In Manish Malhotra


Considering she is just recovering from an illness (per Abhishek’s tweet), Ms. Rai looks quite nice in her Manish Malhotra sari but her ironed hair is not working for me and neither is the red scalloped edge of the sari. On the other hand, A.B. Jr. looks so dapper in his grey suit and slight stubble.


Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai at Nandita Mahtani’s Brother’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • the ONLY thing i like about this picture is her saree, she looks like she must be in her late 50s but obviousley she isnt……

  1. She is recovering from an illness, so considering that, she looks good.
    Yes, some problems here and there, but she looks great for a convalescent.

    Abhi looks super cute. Are they the same blue shoes again?

  2. Also her face looks different kinda of like someone stretched and tighten it horizontally or maybe its the middle part? Just looks weird!

  3. I think this look really ages her .. Abhi looks so young compared to her .. the saree is ugly .. and is that a red velvet blouse? ew .. she is gorgeous but her taste not so much!

  4. What’s wrong with looking old?
    I think that we (especially as females) shouldn’t perpetuate the ridiculous expectation we hold over women to look 18 forever. I say that if she looks old, that’s a good thing- it means that she’s avoided surgical intervention. It must be difficult for a women of her beauty to loose some of that as she ages; that’s why Botox is so popular.
    Reminds me of Mary Robinson’s poem “Ode to Beauty”
    Anyway, I hope she’s feeling better. The saree is meh, and I’m a fan of the bigger hair but it’s not her worst. I have a total soft spot for Abhi- and I love a man in a good suit. Although his tie is rather large.

    • Thank you. We’ll praise women with obvious plastic surgery who try to look younger desperately but diss women who age without intervention. We are our worse enemy.

      Aishwarya looks unwell still and maybe should have stayed at home recovering.

    • Well said pdaervo. It’s weird how quickly we judge someone who goes under the knife but at the same time are brutal to someone who is aging the natural way.

    • I almost always agree with you and more so here. There is nothing wrong in looking your age. Unfortunately, very few people have the maturity to understand that.
      Don’t like the saree but her face looks very peaceful…Abhi looks awesome here :)

    • Hear hear about the age thing… I’m over 30, and I must say, I’ve never been more confident of myself! I dress for myself now, and have the money to do it… it wasn’t always that way when i was younger…None of the insecurities plague me anymore, apart from the occasional “does my butt look fat”, which husband refuses to answer! ;)

    • I totally agree with you, I admire those celebrities who don’t choose the plastic surgery route. Especially since they’re being watched all the time, and it’s so easy to get botox.

    • pdaervo – love your comment! agreed!
      it’s sad the number of comments that say ‘oh she looks so old’
      i’m not aishwarya fan but big props to her for staying away from artificial youth…as much as i love sridevi, i feel like she’s gone way over the top there. her gorgeous face is starting to look frozen
      anyway i like the sari – and sure she looks tired, but she is sick so definitely not bad

      and yep nothing beats a man in a good suit
      though the blue shoes are a tad too quirky for me! hehe

    • Surgical intervention hardly stops someone looking old, it usual makes them look worse, and just plastic/strange, if they are lucky it makes them look a little nicer.

      Ash looks strange here, Agree with SHI, her face looks stretched, maybe the awful hair makes it worse.

      Saree is okay, but don’t like the red border either.

      ABHI looks good, u see since both are same age, ABHI is at that age now (mid 30s) where men start to look their best ever.
      Unfortunetly ASH is at the age (mid 30s) where a womans most “beautiful-fresh looking” years are behind them, so now we are going to finally start seeing ABHI looking better than even her at times, a few years back it seemed she was too good-looking for him.
      I hope that makes sense! :)

      There is nothing wrong with getting older, or looking it, but when you marry a guy who looks younger and is, you are bound to get these “she looks old” comments. We live in a world where people naturally expect the woman to LOOK younger.

  5. eek, she looks terrible. The saree isn’t working at all. So filmy. Is that a velvet halter blouse? Double negative.
    Abhi looks dashing. Should have worn a different pair of shoes though.

  6. I think Abhishek looks good but that tie and those shoes need to go ASAP. Ash looks like she always does. In this case, not liking the hair color or the translucent sari with the blouse showing thru! she should’ve worn a big red bindi and large diamond earrings and skipped that necklace.

  7. Abhishek looks nice, he is getting handsome day by day.
    While Aishwarya is aging very fast/gaining weight from last 1 year.
    Inthis pic her hair is too ironed and dont like red velvet blouse.

  8. Ash looks washed out.Her illness maybe.But the makeup is dull.The dull white saree at a wedding looks to use the phrase again -‘washed out’. Why is one eyebrow so much higher than the other?

  9. She is looking very beautiful. I dont see her looking old. As far her flat hairs are concerned, she came to this event after a shooting a song for action replay where she is sporting this hairstyle. She is still recovering and started working from friday.

  10. Hey People…
    Wat’s wrong with u all ?? & where does this issue of age comes from..i remember in an article she said, she would love to age grace fully..she won’t go under a knife 2 maintain her face…
    so i think she (despite being il) looks pretty in that tacky MM saree..l

  11. if i was a hindi serial addict, i would totally think aish was my style icon. she personifies the “good tv serial bahu” look. ick.

