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    P&P, have you seen the back of her hair? It looks great and has an ornament. This year I love the hair and makeup.

  2. pdabre at | | Reply

    She looks FAB!!!!!! I look forward to cannes every time since she looks the best she has ever looked in cannes. I like the hair too!!!

  3. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    It’s similar to the dress she wore when she went to Cannes with Abhishek for the first time, but hey at least this time the stylist did better: no flat limp hair, no blue eyeshadow etc. She’s looking good!! Not *knock-out wow* like she is capable of looking, but I like her look this year. FINALLY Aish got it right at Cannes…after 7 years of trying.

    Abhishek, on the other hand, is looking FUGLY. I should have known it would be too much to expect them *both* to look good.

  4. RZ Sokol at | | Reply

    while she wears the dress well, i cant help but think, wow, she looks old and tired.. heck, even sharmila looks fresher than her. Also, what’s with the weird posing?

  5. jillie at | | Reply

    Aww..I love it!!! They are so cute!!

  6. FPDP at | | Reply

    I think Ash finally looks awesome on a red carpet. I like her look very much…the hair is actually nice. It’s not WOW but it’s good and the best in 7 years of what I have seen of her.

  7. Carol at | | Reply

    @RZ, that is looking old and tired? She looks younger than the other model with her on the red carpet. Man you people are harsh.

  8. fopa at | | Reply

    Hey P&P, the gown is stunning and she TOTALLY rocks it! But do you know who its by???

  9. P at | | Reply

    While I love the hair and the dress,I agree with few of the comments about her not looking her best and looking old.I can’t point what is wrong but she doesn’t look knock-out gorgeous.But well,she did change her hair and full marks to her for that.and the pic with Abhishek is too cute for words!

  10. prisha at | | Reply

    her arms have gotten heavy.. I guess that is why she posing that way, it makes the arms look slimmer….
    i do like her make-up…. and how she has used tons of make up to achieve a natural look….

  11. zara at | | Reply

    I would have loved a splash of color somewhere – maybe ruby earrings instead of pearls. Also, I’m not digging the weird, red-streaked hair. But, I love the dress and makeup. She looks elegant, understated, and stunning.

    But what is up with Abhishek’s hair? Spikes? Really? Is he a twelve year-old skater boy from the 90s? And the R&B reject all-white tuxedo is atrocious on a million levels.

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    anyone thinks it looks too bridal?

  14. charan at | | Reply

    She looks ok… she has looked better.
    But what up with the whole Bridal gown look??

  15. K at | | Reply

    Not really a fan of the dress, or the hair… she could definitely have looked better. Her very first Cannes appearance (during Devdas premiere) remains her best outing there.

    Abhishek on the other hand looks amazing! How adorable is that last picture?!?!?!?

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    @binerry – Me Me!

  18. Anjali at | | Reply

    What’s with her hair colour? It seems to have a reddish tinge to it…

  19. dn at | | Reply

    Love the gown and the hair. She is wearing it very well. Something off with the make-up at the neck, but I am nitpicking.
    But both in white looks very costumey. Abhi should have stuck to black to complement her.

  20. Mel at | | Reply

    Old? Well, this isn’t the Aishwarya in her 20’s but she still a lovely looking woman. Gosh, let women in there 30’s look like women in their 30’s!
    She carries the dress very well. She looks so elegant.

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    looks fake.. the smile.. the braid.. looks like she is trying hard.. she is a beautiful woman, she does not need to try that hard. I like abhishek in these pics though.. very fresh and young looking!

  23. pdaervo at | | Reply

    That dress is gorgeous!!!! But I agree, she doesn’t really look her best
    Oddly enough for Ash, I have to say that she looks better neck down
    I think her hair is overdone (v. prom queen-ish) and her makeup is not the most flattering, and that hair color is fulgy too
    and that pose makes her looks very uncomfortable …I get the impression that that dress is suffocating her :)
    I <3 Ash, but this is …strange

  24. Shona at | | Reply

    THE BEST LOOK of hers at Cannes soo far! from far the hair looks awesome!!! i agree it could have been a bit better…but its still looks awsome!!!!!!!omg she looks beautiful…..the white gown is gorgeous

  25. fashionista at | | Reply

    she looks like a cake trying to be a bride and abhishek looks like white penguin… they are so not looking nice p and p

  26. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    @ binerry….i think it is a little bridal, too.
    but hell, she looks stunning!!!! the best she has looked in cannes in all these years!!!

  27. Genie at | | Reply

    This dress is way too similar to the one Frieda wore for the BAFTA. Regardless, Aishwarya looks okay, nothing special. She needs to tone down those arms…….very flabby!

