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  1. Sweta at | | Reply

    Do you think this is photoshopped? Her eyes looks a bit different..

  2. mj at | | Reply

    for all my ash-hating…she looks gorgeous ont he cover. maybe it has somethign to do with the fact that she is photoshopped and her bod doesn’t look like it usually does…flabby in all the wrong places and, that she doesn’t her “amma” expression that highlights her double chin :-)

  3. Aly at | | Reply

    It’s all about the face with Ash. That’s all these magazines have to highlight. She’s just too beautiful.

  4. dn at | | Reply

    I think she looks really good. But Verve could do so much better for a cover. There is no creativity in the cover at all.

  5. dn at | | Reply

    The earlier cover with Diane was so artistic.

  6. Nicole Singh at | | Reply

    Great picture!
    On a side note just wanted to know how many people view your website in a day. just curious….would like to know.

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she looks very…powerful
    I love the red and the curls, and how she looks sexy :) At first, I was sort of on the fence (I htought her expression was a bit strange) but now that I look at it, I have to say that I LOVE. Very powerful indeed, there is something very captivating aobut this very simple cover.

  8. Carol at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful and powerful – simple, classy and elegant.

    Love the gown.

    I’m sure the many are ready to nitpik and find fault. Let the games begin.

  9. EM at | | Reply

    Although I’m fairly ambivalent about the bow hanging off the side, I love this color on Aishwarya. She looks stunning. I wish she would wear more bold colors – those take her from beautiful to breathtaking!

  10. Addicted at | | Reply


  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    ahhhhhhhhhh…you know what it is? She’s not showing enough neck :) Ok, the rest of it I love.

  12. Enne at | | Reply

    she looks like she’s wrapped up like a christmas present

  13. HK at | | Reply

    WOW!! She looks amazing! love it!! :D

  14. Kav at | | Reply

    photoshopped or not looks really great…i just wish that bow wasn’t there….

  15. sony at | | Reply

    WOW …she looks grt

  16. Aly at | | Reply

    mj, I’d say this is Aishwarya’s weight. She doesn’t look model thin(thank goodness) but the weight we’ve seen her carrying for awhile now. That’s what I like about her!

  17. Soha at | | Reply

    the dress is nice n she looks good but whats that pose!!

  18. Lori at | | Reply

    I APPROVE. She looks gorgeous. She has gorgeous skin and that color suits her well. mj-jealous?? I KID, I agree, she does have a toning problem, maybe she’s been working out.

  19. Priya at | | Reply

    the whole look is very Christmasy

  20. lg_lko at | | Reply

    Wow!! I agree it’s Ash’s face that does the trick! With her..simpler you keep, better results you get!! Just amazing how her face glares at you between E and V of the cover! For unknown reasons this cover came as a surprise!!

  21. K at | | Reply

    It’s…. ok.

    Nothing impressive.

  22. suchi at | | Reply

    wow gorgeous, love her lip color

  23. SS at | | Reply

    The cover makes a powerful statement – she looks sensational (and VERY powerful), and the OTT detail on the dress actually works wonderfully as a feature of the picture.

  24. anon at | | Reply

    Who is she??She looks sooo much like Aishwarya..:):)

  25. Nick at | | Reply

    Nice cover.. i like (and i am not going to comment on how much or little photoshopped..because almost everything that appears on a mag is) I love the gold ring on her finger… the dress is brilliant..much better than the tacky red numbers

  26. Megha at | | Reply

    ash = gorgeous


  27. charan at | | Reply

    she looks good but she looks like a wrapped christmas gift… hate that dress.

  28. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    I just love the cover, I agree she really does look powerful and totally in control, very captivating. Simple, elegant and love the bow and the red color cos it makes a great statement:)

  29. emem at | | Reply

    she looks good..

    and verve people have good photoshoppers..

  30. Rani at | | Reply

    Amazing dress..I’m on the fence about Ash usually..but here she looks stunning..simple makeup compliments a dress like this ..less it more girls!

  31. annie at | | Reply

    she looks like a chrismas present in that dress. is that a candy in gold wrapper sitting on her finger?

  32. annies at | | Reply

    wow!!! look at that face…and that body! double wow!!

