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  1. meera at | | Reply

    hate those denims ….

  2. stylo at | | Reply

    c’mon guys….she’s just back form world tour, with ahem ishtylish shaapping waapping

  3. Madhu at | | Reply

    I think Aishwarya is looking just about okay – I don’t really like the color of those jeans at all. She escapes just because she is Ash, clothes don’t define that beautiful a woman, but in terms of a fashion statement, lacking. But on another HUGE aside, who is that woman with her and why is she wearing that monstrosity…the earrings, those beads, that chain emphasizing her waist, and YIKES, the length of that dress. People should wear what “really” looks great on them, not what they “think” will look great on them.

  4. malini at | | Reply

    after all the makeup and galore.. she just wanted to take a day off.. forgiven

  5. nik at | | Reply

    she is looking so lovely..

    Ash that is

  6. nik at | | Reply

    and what makes you think she only got the bag now? i have seen candid pix of her with the bag before..

  7. anita at | | Reply

    she looks fresh and relaxed. dont like the denims, but she looks lovely all the same.. her hair seems a bit shorter too. who is that scary woman with her?

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the denims
    very on trend with those
    HATE the bag…but the overall look is very fresh and comfy :)

  9. ekta at | | Reply

    ok lv, very tacky and ghetto and whatever with her she has no style just a face

  10. Karishma at | | Reply

    Ash’s “style” is nothing to write home about. She has face and that’s about it. BTW I loved the same denims on Cameron Diaz, but then she has such a sunny smile that she looks effortlessly stylish!

    @ Madhu — hehe, that huge aside is Anna Singh, designer (yes i hv a hard time believing that job description too)

  11. crab at | | Reply

    This woman has the worst taste in clothes. That ill-fitting top, sky-blue denims, same ol’ boring makeup…arrrgh. What does she do with all the money?

  12. Aarthi at | | Reply

    honsetly I dont think its too bad. She looks very casual, nothing extra-ordinary. Maybe its nothing to write home about, but its definitely not a “horrible” choice or anything!!

  13. J at | | Reply

    I like it. She is looking fresh. Its good to see her in something other than dark jeans and jackets that she wore all during her unforgettables trip.

  14. deewani at | | Reply

    colored denim is gonna a be a new trend…i read that in glamour… so i guess its ok..looks good on her… but anna singh.. if she can work as a designer… than i can be much much better … now m seriously considering career change lolz

  15. mia at | | Reply

    it’s hard to believe that anna singh is a very very successful stylist. she even works with hrithik roshan. i’m so flummoxed that she gets to hang out with him and the only time i saw him was through a sea of people and his body guards weren’t letting anyone come close. i agree with deewani that maybe a career change is in order :)

  16. Diva at | | Reply

    Those are J & Company Colored jeans.. Cameron Diaz has already worn those..

  17. K at | | Reply

    I actually like the sky blue denims! They’re funky, cool, and look diff’t from the usual. And Aishwariya looks radiant and comfortable! Like I said earlier, it’s always a pleasure to see Rani/Preity/Ash at any event nowadays. I miss our early 00’s top actresses.. hehe.

  18. maya at | | Reply

    aishwarya would look far more beautiful if her face didn’t say ‘see how good i am but said see how good you are’.

    forgive the morning philosophy dose, but really, the bachhans all seem so self righteous. she’s got the right family alright.

  19. tina at | | Reply

    Ash wears way too much make-up. She’s always covered in layers of white foundation.

  20. nik at | | Reply

    well i never think ash ever looks like she is asking for people’s approval for her beauty..if you look as good as her and if you’ve spent all your life where people were in awe of your beauty, it won’t be a big deal.. its not like she only got beautiful recently

    unlike those actresses who recently lost weight or started getting attention or ones who recently got some tips or did a makeover..they’re the ones who look like they’re brandishing their clothes, style or look like ” HEY LOOK AT MEEEEE”..

  21. Surbhi at | | Reply

    dont like the denims.. dont hate it either.. somewhere in between.. she is looking like she just came from home.. hasnt put too much effort in her app

  22. Osho at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic. And I like the smile on her face. There are a few semi-celebrities who would try and throw attitude at cameras. She is not like that.