  28. divi at | | Reply

    Not sure if i like this look on her. Her eyes look very tired which is what most of the comments probably refer to as “Old” .

    Also, She looks heavier and shorter in this dress.

  29. cleopatra at | | Reply

    beautiful that she is… but she has never as beautiful as today !

  30. peechu at | | Reply

    i’m trying to be nice here, but gah…the dress is lovely, and she’s looking sweet. i tend to think an up do when your face is a bit rounder is a no no..it’s making her look heavier than she is..chest are upwards.

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    Aww…they look so cure together…and I think Abhishek is totally enjoyoing the moment of his wife’s splendour….double thumbs up to him for that….

    Aish is looking great…she owns the look totally. Am really looking fwd to her and sonam’s other appearances..Is preity zinta going to go for Chopard??

  33. FOB at | | Reply

    O_O armpit cleavage in the second picture??!!!!
    Surprised noone’s noticed it as yet. (In case of a certain Ms. Dutta, that was all anyone could notice.)

  34. bins at | | Reply

    you know i will be the first one to say i hate her. but she looks great here, maybe she has gotten a tad heavier, but that dress is pretty and flatters her. some of the criticism just seems a bit much.

  35. gossipgal at | | Reply

    oh let see how many comments she gets this time..
    i am not fan of color WHITE.. in general… she looks nice in white.. hair color/style is bit weird…

    over all i give 7 out of 10

  36. melange at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! And about time too……..prolly her best-yet appearance at Cannes.

  37. PJ at | | Reply

    I guess I am the only that thinks this dress looks frumpy on her.. the whole look is very prom queen for taste..

  38. Priti at | | Reply

    Oh Common you guys (bins and brenda)…she has absolutely no weight issues….she looks fab as she is.

  39. ariel001 at | | Reply

    She looks amazing here. So FAB !
    Love that Leiber clutch too. <3

    I also agree that her dresses at the Cannes are nothing new, very repeatitive but still looks great.

    I believe that this dress is Armani Prive. The tiered ruffles and the beads/embellishments are throughout many collections of his.

    If not, I will not agree with this…But it might either be Gauri and Nainika.

  40. jos at | | Reply

    somebody is goin bald..

  41. claire at | | Reply

    it’s a firt time i’m wowed by her appearance at cannes! she looks fabulous. love the dress on her it’s imple but chich. only little thing is her “beyonce” pose with her arms not touching her body, it looks kinda awkward…

    now abhishek… what can i say, he would have looked fine in a black tux but NO he had to color coordinate with his wife. a big miss for me

  42. sony at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous…princess like with her trail…ppl who find anything wrong with her looks r jst “J” of her

  43. Lori at | | Reply

    I usually say the meanest things about them two (fakeness, etc) which results in my posts not being allowed to show on here, but this time I think they both look really great. I don’t know whats up with that pose of hers, maybe she’s drying out her deodorant, but I like the dress and her hair is lovely and he FINALLY seems…happy and he looks great too! Is he blending in her makeup there or what though??

  44. brenda at | | Reply

    p&p please post pics of sharmila in the green saree…maybe the yellow one was earlier in the day!!

  45. diptiN at | | Reply

    She looks great, make up,hair, dress are all fabulous. Abhi looks good too, although I would have preferred him with a tie.

  46. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Actually I agree with many of the comments…she is looking like a bride-cum-prom queen – neither of which suit the occasion (but hey by now we’re used to Aish having no clue how to dress for specific events).

  47. NotASheep at | | Reply

    No disrespect intended, P&P…but I feel sometimes you guys put the worst pictures up on this site just to induce commentary. In looking at her other pictures, there were such prettier ones to choose from. We all know that even the most beautiful woman can look horrible if photographed at the wrong angle.

  48. kayshika at | | Reply

    They look like Desi Barbie Doll and Desi Ken

  49. Carol at | | Reply

    Let me see, it’s okay for other movie stars to look ‘bridal or prom queenish’ at red carpet events but for Aishwarya it’s a big deal? Go back and look at some of the gowns from the award season – most fall into that category.

  50. R at | | Reply

    worst pics? i like the pics. for a change, she’s looking good at cannes! abhishek looks like he’s trying too hard, though…
    as far as celebs like ash or priyanka chopra or sonam are concerned… there WILL be comments for and against them all. no matter what the picture is like. why say it’s bias? it’s freedom of opinion!

  51. P at | | Reply

    Did you guys read about Frieda being signed up by Loreal ?So soon the Freida versus Ash comments will follow in full flow :)I hate it when people don’t take comments with a pinch of salt.You can have your favorites but you really can’t force your opinion on others.I might find a look fabulous but some might hate it.Isn’t it all about individual opinions?

