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  1. Puneeta at | | Reply

    Why does this beautiful woman insist on dressing like a dowdy matron. Sigh!

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      1. GG at | | Reply

        couldn’t agree more..sigh ! all that money and access to the best in the industry and she turns up like this.

  2. Jane at | | Reply

    Who is this woman? Can the regular Aishwarya Rai come back?

    1. Supriya at | | Reply

      This is the regular Aishwarya… cant believe she was a model even for a day… terrible dressing sense…

  3. Lola at | | Reply

    Way too much happening in one ensemble.

  4. layla at | | Reply

    she looks like cruella deville meets catholic nun

    1. Fugly aunt at | | Reply

      Ha ha

    2. pune psha at | | Reply

      +1 hahaha

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  5. Pooja at | | Reply

    The blouse and necklace need to go!! Otherwise she looks good. It’s not the best sari but definitely could’ve been nicer with a stylish blouse.

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      1. Malaika at | | Reply

        Why cant she leave out all these fringes and have some simple elegant styles. Or are these to take away the attention from the weight issues…She must be having access to some of the best stylists in the industry. why cant she take their services or maybe someone needs to tell her that she needs a stylist.

  6. Madhu at | | Reply

    Hate the outfit, but she is sooooo beautiful sigh

  7. aria at | | Reply

    Really PnP. this is cringe worthy? she looks fine and rather good minus the necklace of course, much better than abu sandeep arocities she wears.

    1. Shina at | | Reply

      I agree

      1. Sheetal at | | Reply

        I think she looks great. The problem lies in our expectations fro her.

        1. Sheetal at | | Reply

          OOps. ” From her”.

    2. asha at | | Reply

      That’s what I am saying, this is definitely a step up from the curtains she usually wears…. and nothing is wrong with the make up at all.

  8. maya at | | Reply

    thought the worst was the blouse…

  9. sofia at | | Reply

    there is so much going on in the world right now that this website today just makes me barf.

    p and p, im curious, times like these – after Connecticut and the delhi rapes and what not, how in the world do you go around nitpicking people’s fashion with such alacrity.

    1. SamGirl at | | Reply

      Ahem.. kettle calling pot black. Did you just happen to stumble across here accidentally, stayed back and left a comment on accident?

    2. Jyothi at | | Reply

      Miss Sofia, this is a fashion website. If you want to read real news, go read newspapers.

    3. SAM at | | Reply

      How can you read this blog at times like this?

    4. Madhu at | | Reply

      Indeed. and how in the world do WE go around reading fashion websites and commenting on them?

    5. SS at | | Reply

      Erm, don’t you think it’s ironic that you ask that question while you nit only visit but comment on that same website that makes you barf?

      1. Rue at | | Reply

        hahaha. Oh Sofia! you just made a fool of yourself. I hope you realise it. LMAO. People like you make me laugh!

    6. iamajerk at | | Reply

      did you stop eating? did you stop sleeping? did life just stop? nope. this is the world, this is reality. life goes on.

    7. payal at | | Reply

      this is a fashion website–sofia,i’m curious, why are you leaving inane comments on this site instead of curing cancer or patrolling buses.

    8. mesta at | | Reply

      Sofia, how old are you that you could possibly even ask that question?
      everybody empathises with what happened and with the kind of policy of not calling anybody fat, making comments on people’s face etc that PnP have here its more than obvious that they are socially responsible and aware.
      The society doesnt stop functioning in times like these.
      Have you stopped work, study etc? then why should pnp stop their work-just because its fashion and not finding the corellogram of a pareto distribution?
      grow up sofia and stop making hurtful comments

  10. SS at | | Reply

    All of it is bad!! She needs an intervention so badly!

  11. dn at | | Reply

    Is she planning to morph into Jayalalitha, style-wise?

    1. Myvoiceandyours at | | Reply

      Hahahaha…so true,dn!! ROTF:) this IS Jayalalitha in the early 1980’s!

    2. annie at | | Reply

      She’s already morphed. I wonder what is next.

    3. Aparna at | | Reply

      Jayalalitha looks dignified for her age!! Please !!

  12. Dumbo at | | Reply

    She looks like a hostess

  13. sonal at | | Reply

    I am not a die hard aish fan… but she is making this look work! aside from the lattice which is loud, this appearance is rather good, definitely better than all her cannes outfits that people raved about

  14. Psudo at | | Reply

    I think the necklace and the fringe detail blouse cum jacket takes the cake!!!!!!

  15. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Atleast the saree was draped well.

  16. dreamygirl at | | Reply

    I was waiting for your post on this :), the sari is nice but buried under epic fails in terms of accessory choices and that fringe…no words!!!!

  17. SLC at | | Reply

    You know what this is better than any one of her blingy anarkalis. I personally don’t like the drapery too much, but she looks really pretty. The saree may feel too ‘aunty’ like for some, but it’s simplicity brings out her beauty. The only thing I would have changed would be her hair, but a big yay for wearing a saree.

  18. neha at | | Reply

    And when i thought it couldn’t get any worse…..”sigh”

  19. m at | | Reply

    i actually like the whole look for a change.

  20. adya at | | Reply

    The overall look is clean and elegant and way better than her last run of appearances. Even the make up is quite good for once. Like.

