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  1. KJ at | | Reply

    She makes Tabu looks wayyyy better. *oww my eyes*

    1. reshma at | | Reply

      DITTO !

      1. arpitha d at | | Reply

        seeing tabu after seeing her made me go wow, tabu looks so nice and she could pull of her look so easily. shweta’s dress also looks nice, compared to this.
        How could aishwarya pick such a dress or whatever it is.

  2. aquagreen at | | Reply

    wow this is BAAADDD! and i love long length kamizes!

  3. Aly at | | Reply

    That face is too gorgeous that I don’t mind the clothers!

    1. Jay at | | Reply

      Oh please. In that case she shouldn’t be on a fashion blog because her face is a get out of jail card. Unless you’re commenting on her makeup-face is not relevant.x

  4. SS at | | Reply

    yes it is way too overwhelming. such a busy print plus the length plus the hair. too much going on.

  5. tosh at | | Reply

    oh gawd my eyes r sore!

  6. aalia at | | Reply


  7. Shina at | | Reply

    I feel relly bad for aishwarya, wow, never thought that could happen. Why o why?

  8. Kanika at | | Reply

    WHY? Just, WHY?

  9. Shina at | | Reply

    Sorry, I meant really

  10. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    Abu-Sandeep do make some pretty clothes, but their looks almost never work in Ash. They seem to love putting her in their most unworkable outfits. Ash should just give up on them, and they should continue dressing Dimple and Twinkle, who look amazing in their (more subtle) outfits.

    1. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

      *on Ash

    2. akaa at | | Reply

      true that … absolutely correct!!

  11. Zak at | | Reply

    She is getting back in shape great

  12. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Somehow i absolutely love this!

  13. tina at | | Reply

    What? I don’t even. There’s nothing to say about this atrocity.

  14. mk at | | Reply

    this is the ugliest maxi i ever seen.

  15. reshma at | | Reply

    lol….I thought it was pineapples and bananas on the dress.

  16. just me at | | Reply

    That face is is just beautiful. The outfit needs to be burnt at the stake!

  17. akaa at | | Reply

    this is baaad!!! … by the way, i dont even think this is a maxi … i saw pictures on other site.. she seems to wearing churidaars beneath this..

  18. oasis at | | Reply

    nice carpet!

    1. Kiwi at | | Reply

      Not even good as a carpet !

      1. SushiQ at | | Reply


  19. Tehi at | | Reply

    Looking at all the outfits that people wore to this bash, i’ve come to the conclusion I really don’t like AJ-SK’s clothes.

  20. dn at | | Reply

    I really think Abu-Sandeep have something against Aishwarya. They always manage to make her look heavier than she actually is. This is the worst ever “thing” she has worn.

  21. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks awful. In another pic she is wearing a churidaar underneath this maxii, so the long kameez is a disaster. Wish she had selected a saree, she would have looked better.

  22. sue9a at | | Reply


  23. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Agree…Tabu somehow worked her look. Nothin abt this is flattering on Ash

  24. Farrah at | | Reply

    someone’s attending an Antillean party!

  25. Roni at | | Reply

    Disappointment….Ash can do so much better, the outfit has completely swallowed her…I must say Tabu is also wearing a heavy print kameez but she fairs so much better than Ash. of late, Tabu looks amazingly ravishing !!! I hope Tabu makes a ‘bollywood comeback’ soon !!!

  26. A at | | Reply

    I don’t know why but everytime this woman makes a public appearance it excites me. But this dress is horrible. I love Aish, but c’mon nobody should be wearing this. There’s too much going on in the dress, way too many colors. Abu-Sandeep are not good designers. I think she wears their clothes because she feels she has to whenever she’s at their event. She should boycott them.

  27. usha at | | Reply

    makes me want to cry…..and out of pity that is

  28. DJ at | | Reply

    i don’t know why, but Abu-Sandeep outfits don’t seem to suit Aishwarya. They’re much too blingy for her. And they always wrap her in heavy loads and yards of fabric. And most don’t do justice to her shape. I’d much rather prefer Aish in a Sabyasachi outfit. I love the earthiness of Sabyasachi’s outfits on Aish. :) y/y?

  29. psudo at | | Reply

    I think ash looked fab in this abu sandeep sherwani.Some outfits look way better in person than in photograph this just happens to be one of them.

  30. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    Isn’t it common sense to not wear heavily worked clothes when you are heavy yourself?

  31. vee at | | Reply

    color combination not working on her. blusher too dark.

  32. asha at | | Reply

    Honestly I wouldn’t wear this even if someone paid me to.

  33. RS at | | Reply

    Why can’t you hire a stylist Aishwariya? WHY???

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