  52. mj at | | Reply

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwful!! very prom queen and king. and can someone please wipe that smug matronly look off her face?? the hair is abominable…braids…really?? who wears a prisitine white gown?? is this her way of living out her white wedding fantasy??

  53. Humaira at | | Reply

    ehh. She is looking okay. Too much makeup and her hair is strictly okay. I love the color white but I don’t like the dress too much. The earrings, she should have worn a ruby (like someone else commented before me) to have brought out the dress. The hairdo is making her face look more rounder than usual.

    The best look of Aishwarya’s was Filmfare Awards this year, according to me. She is trying too hard by wearing strapless gowns that show her cleavage by trying to compete with younger actresses.

    BTW, the sari she wore on her first year at Cannes was her best look so far at Cannes. She truly represented India and the desi fusion with her sari. Unfortunately since then she’s been trying to hard to showcase that she’s an international woman.

    Compared to Ash, I felt Sharmila Tagore looked very classy and really put her Indian origins out in Cannes by going with a sari and beautiful yet classy and simple jewelry.

  54. Humaira at | | Reply

    BTW, strapless dress look nice on women with toned arms (i.e.: Jennifer Aniston at Oscars).

  55. Humaira at | | Reply


    I thought Frieda was ambassador for Estee Lauder?!

  56. claire at | | Reply

    about abhishek, i just saw on big b’s blog that he has done a shoot with hi sister swheta for l’officiel. P&P you can check the shots on his blog, great quality photos.
    (btw sorry about my many typos, i can’t seem to type properly these days…)

  57. Fatima at | | Reply

    Yes she looks lovely, but i don’t think the first pose is apropriae for that kind of gear! lol thats a very ‘bodybuilder’ pose! lol…

    about her: well when it cmes to make-up less is more, because she is naturally beautiful, make-up covers that beauy (most of the time). I have to say though i am not liking the co-ordinatin outfit colours hubby an biwi are wearing! and the gown ctually looks ver bridally!

  58. koel at | | Reply

    Hmmmm. I’ve never liked her but then she’s achieved soo much. Whenever I travel overseas, she;s the only Indian actress who people know about. Not that global recognition ought to be the mark for your success but still…
    I think these are incredibly unflattering pictures! She looks really good, the gown is beautiful, very classy, she finally gets it bang on right! White really brings out the best in her…
    My only gripe is with the aunty type henna hair color, and the couple being dressed in pristine white looks a bit gay! Hehe

    And for all those who think that her arms are too fat and that she’s not looking as if in her twenties, losing hair etc etc..god people! Get over your stupid complexes!

    She’s a beautiful 30 year old woman who looks her age and has better things to do than to tone her arms every day. We all talk about the pressures on women of looking good and catching up with age, it’s sad that women themselves are the ones who give each other a hard time. Men don’t really care about these things, it’s us!

    If I was Aishwarya Rai and I read these stinging comments, I would get totally depressed.

    Hm. And I’m not even a fan! Sorry about the ramblings..

  59. herdisnot at | | Reply

    I am breaking into a song, “At Last!” She is truly ravishing in this ensemble. Carrying it off well, and I love the updo with the braids. It adds to a little touch of desi in the uberwestern outfit. Love the way she is carrying it off. Clothes do make a difference, no matter how beautiful a person is. I am so happy that Aishwarya found her groove a l’Armani prive. Now I also would love to see her in the dress Anne Hathaway wore for the Oscars. Cute couple!

  60. ren at | | Reply

    AIshwarya rai looks Awsome this year

  61. tina at | | Reply

    Aish looks alright I guess. Pretty in the same way that lots of women look pretty. Not extraordinary in any way.

  62. peechu at | | Reply

    okay, the last photo with abhishek should just put her detractors back where they came from…INCLUDING me, seeing as i commented earlier. this is a much more flattering photo and IM LOVING them in that picture…awww!

  63. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    So what should I feel about the last photo? Aside from that they should go and stand on the top tier of a giant wedding cake?

  64. Carol at | | Reply

    @koel, thank you!!! Women put a lot on pressure on other women and then we complain about sexism and ageism. This obsession with age is saddening to hear.

  65. Sam at | | Reply

    She looks awful.

    I never thought of her to be anything special, but she just keeps getting worse and worse.

  66. K at | | Reply

    Um, on second thought, Abhishek does not look “amazing” (as I said above). He looks awkward, frankly!

