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  1. navya at | | Reply

    I loved the other sari and I love this one too. So classy. Aishwarya, although I am not a fan looks radiant here.

  2. RS at | | Reply

    LOVE ! She looks so beautiful and the sari looks nice.

  3. olala at | | Reply

    nice hair finally!

    (i am one of the fans)

  4. ss at | | Reply

    Just the right touch for the right occasion! This is a jute silk saree, awesome!

  5. rina at | | Reply

    She has been looking lovely of late. I still can’t get over the Oscars. And Ash looks really good in saris too

  6. rds at | | Reply

    love temple border sarees.. classic ..and the color looks good on her.

  7. MSR at | | Reply

    yeah she looked radiant and I feel she has worn this necklace before can someone enlighten here.

    The Vishwa Kannada Samellan was not in Bangalore but was in Belguam

  8. CK at | | Reply

    Love kanjeevaram sarees on Aishwarya. She wears them well.

    1. Debarati Dutta at | | Reply

      I don’t think this is a kanjivaram. It is either a jute silk or a dyed bhagalpuri tussar. I saw very similar designs in the latter 2 fabrics recently.

  9. Star at | | Reply

    Love the whole look

  10. annie at | | Reply

    ash has started to look like Shahnaaz Husain with the big hair and tons of eyeliner.

    1. karishma at | | Reply

      this is a really mean comment. ash looks billions and trillions times better than that shahnaz. there is no comparison.

    2. saffron at | | Reply

      hardly, with the hair! you are too catty.

      1. saffron at | | Reply

        as for the eyeliner, more like kareena kapoor.

      2. kvgmatri at | | Reply

        Actually yes, the 3rd pic does make her look like Shahnaz Hussain. But otherwise amazing saree and she looks lovely. Wish she had tied up her hair. And added some jasmine flowers – would have completed the look!

    3. Salma at | | Reply

      Totally agree! Looks exactly like that Shahnaaz. ash should cut her hair and dye it black.

  11. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    She looks lovely; she’s starting to have that full, Hindu-goddess beauty that Hema Malini had back in the day.

  12. V at | | Reply

    I love Kancheevaram sarees…and she looks really good hear. The color is great on her.

    1. V at | | Reply

      Sorry here*

  13. Steph at | | Reply

    Awestruck with her beauty. I love Kanjeevaram sarees on her. Always. Yay! from me.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      ditto. and its perfect for the occassion ! wish she wld dress up more like this.

  14. se at | | Reply

    looking nice

  15. anou at | | Reply

    Ash is looking absolutely gorgeous, feminine and elegant here. The colour really makes her glow.

  16. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    Love, love, love!! Simply South – Simply Stunning!!

  17. saffron at | | Reply

    Happy inside, glowing on the outside. But oooofff – the cap sleeves suggest middle-age, mutton chop arms! All in all, nice get-up.

    1. karishma at | | Reply

      the cap sleeves hardly suggest middle age, she is simply wearing those sleeves as they were appropriate for the event.

  18. anoushka at | | Reply

    Ash is looking like a goddess in this lovely sari.

  19. Zara at | | Reply

    The color palette of the sari is astounding – I’ve always thought that Indian clothes look amazing when they incorporate jewel tones. I’m thankful that more celebrities are beginning to wear traditional silks as opposed to the gaudy sheer georgette sarees that certain designers constantly churn out.

  20. dn at | | Reply

    Gorgeous, radiant and perfect! She truly looks like a goddess. Excellent choice for the event.
    I have a Kanchi style jute silk in similar shades and they look awesome when worn.
    And I know people may get irritated with this comment, but I so wish she was at the Oscars in this attire. She looks good sometimes in gowns too, but at the Oscars she was just one of the many in gowns. This would have stopped people in their tracks.

  21. Amanat at | | Reply

    The sari and blouse are nice. But the makeup is so caked on…she needs to wear less makeup now that she is getting old.

  22. piyali at | | Reply

    Those temple borders running almost till the neck spoils the sari and moreover a red blingy pallu to a pink sari…eeks! she is wearing way too much jewelry… the earrings and necklace are anything but good. small jhumkas could have elevated the look… the big stone dial on the necklace almost looks like she is wearing a gents wrist watch on her neck…

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