  21. arpitha at | | Reply

    i used to look forward for her appearance, mainlyduring 2007& 8.
    But this sari, reminds me of a sari my grandmother had some 20 years back, and the blouse and sari dont go well with each other.Nor her tons of makeup.

  22. kajol at | | Reply

    LOL. Some of these comments are a bit dramatic. She looks incredible. I don’t know what’s worse, praising Sonam for for looking hideous in her disco saree or brutalising Aishwariya for looking fantastic.

    1. s at | | Reply

      Seriously? I think Sonam looked fantastic; plus she actually takes fashion risks, which is rarely the case with Aishwarya. She is just ‘married’ to a couple of designers (read Shahab Durazi or Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla) and will wear anything made by them. I agree though that minus the neck and sleeve fringe, this look is definitely not a cringe.

    2. hmm at | | Reply

      LOL + 1000

  23. WittyWman at | | Reply

    I think she looks classy minus the necklace of course…..the necklace is good but doesnt look good with hair open and that kinda busy blouse!

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  25. Roni at | | Reply

    i love Ash …but this is a WTHEY !!!!!

    1. hema at | | Reply

      No, this cannot be a WTHEY when worst dress and patchy, horrible make-up by sameera reddy was appreciated by everyone in this blog. and was not in WTHEY, how can this be

  26. Vanaja at | | Reply

    What is happening? Loud make up and the huge blouse….yucks, nothing works here. I am a huge Aish fan and can’t believe saying this. I rather see her in anarkalis. The sari is so bad.

  27. payal at | | Reply

    srsly,why does the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’ pile on the makeup with such a heavy hand? maybe that’s abhishek under all that warpaint

  28. Farrah at | | Reply

    What i FAIL to understand is how on earth is it possible that after all these years of being so intensely associated with hair, makeup, stylists and fashion in general … and having access to the best of the best … how can then a minor thing like make up go SO wrong? HOW?

  29. ak at | | Reply

    The number one reason why I dislike the styling: It’s covering up the main attraction! Fashionability (or lack thereof) aside, that fringe totally won the battle over her Longines. I suspect Aish realized this belatedly, hence the odd poses that resemble hand-wringing.

    1. just me at | | Reply

      Totally agree! She’s modeling a watch for crying out loud – and she wears those fugly fringes – terrible styling…so silly! This look didn’t make me cringe, probably because she has set the bar really high with her tacky Abu Sandeep atrocities, so anything not AS bad as those are passable! Sigh…blessed with that face but (usually) such poor judgement of style.

  30. Reitu at | | Reply

    OMG!! The fringe on the blouse takes away everything from the pretty saree.. and is that a necklace?? What was she thinking?

  31. eclat at | | Reply

    Oh god… I’m the same age as her, had a baby at the same time as her, and yet, I’m back to dressing myself as I would normally, (when I’m not home in the child-rearing sweats :p ). I’m not “young” but neither am I old enough to dress like my child’s grandmom. I have not morphed into looking like a matron 30 years my senior, either in clothes or body language.
    But, I guess this whole 60 year old dowager ice queen shtick works for her… considering she has the gazillion dollars, and not me :)

    1. pookie at | | Reply

      ” old dowager ice queen” hahahahaha!


      i think she takes the “national bahu” role very seriously.

  32. M at | | Reply

    the saree in itself isnt bad…its the blouse and the draping which are aging her…
    but still a big yayyy to Aish for finally breaking away from glittering stone encrusted gold/silver toned outfits AND for weaing a saree and not those ridiculous capes which are now called anarkalis ……:)) you are moving in the right direction girl :)

  33. JustMe at | | Reply

    I think the choice of the design for the arms is not going to change until the arms reduce…. so forget about commenting on that…. I like the appearance of the waist although! See there are changes and they are comming in slowl! Hope to see a more confident Ash soon!
    Apart from the necklace, I like the look.

  34. archana at | | Reply

    *Shudders* guess one can’t buy style/ taste!

  35. Tru at | | Reply

    And the sleeves! Cant get past them!

  36. neha at | | Reply

    This is sahara parivar uniform rehashed couture style

  37. Rii at | | Reply

    This is a big no but I’ll give her props just for draping the sari as it should be. I’m tired of seeing bling-bang Manish Malhotra saris, hideous Sabyasachi saris and those transparent gaudy saris most female actors wear these days. Not only do they wear these atrocious stuff but they just don’t know how to drape a sari. The most recent one – Priyanka Chopra. A beautiful sari with a small blouse and draped so low that it takes away the elegance of a sari.

  38. Coffee at | | Reply

    i cant believe this is the same AshRai that wore bikini blouses 0.o (not that that was any better, haha)

  39. Teespeak at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful! I quite like the look. A welcome change from the bright colors she usually wears.

  40. flowerintherain at | | Reply

    just look at the face….enough to forget everything.

  41. Shallu at | | Reply

    I always liked Aishwarya but this is just too much…….I don’t have much against the saree (minus blouse) but come on , she should know how to wear it and how to carry it well. Poepel don’t look only at her beautiful face, they also expect her to carry herself well. Pity that she turns up at an event like this.

  42. Trisha at | | Reply

    It’s gotta be the fringe!! (Cringe!!)

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