  67. Anita at | | Reply

    its refreshing to see them both relaxed… i dont like the way the bodice is pushing up -its making her look bulky on top. OTher than that one detail, i like her hair, her earrings etc. and her attitude seems more relaxed which can be a person’s best accessory.

  68. Shruti at | | Reply

    She looks great in white…but the dress could have been better. I’m not loving the ‘poofyness’ lol Would have loved to see her in smth with a different neckline.
    I like her makeup though and the hair is alrite..the flower-clip and braids look cute.
    Also, yeah I do agree with ppl who say that she’s trying too hard…She doesn’t need to do all those poses. She’s naturally beautiful..I think she’d look better if she just stood there and smiled normally. lol
    Abhi looks…uh yeah. What’s up with the gelled, spiky teenage boy hair lol

  69. Harjot at | | Reply

    Tina: I burst out laughing when I read your comment! Where do you live where lots of women look as pretty as Aish? LOL!

  70. desifix at | | Reply

    Guess she played it safe this time. The dress could be a Roberto cavalli.

  71. Shilpa at | | Reply

    People are so rude.
    I think she looks great. For someone who is almost 35, she looks amazing, She also has an amazing body(healthy) and I am shocked that some women here are commenting on her weight, cmon guys, let’s not go that route, please.
    She looks nice. I am not her fan at all, but I love this dress on her. White is in this season(Michelle O wore white to the inaugural bal, so did a lot of other hollywood celebritie to other award functionsl and no one said it looked promish or bridal) Let us give the woman a break.

  72. Anu at | | Reply

    Normally not a fan of her’s but this is probably one of the best styled Cannes’ appearance for her. But I would love to see a genuine smile on her on the red carpet for once, always seems fake.

  73. neena at | | Reply

    I think she looks GORGEOUS! the hair, the dress, everything! she looks like a doll. soo beautiful!

    and abhishek looks amazing too. that picture in which he’s doing something on her face is sooo adorable! hes a cutie

  74. lg at | | Reply

    Ok, I have been resisting myself to make any comment on Ash’s posts on this website..I mean..I just know that everytime there will be some comments that will be totally uncalled for and unjustified but as we say..everyone can have an opinion!
    She looks awesome here and in fact I saw some other pics of her on some other website and those were even better than these ones!! But apart from that my BIGGEST gripe is the statement that she looks old!! Can someone please tell me what that means? I mean I just turned 30 and ofcourse I look different than what I looked at 25. She is 35-36 and of course she is going to age!! She is looking different and it is inevitable so why that comment..make comments on her cloths, her dressing sense and even her fitness but why this stupid comment about looking old!!

  75. NotASheep at | | Reply

    I believe ya, P&P.

  76. Bella at | | Reply

    Both look Great.

    Hey I thought comments on age or weight were to be no longer allowed on this site. Care to explain yoursellves?????? Is it only Ash that’s allowed to be pulled down using that?

  77. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    its aishwarya ladies, she has to go wrong! whats with the 70s like hairstyle and that UGLY hair clip- very blah…I would rather continue watching the ever graceful Sharmila instead of this dame…

  78. Ashi at | | Reply

    Her taste just isn’t very refined when it comes to western clothes. When she’s in a sari or salwar or lengha, she knows what looks good. But she never looks “right” in dresses like this.

  79. Suzie at | | Reply

    Arrgghhh….she almost got it rt…the outfit is so bridal . I agree, they belong on the top tier of a wedding cake.

  80. KK at | | Reply

    I like it.. She looks so good!

  81. Antonia at | | Reply

    lol lol lol @ Zara’s comments about Abhishek. I agree that he looks totally ridiculous.
    I love love love Aish’s dress & am so happy she didn’t wear a necklace. & while I praise the ladies to wear up-dos I think Aish’s hair stylist failed her big time. A more simple & classic up-do would have made the outfit but it looks way over the top – plus that clip runis the look!

  82. Carol at | | Reply

    It is so funny to read the negative comments here when the Western sites are prasing Aishwarya’s look. Whatever

  83. Kav at | | Reply

    @Koel: Ditto..totally agree with what u said….

