1. OMG.. She looks amazing.. diff look.. diff hair than yesterday… i think she finally got a good stylist after 15 years of disastrous dressing!

  2. Isn’t is d same dress which Bips is wearing (last blog , 2 nd pic) ..both are luking gr8 ,however Mrs. Bachchan lifted (??)eyebrow says something “I’m improving “… I guess so !!!

  3. Hair not that great in this one. The dress looks good although the bust seems a little small. Also like the shoe that is peeking under the dress. Ash always has good foot wear.

    Abhi is looking good. Maybe he is finally loosing weight.

  4. She looks absolutely breathtaking in these pictures!Only she has the ability to make everyone around her look so ordinary!

  5. Ash is really looking amazing in this dress. Don’t much care for the hair but the earrings and the whole look is very put together. She is not taking any chances with a very matchy-matchy look but when she is looking this good, who are we to complain.

  6. Ash is gorgeous as ever. Can someone please tell her husband to have a shave and do away with all his bow-ties? He looks like a butler.

  7. Not the best styling, but much better than in the first day, and she looks slimmer.
    She looks a little like Angelina Jolie in the second pic.

  8. Priyanka, I have to give Ash her due this time because even though it’s her favorite color beige or whatever it is, she looks good and better than Bips. However, I have to comment on her HAIR style. It seems like her hair stylist ran out of time as she was in a hurry so just left it halfway through……..I give a thumbs up to the dress but a thumbs down to the hairstyle which she could’ve done an old hollywood style on the top and perhaps rolled back the bottom part of her hair.

    or something like nicole kidman’s hairstyle in one of the award ceremonies where she wore a blue gown with peacock feather on it…her hairstyle was good in that dress.

    ash disappointed me with the hairstyle this time.

  9. She looks great! But I wish she wears something INDIAN for the Jodhaa Akbar showing or whatever Indian movie showing there will be…

  10. Now THIS I can appreciate, it’s much better than the black dress. Looking very good. I kinda like the hair actually. It reminds me a bit of Marion Cotillard Gaultier dress at the Oscars this year (the one who won Best Actress), minus the fish-scales.

    Why does Abhi always look so bored and suffering from lack of sleep?

  11. love it. she looks great, for a change. i mean she’s beautiful & stunning in anything…but definitely needs help w/fashion. she got it right this time.

    and btw, love this blog too…just found it. nice job

  12. Kool
    this dress and accessories r really good only mismatch is the person(AB ka Baby) with her….
    cant do any thing…….just hope she improves her taste hence forth
    But really man in this dress she really really ……..looks good

  13. YAAAAYYYYYYYYYY ! She’s got 100% approval comments ! Atleast till now !

    She looks like sex on toast ! Both sides buttered !

  14. They both look great and why not, it is biggest show in town. however have you all notice that Ash Rai is sooooooo coquettish/flirtatious with the European press than she is with the Indian press …. She seems more defensive and distance with the Indian media. Why is that?

  15. Easy answer. The Indian media bashes her constantly. Whereas the European media appreciates her beauty, grace and elegance. There is no hidden agenda with the them.

  16. I think she’s giving the way the respective presses like. Maybe European press is more open, and if she had done the same with Indian press, they would be harsh on her more than they already are.
    It’s nice to be in your own country, but sometimes the cultural boundries and expectations could make you aware of everything you do or say. Maybe she’s living her moment and having fun.

  17. …well the Indian press hasn’t necesarily been nice to her; and I agree with Carol, the European press does apreciate her a great deal more.

  18. I am in love with this dress.Aishwarya carries it off with so much elegance and style..love the heels,the earings,the subdued make up-everything is perfect. She really does look stunning.

  19. She’s finally looking as good as she can. Infact she looks even better in the black Roberto Cavalli dress…great hair, understated jewellery, fab makeup. After years of disastrous Neeta Lulla outfits (who wears them???), this was a welcome change.

  20. oh my God…it looks like a nighty…so undergarments at events is acceptable..and why is ash so insistent on showing us her non existant cleavage

  21. i think this is my fave red carpet look of hers in Cannes. how’d she get her cleavage so great?! some kind of invisible push up that i want!!!!


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