nice I like I like

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    now that is a great look!loved the dress, the hair and everything!..but she looks super tired!

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    How beautiful does she look! what poise! I’ll be honest, she has really surprised me at Cannes this year.

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    Beautiful and Elegant!

    she has it in her and its only my opinion but i really think she should go for a nice simple look on the red carpet…i personally didn’t like her first two day!

    she looks so nice and nothing like 36!!

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    finally she looks nice! sorry to say but none of her other looks worked for me. glad to see she finally has it together =]

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    i prsume that’s a gucci gown??

    she looks good…elegant n understated… the hair n make up is so much better than the earlier appearances…

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    loved it,keeping it simple and classy

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    love the look.. you rock aish!!

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    A pleasant apperance..at last!

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    Of them all, this is my least favourite. It’s probably the pic- she looks very tired to me!

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    looks good but also looks old…not a bad point but something that one can start seeing

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE dress… this is AISH!

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    Yes, thank you very much, someone shows some classic good taste for a change! Just about as perfect as anyone gets these days. I love the look, despite not being totally thrilled by the train.

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    nice, really nice… she looks 15 pounds lighter and 10 years younger (than some of her earlier appearances!!)

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  47. Mim at | | Reply

    Love it, she looks awesome! :)

  48. DP at | | Reply

    this would be my favorite from cannes!! simple, understated, and FABULOUS! wonder if malaika and ash were buddy buddy during VF party…

  49. lara at | | Reply

    she looks stunning and beautiful. left to her own devices she can obviously come up trumps however those l’oreal people don’t understand her features and don’t know how to present her.

  50. Aly at | | Reply

    What a elegant and classy look on her.

  51. trinket at | | Reply

    Finally, she has FIRED the hairstylist and given the make up artist a day off!!!!!

    The way we like Mrs. Jr.B, after contrived eyesores we earned this!

  52. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Am i the only one who doesnt think this is a 10 on 10 look.

    I still think that of the 4 dresses we saw her wear in cannes, 3 were tube like dresses and dont suit her body type.
    The pinkish one of a kind gucci was my fav. It covered her widest part.

    But loving the hair and make up.

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    simple and stunning. loving this look

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    FINALLY an aishwariya look that i like :)

    finally a dress that isnt too tight. finally makeup and eyebrows that arent weird. finally no irritating smirk.

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    The look is not wrong.It is a quite look but not a very memorable look.Still think Aishwarya looks tired and old.Like one of those unremarkable Hollywood starlets in their forties.

  56. usha at | | Reply

    Too simple for me..that doesnt mean bad though..
    She looks too bored and tired…

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    Finally! Hair down and some makeup!

    I hated the fact hat she had no colour on her cheek and lips in her previous appearances.

    I hope here appearances keep getting better.

    1. Sparkle at | | Reply

      *cheeks and *her

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    so far I have disliked all her looks….too done up, unflattering gowns…this is perfection….she needs to stick to this type of perfection….and maybe the tan she’s sporting adds more to her beauty

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    She looks amazing! Everthing is perfect…makeup, hair, dress. And how gorgeous is her smile..love it!

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    she looks so good. she has been sporting a similar hairstyle the last few days… good to see something different …

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    This is more true to her style. I do bet Loreal had nothing to do with this look!

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    Whew! Just as I was about to give up on her! She looks like a million bucks and more!

  63. ryan at | | Reply

    she is looking very classy and chic. beautiful.

  64. sam at | | Reply

    she is looking elegent

  65. SS at | | Reply

    I think Ive finally figured it out…Im bored of the sameness in her expressions…her face looks dull and boring and the SAME all the time..thats why …Im beginning to find her dull and boring in every single appearance of hers….its not her clothes..not her make up..not her hair..not even her untoned arms…..she seems to be lacking personality….sigh!

    1. arpitha at | | Reply

      I agree with u.

  66. Shireen at | | Reply

    Nice :)
    Do all the gowns have to have that extension?! I find that flowy thing very weird and absolutely unnecessary.. Whats it called?

    In any case, she does look lovely here..

    1. lin at | | Reply

      It is called a train.

    2. Sparkle at | | Reply

      I think it is called a train.

  67. CK at | | Reply

    Aish looks fab. This reinforces the fact that black makes anyone look slimmer.

    1. Trisha at | | Reply

      Not so simple! The Armani Prive dress was black too..the cut/fit matters as well…

  68. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I like this outfit choice—she is looking great!

  69. rushed at | | Reply

    lovely, really love this look.

  70. probster at | | Reply

    Bingo! Lovely……the hait the dress, nailed this look.

    1. probster at | | Reply

      Typo alert: hait* = hair

      :-) TQ!

  71. SS at | | Reply

    stunning!! this is for letting her be herself! gorgeous!

  72. rêve at | | Reply

    simple.classic. elegant.
    wish some more pics were available.

  73. as at | | Reply

    black suits her way to much.gorgeous

  74. meera at | | Reply

    she always look so edible…

  75. Melani at | | Reply

    Really not appropriate for the occasion, she looks to one teenager and not to one fashion icon ! please ms bachan more sophistication, Do something with your hair , be classe, like we say in french !

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