  23. jazz at | | Reply

    Well its just that Ash is a snob..and i dont blame her… The media has overrated her… “the most beautiful woman in the world!” ..Absurd! I see more beautiful women on the streets so often

  24. Adit at | | Reply

    OH GOD I love her, hate her dress sense…. what can you do??? Sack Nita Lulla for one, Hire F-I-L fav Indian Designer duo Abu- Sandeep and do a makeover…and change hairstyle….dont get me wrong, i think she has singularly changed perceptions of Indians abroad…but seriously Neeta Lulla needs to go

  25. anjani at | | Reply

    she looks stylish

  26. MD at | | Reply


  27. Thalassa at | | Reply

    Are coloured denims really set to make a comeback? Which means I’ll have to suffer seeing those monstrosities on the streets? Not that I’d ever wear a pair.

    Aish is very blah to me. Very, very blah. She’s just not interesting enough to provoke a reaction either way.

  28. Carol at | | Reply

    She looks casually cute and comfortable – not overly maked up or dressed up.

    BTW, if she was a snob, then you would always see her glammed up to look her best for the cameras. Instead I get the impression that she does not focus on how she looks clotheswise. It seems some people see what they want to see based on already formed opinions.

  29. lalmirchi at | | Reply

    I feel that after the level at which she is photographed at the international events ( Cannes, and so on ) attending a do like this would literally be having to go to someones house for coffee!
    And as for the bag, now one wouldn’t really swap bags when going over for coffee ;)
    in true Ash ishtyle….

  30. Raspberry at | | Reply

    She looks okay as such….just too casual. Everyone else is all dressed up. I wouldn’t mind Ash dressed like this casually with a different (better) top.

  31. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the outfit. It’s a nice casual. The blue jeans would look good in daylight I suppose. But anna sing is launching a store and she’s looking weird! What’s with that dress?

  32. saya at | | Reply

    I see purple and Orange denims on the racks now. This aint bad.

    I SOOOO agree with Nik’s comment.

  33. shoudev at | | Reply

    Adit, I totatlly agree with you, she has a beautiful
    face with bad dress sense. Wonder why– with all those designers, and the money

  34. anita at | | Reply

    her face doesnt look bloated anymore

  35. Monika at | | Reply

    Shes looking very casual and relaxed… has she lost weight??

  36. NOt A Sheep at | | Reply

    I totally agree with Nik.

  37. kav at | | Reply

    she’s got SUCH a beautiful face..but WHAT is she wearing?!! is that what u wear to a store launch?! she’s got the access n money to all those designers n yet she steps out dressed like that!

  38. Anjani at | | Reply

    come on guys….. she looks stunning in such simple wear.. she has it in her to carry such a simple wear with such grace.. she looks stunning!!!

  39. Adi at | | Reply

    she is one pretty face who is actually very nice…but alas her dress sense, style sense, interview sense, *cough* acting skills *cough…SIGH!!

  40. Bsimple at | | Reply

    In a scene from her movie Dil Ka Rishta..when she bumps into an Indian astrologer in a market in South Africa..she is wearing the same color denims/pants…wonder if these r the same ones! for real.. check it out! if so, then this pair is reallllyyy oldd….

  41. Nida at | | Reply

    I’m a major advocate of colored denims! this colors slightly odd, but I love it and i love how she played down her look it eccentuates her beauty… truly and no, I’m not an Aish sycophant.

  42. deepali at | | Reply

    i think she’s absolutely cool in such a simple wear… she can wear loose fitted clothing and yet manage to command attention!

  43. ananya_s at | | Reply

    she’s beeeeeautiful 4 sure!!bt wat i dnt like abt her is dat y cnt she go NATURAL 4 a change????????y does she need 2 go all smothered with kilos of make-up always?????
    a simple nonchalant bun or hair pulled bak, wid no make-up, jus kajal n lip gloss wd hv been so gd in dat humid weather!!

  44. Pinky at | | Reply

    she could wear anything and still b the most stunning person alive

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