  33. sanam at | | Reply

    omg what a beauty! so totally gorgeous

  34. Nepali at | | Reply

    Love it, it’s hot.

  35. MacsIris at | | Reply

    Love it! She looks fab and ‘powerful’, I suppose thats why the- Red, power! But the pic is completely photo shopped! Age has begin to show on her face! even in her cannes pictures.

  36. bethfabulous at | | Reply

    well even if the photo is photoshopped (every mag cover, photoshoots are anyway(, she looks like herself, her eyes look like hers and other features.. at least she didn’t end up looking distorted or someone totally different that a lot of female celebs end up looking in these mag shoots

    its like with some mag covers and pictures, i spend a few minutes trying to figure out who they are.. “that Asin or Sonam or someone else”..

  37. monika at | | Reply


  38. Belle at | | Reply

    i think she looks grogeous…but her pose puts me off.

  39. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She should have worn this to Cannes. It is an amazing outfit, her face looks fantastic and she looks f.i.e.r.c.e.

  40. NJ at | | Reply

    The dress is beautiful (adore the exaggerated bow and the rich colour) and it looks stunning on Ash. The pic is photoshopped though…look carefully under the armpit (bare shoulder side)…that area was sagging during Cannes and looks supertoned now which is quite impossible in such a short time. That said, even the skinniest supermodel undergoes some amount of ‘work’ for magazine covers…the results should be worth it, and in Aishwarya’s case, it is!

  41. miz moonlight at | | Reply

    She looks nice… It’s a strong cover, more so because of the colour and the styling of the garment… However, I wish she hadnt painted her nails red… they are totally clashing with her dress… Maybe this time a nude colour would have looked much better than red nails…

  42. alina at | | Reply

    well this is the whole idea of photoshop and airbrushing becos she never looks this good

    1. majid ahmadzade at | | Reply

      You are right,but dont forget that she is beaytiful & you should admire her beayty.

  43. akaa at | | Reply

    She looks good.. but this cover is SO SO photoshopped!!
    Her face looks so different .. and her nose looks bigger..
    God, even Aishwarya needs photoshop to be on a cover..
    Why are these magazines so against “imperfect” beauty??

  44. Adit at | | Reply

    Fab, can you please tell me who did the make up and hair? Was it Mickey?

  45. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Love it! The colour really works for her!

  46. Anu at | | Reply

    Wow, they actually dropped the ‘R’ from VERVE for her!!

    Absolutely works for me. Its Simple, Elegant and Captivating.

  47. Hema at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous :) The cover is different from the usual covers she has done .

  48. siddharth at | | Reply

    For those wondering “is the pic photoshoped?” well thats the most dumb question anyone can ever ask, ofcourse its photoshopped.. even if she would have looked perfect it would have still been photoshopped,all pictures are always photoshopped for lighting or tone or other reasons.. But she is still the most beautiful woman on earth..

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  50. HK at | | Reply

    Hahahah @ siddharth…it’s true guys, there will definitely be some sort of adjustments made so why even wonder or bother to ask? Just take it as it is :)

  51. sue at | | Reply

    how beautiful is she…..!
    Red suits her… brings out the blue even more
    I’ve seen her in real life and she is even more gorgeous

  52. ena at | | Reply

    Its an amazing cover! well done Verve!!

  53. aman at | | Reply

    aish looks very nice.

  54. Sharin at | | Reply

    She looks WOW. Stunning. Great cover. I think covers should look like this.. if the woman is as beautiful as she is. Otherwise, yes you would def need more creativity as someone else put it. However I think this expression and pose def scream power in a very feminine and sexy way.

    Also, of course it’s shopped..every fashion magazine cover on the face of this earth is photoshopped I can guarantee you that much. Why do people only ask when it’s a picture of Ash? She really does look great in real life guys, stop trying to convince yourselves its just photoshop.. although God knows it would totally help me sleep better at night if I thought all these covergirls were only hot with photoshop :P Am glad that her features still look like her though, a lot of her Loreal ads are photoshopped horribly.

  55. assiah at | | Reply

    its sad but she is lukin really old nw

  56. Love Dior at | | Reply

    It’s an okay cover. But for her, it’s a miracle. Evil looking face with exaggerated features. Not my cup of tea. She gives me the willies….

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