In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


For the inauguration of give Kalyan Jewellers stores in Kerala, Aishwarya opted for a navy blue Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla anarkali. Compared to her previous AJSK picks, this one was relatively simpler, the operative word being relatively.

Picking up on the border the anarkali, a bold pink lip finished out her look.

I can’t say am a fan of the anarkali, but am loving the makeup and hairdo here.

P.S. She also attended a football match later and that’s where some of the pics are from.


Aishwarya Rai In Kerala


Aishwarya Rai In Kerala

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. P&P ladies please post more south Indian actress on the blog. Manju Warrier looks gorgeous in set saree and traditional jewellery; she potrays tradition and Aish modern for KJ in this pic. **Xoxo request from a dedicated reader since 2008 O:)

    • Not trying to be rude here.. but plz PnP, stop posting pics of regional actresses.. u r just focusing on south film industry n I would like to remind you that they are famous in south only and no body else know them or care about their clothes/fashion. And on top of that, they are not even dressing any better than Richa or Tara types of low budget movie actresses of Bollywood. I always end up scrolling through these posts where in you put some unknown face from south in their typical sari, gajra, gold jewellery. I am sure people from south can actually see those kind of people all around in their cities. Plz stop bombarding us with south-specific posts.. until of course if your major portion of readers is from south. In that case, I guess I’ll just have to shut my mouth & move on to some other bollywood specific fashion site.

      • Unfortunately, we aren’t going to stop featuring actors from the South. In fact, we will be starting to feature folks from East as well as and when we can get our hands on their pics. While we predominantly feature Bollywood, that isn’t our only focus. Never has been. We always have and will try feature everyone.

      • Lol. Regional, are you frickin kiddin me? Tamil & Telugu industry together is bigger than Bollywood. In terms of money & the number of movies it makes that is. When considering good films – Tamil, Bengali & Malayalam industry makes the best ones. They bag the highest number of awards internally & internationally. If not for South, there wont be a super star like Sridevi in Bollywood. Same goes for the legends like Hema malini or Rekha. Time to come out of your li’l cocoon I guess.

  2. I love her hair and makeup but hate these Abu sandeep outfits she wears! They do her no favors at all. She looks best in sabyasachi.

  3. This is such a welcome change from the previous AJSK looks. The short sleeves look so much better than the usually overworked long ones. The Hair and Makeup looks like it was meant for a different look, nevertheless at least she changed up the hair.

  4. This suit looks really ugly on her. Makeup is passable. Such a good looking woman with access to expensive designers but still an average result. Not sure where she is going wrong.


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