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  1. dn at | | Reply

    The Bengali avatar is adorable!!! Would love to see a photo with the details. I love the saree. And she looks so beautiful with the hair tied back, I don’t know why she has to leave it almost at every event.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      agreed, love the bengali look. The tied up hair, the bindi, the bangles -everything ! She and jaya bacchan and popularizing it all over india..and i am loving it !

      And the green look i dislike mainly because of the orange hair !!

      1. Clueless at | | Reply

        I dont think she has orange hair.. seems like her hair photographs really badly in bright lights. Notice the contrast in the two pics?

    2. Manny at | | Reply

      Agree and the second pics looks exactly like her character from “Devdas”………

  2. KS at | | Reply

    really? i loved the green saree. A little old school gorgeous saree. She looks good in both.

    1. SM at | | Reply

      I like the green saree as well. I wonder if it is aari work?

      1. KS at | | Reply

        could be.. aari on the saree how gorgeous. just wanted to rhyme silly me :)

  3. parveen at | | Reply

    beautiful!!!! so so beautiful!!

  4. SM at | | Reply

    She is looking very adorable. I am a big fan of tied hair so a big thumbs up :)

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    I am so tired of that hair color – it distracts me from the rest of the look.

  6. Amber at | | Reply

    The top part of her (in Bengali avatar) reminds me so much of Deepika… I don’t know if it’s the hair, smile or pose…

    1. Jay at | | Reply

      Yes defo the hair… Deepika has been wearing that hair all year!

  7. romi at | | Reply

    Aish looks like she is wearing the saree out of which rani cut out a skirt to wear!!!! tee hee…

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    Somehow i still prefer the green sari though it’s all too busy. She seems to be glowing in that one. how beautiful does she look in the second pic. <3

  9. bongbabe at | | Reply

    is aishwariya in the movie? no. i’m confused by her “in character” appearance in the red/white sari. if she isnt in the movie, then isnt it quite rude to do this?

    as for the green mess, it looks like a sofa upholstry shop threw up on her. no surprises or comments there. the red/white outfit looks very “staged”, like she is playing “dress up”. oh wait, she is.

    1. gyn at | | Reply

      Why ‘rude’??

      1. Belle at | | Reply

        it was in kolkata…so she was actually being “nice” and dressing up the bong way.

        say for example, if the cast of singh is king went to promote their movie in Punjab and if Twinkle wore a punjabi suit…that will not be rude, but a nice gesture on her behalf.

    2. meenaxi at | | Reply

      i agree completely. she shud not try to steal the limelight by her in character show ups if she is not in the movie. in fact she is trying to look lik deepika with her bun and pose.

      1. Carol at | | Reply

        Rubbish. Her mother in law is Bengali and Aishwarya has done Bengali characters in movies. In the past, she has worn a Bangali sari to events too so there is no trying to look like Deepika.

        It is respectful to the people of the city to wear their traditional clothes not considered being rude.

        1. Anita at | | Reply

          disagree. she’s wearing bengali saris because of the movie, not West Bengal.

  10. ms. meow at | | Reply

    Totally on an aside – she looks so good that she upstages the main cast members. Just to be fair, she should have toned the look down so that ppl notice the actual heroine instead of her. She looks great though, and honestly, the Indian avatar is her forte.

  11. amanpreet at | | Reply

    I am absolutely loving the bong look and ash is looking radiant in the green saree.But what i most admire about ash is that she is one of those very few actresses who always wears a saree perfectly and the way a saree should be draped.I m sick of actresses draping sarees in a way that takes away all the elegance away from it.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      ditto. No boob show, pleats properly done, decent blouses, pallu right at knee length. She wears her sarees well.

      1. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

        BINGO!…honestly she looks good…at least she didn’t do the one boob look..

  12. amanpreet at | | Reply

    And this comment is specially for payal mam and priyanka mam. i have been fortunate enough to see ash in real life two years back. and believe me she is more stunning off screen. I would have never this thing for anyone but after seeing her in person , i can say confidently that she is soo gorgeous and stunning that when u meet her u actually would not even pay attention to what she is wearing.I may sound like an obssesssed fan but i m not being biased.She is totally worth it!

    1. duh at | | Reply

      one of my friends has also seen her and she doesn’t like Aish at all and thinks, she is even less beautiful in person. anyway different ppl different opinions.

      as u said, she’s gorgeous and stunning, and she would look so, no matter what she wears. i think most of us are only commenting on her taste/choice of clothing as she has globe trotted with designers at her disposal. i don’t expect much from Aish in terms of style/taste (rather lack of). however, i like both of the looks here. they somehow remind me of Jaya Bachchan, and so do some of her salwar kameez looks.