  12. I so agree with pdaervo,
    If we all fail to forget she is 36 years old. She looks lovely and her age. I think the saree is well carried off and as for the hair, i like it.

    She looks stunning,
    And if she can look like this while she is down with such a major flu ..
    it says it all !

  13. Ash looks super stunning. I love the look. Her lips (specially the upper one) look fatter. But then, she was sick and I heard she just suffered from swollen lips and some other throat problem. Considering that, I have to bow before Ash! She’s the ultimate Indian fashion icon! Love Love Loveeee her! And Abhishek is also looking great these days. I love him here too but the blue shoes weren’t the best choice! But still very good! They both look cute together! :D

    Ash’s hairstyle would’ve been better but can’t say anything because she carries it off well with elan. MM has done a very good job this time around. I love the edge of the sari as well. Awesome look. 9/10

  14. If she would stop packing on excessive eye-shadow, over-tweezing the brows and constantly attacking her hair with those horrible red dyes, the worst flu in the world couldn’t put a damper on her beauty. I’m serious.

    When she arrives for public events I’m always amused to see her stepping out of the airport with very little make-up, normal clothes and jetlagged but still looking positively RADIANT, while later at the actual event she’ll wear the blingiest outfit, garish make-up and fried hair and look less than 1% as beautiful as she did just hours earlier, despite having the best stylists working on her. It’ll be an eternal mystery to me as to why her stylists don’t understand that she looks better the less make-up she wears.

    Also, I think even a simple sari with no embellishments would look nicer than a Manish Malhotra, if only because it would be a welcome change on *anyone*, not just Aish.

    • totally totally agree with you Prem Rogue!!
      i cannot for the life of me understand why do her stylist not understand that Aish’s beauty lies in her simplicity!!
      I am not an Aish fan but I do think she is extremely pretty in real life but why do her stylists insist on hiding that beauty behind loads of make-up and blingy tacky clothes!!

  15. well, I never thought she would look like celina jetley, but she does. The whole thing just falls flat. Abhishek looks adorable though.

  16. completely agree with pdaervo. And may I add so what if sometimes she looks ‘older’ than her husband? Is ‘older guy-younger looking wife’ the formula for a good relationship/ marriage.

  17. I actually do quite like the scalloped edges on the saree….makes yet another sequined saree stand out. Love the colour combination…red & white.

  18. I like the look at first glance but the blouse is horrendous. It looks like a red bra. Abhishek looks dapper like someone said – thats the only way to describe it!

  19. Just knowing she was sick makes it more obvious that she looks a bit peaky and has no colour. Even the random burst of bronzer isn’t helping.. the sari’s a bit… but she looks nice!

  20. I wish she had not succumbed to MM, but I will say that this sari isn’t as garish as most of his creations. For being sick, Ash looks pretty good indeed! And Abhi looks quite dreamy in that suit :)

  21. The saree looks like one of those hanging on linking road. Utterly cheap and rubbish looking. Scalloped border, velvet, not to mention the cheap embroidery! Are u guys the same ppl who loved Lisa Haydon’s photoshoot?! She maybe an ex-Miss World, but her style is RUBBISH! Open your eyes to reality people!

  22. Wow! This is the nicest she has looked in a long time! No tacky colours, just a nice cream and red sari, makeup looks subtle (from what I can see in this picture), her hair is different from her usual blowout. She’s basically given us whatever we’ve been asking for from her previous appearances! Why would you NOT like this??

  23. I don’t think she looks old I like the flat ironed look, its how she used to do her hair and how a lot of young people always do their hair on a daily basis. I can’t live without my flat iron and only do curls/big hair when I’m going out, but because the only times we see these stars are when they’re out, it’s a nice change to see them with sleek straight hair.

  24. She looks a little keona Mithra in the first photo…and I know that’s being extremely mean. ;) hehehehe

    Do not like her hair, makeup, sari…nothing works…not even the young looking hubby Abhisekh can salvage her this time :P

  25. Old?? Are you kidding me?? She looks too good for a 36-yr-old, that too when one is sick and got swollen lips! I love her eyebrows! I always thought only symmetrical faces are beautiful, but here you have the most beautiful woman with asymmetrical face!! That shape won’t suit you unless you’re the MBW in the world, or at least one of them!

  26. ash is a woman with class n elegance… I’ve tremendous respect for the woman… infact i think she makes all of us proud :-) ..
    I loved her here, though her face looks a bit swollen n tired, mab due to the medication….
    WE LOVE U ASH !!!

  27. Please give her a break people. She’s so sick. Let her get well and then you can resume your bashing. I simply love her sari and love her make up too! :D She’s looking lovely.

    And as per her hair, she came straight from the sets of her film “Action Replayy”, so she didn’t change her hairstyle. So please stop complaining…She looks stunning and Abhishek is too cool sans those blue shoes! But, What a couple!!! Ahhh Lovely!! xD


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