      1. purple at | | Reply

        Well, seeing as her Mother-in-law is Bengali, isn’t it possible that she gifted her the sarees/suits? And she’s just wearing them because she likes the gifts?

        1. duh at | | Reply

          yes, that’s what i was hinting. but since i am not sure, i just left it at that.

    2. uumema at | | Reply

      @amanpreet…i have also been fortunate enough to see aishwarya rai and abhishek at France airport in the mid of 2007….honestly aishwarya rai bachan is nothing like the most beautiful woman of india…i could not even recognized her(even though she was wearing makeup) than my cousin said “stupid cant you see abhishek with her” …she is no doubt beautiful but not beautiful enough that she doesn’t need designer clothes and makeup…everything she appears on screen is due to makeup and photoshoping…and honestly i lost respect for all celebrities because they all look gorgeous on screen just because of camera,lights, photoshoping,makeup and make us believe on something that doesn’t even exist!!im saying this because i’ve seen some other famous celebrities aswell.

      1. KayAar at | | Reply

        I have worked backstage for several of her fashion shows when she started as a model. She is stunning in real life. I have seen her with and without make-up.

      2. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

        I think if we all had the same access to that much moolah and so many experts, we’d all look fabulous…

  13. twinkly at | | Reply

    LOVEEEEEE both her sareess!

  14. sassy_girl at | | Reply

    I think she rocks in green saree more than bengalli one..

  15. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

    also she’s resembling the dreaded soap opera stars with the busy sarees

  16. priya at | | Reply

    i actually think both her outfits are amazing. i love the green sari but overall it looks too busy with that blouse. a simpler blouse would have elevated that look in a subtle way. the bong look is awesome too!!! :)

  17. shilly at | | Reply

    really like both these Neeta Lulla sarees!! happy to see Ash is Neeta’s sarees again!!

  18. SK at | | Reply

    Absolutely love it! She’s one of the best dressed women ever.

  19. Myla at | | Reply

    Although I’m all for popularising traditonal/ regional Indian sarees I do agree that wearing it the Bengali way (unless she WAS Bengali herself) seems a bit rude to Deepika and the other women cast members of the movie.

    1. purple at | | Reply

      I think it would have been rude IF Deepika was wearing sarees in the Bengali style to promote the movie. She didn’t do that though. She’s been wearing her own stuff to promote the movie…so Aishwarya is not raining on their parade.

  20. voldemort at | | Reply

    i wait patiently for the day when aish wears a minidress.

  21. SS at | | Reply

    gorgeous in the bong look however do not understand why she is showing up in this avatar so much recently. the green saree a bunch of good things put together to look bad…


  22. saristyle at | | Reply

    lovely :)

  23. AnnMMMM at | | Reply

    a less busy blouse with the green saree would have worked wonders!

    I absolutely love the fact that she is promoting the traditional sarees- with or without malice….

  24. olala at | | Reply

    she is either outright gorgeous or downright dowdy. never just meh.

    how does she do it?

    1. SK at | | Reply

      And “Outright gorgeous” 95% of the time! :)

      1. mary at | | Reply

        and the fact that she’s managed to do it for almost 20 years now is no mean feat.

  25. amy at | | Reply

    I like both the looks..but the sure winner is the Bengali one..she looks adorable and perfect..everything thing in place..the hair,the make up,the accessories and just LOVE the saree..its very nice..hope to see her in this avatatr again post KHJJS…
    On the other hand i think no one can handle a sober saree and a gaudy saree so well so perfectly..she complements the sarees..she has surely become an icon for the traditional lovers…thumbs up for it..

  26. akaa at | | Reply

    Is it just me .. or did she go to the ‘boroplus’ awards in a saree the exact same color of a Boroplus tube???
    That can’t be intentional .. can it??

  27. shivani at | | Reply

    ASH looks the BEST in Neeta Lullas designs..!

  28. anne at | | Reply

    devdas hangover!!!!

  29. ss at | | Reply

    She looks like she’s going to turn into a snake (a la Mallika Sherawat) in that blouse (green sari). Bong look is great.

  30. for hhc at | | Reply

    Why does ash always do a major dress up in hubby’s movie pewmiers? Anyone noticed? Trying to be one up over the leading lady?

  31. vee at | | Reply

    Actually I like the green better. That shade really suits her. It’s not THAT busy IMO.

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