  84. Anu141 at | | Reply

    I am no Ash fan.. but guys seriously… FAT ARMS?? thats what your gonna crib about? With all the eating disorders young girls are afflicted with we should be thankful for a NORMAL beautiful woman, who can be pointed to as a role model. She just proves that you don’t need to look like a matchstick to look good. Or do you forget that REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. I think she looks bang on… great makeup, lovely dress. As for Abhishek- give him till 2016. But still full points for being a real man & always being there to support his wife :-)

  85. viz at | | Reply

    She looks good…however can’t help but say she does not look breathtaking..something that she is so capable of. Would love to see her wear something different from the usual..not to say that she shouldnt play. After the mistakes she has made..its only natural that she would go for a safe option. just don’t get the wow feeling that I got when i saw say..anne hathaway in the red marchesa one shoulder gown at 2008 academy awards..
    the expectations are sky high & beyond from aish but then can you really blame us? She has the best of resources at her disposal..am still waiting for a ‘WOW..she looks absolutely gorgeous, the best at the event’ apprearance. That look so doesnt do justice to Aishwarya Rai Bachan. She is capable of so much more..kind of disappointed :(

  86. sanam at | | Reply

    ash looks absolutely gorgeous..love the whole look..wat a stunna!

  87. Anita at | | Reply

    the whole look kinda (not quite) reminds me of Sonam’s Chanel gown earlier this year..

  88. Anita at | | Reply

    I meant not completely…

  89. Pri at | | Reply

    Love it, she looks beautiful!!!! Wow what a vision!..I love that she’s finally dressing good..I wish I was her stylist though..I could make her look 100000000x amazing if that’s even possible (okay I’m being nice, it’s very very possible lol)…

    LOVE ABHISHEK whoever up there said he’s fugly here you need to get your eyes checked!

  90. sonia at | | Reply

    she’s truely THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN…………….

  91. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @ Carol

    Just because the western sites are praising her look, doesn’t make it good. i find it annoying when people look to the west for their guiding light. like if white people approve it, then it must be good. i mean, the american media loved freida pinto’s oscar outfit, but does that mean we have to love it too? and i’m glad so many here shared my opinion on that outfit.

    coming to aishwarya, my two cents are that i like her dress, but she indeed has gained a lot of weight. that in itself is not bad, i actually think she looks cute with a bit of chub on her. but in that case, she should’ve opted for a size larger than the one she has on.

    the less said about abhishek, the better.

  92. Jems at | | Reply

    Haters get over yourselves…she looks beautiful!:)

  93. Annie.S at | | Reply

    Ash is looking fab fab fab, i wish i look as great as her when I’m 35! And ash-abhi make a cute pair in these pics…but have to agree that if ash lost some weight she would look even more stunning

  94. Carol at | | Reply

    @PeachBellini, I could care less what the Western sites are saying too since I usually have a different opinion anyway. I am just making a point to show that the outfit is not as bad as some people here are saying.

  95. monika at | | Reply

    Fab. Abhi looks so bad in comparison

  96. Megha at | | Reply

    definitely not an Ash fan but she looks absolutely STUNNING!!!!
    i actually gasped
    that hair is soooo awesome…love the braid and the ornament
    and the white dress is just wow
    200/100 from me

  97. Megha at | | Reply

    and that photo where abhishek is fixing something on her face is soooo adorable
    dont love that spiky hair though
    had to find something to criticize
    else totally perfect

  98. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Love it. She looks stunning (when does she not?) and real and utterly delightful. I love that she has the panache to wear exactly what she wants to, despite the millions of stinging comments made by people. Sometimes I hate the stuff she wear but even then, I respect her self-confidence, and the fact that she does exactly what she wants to in order to fulfil her goals. And let’s face it, international acclaim might not be a marker of talent, but she is the one Indian actress whom the entire world knows!

  99. preeths at | | Reply

    the dress is good, she looks beautiful. i font like her hair color

    but she has gained quite a bit of weight and its making her look top heavy. in the first picture, she looks like a female wrestler with her chunky arms.

    and why are people attacking others who think she doesnt look good? i mean do you really expect 100 comments going ga-ga over aishwarya.

    and before someone brands me as jealous, let me add that i have met ash in person and im her big fan! its just that i think she is capable of much more and we fans feel a little let down.

    @anu141 and koel: i would like to mention that having curves is different that looking overweight. it doesnt mean once u hit 30 or 40, you give exercise a rest or like koel said “have better things to do than toning arms everyday”. i mean look at jane fonda when she was in her 60s. i dont think even i have a body like that in my 20s. ??!!??

  100. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Abhi baby looks better than she does. He looks much better this year than last year and seems to have shed alot of weight. Her dress is better than the behenji-like outfits she has been sporting of late. One thing about Ash–she never looks as smashing as she could…

  101. Nepali at | | Reply

    I have a little issue with the hairstyle, but too many have elaborated on it, the rest is all good. The photo of Abhi doing something to her face is cute. I think even if she dressed well, we will still have issues.
    I don’t want to be famous and if I did, I don’t want to be featured in this website even by accident, and even if I am featured, I will avoid this website. Celebs and others, if you happen to read our comments, don’t take them by heart. We will keep commenting, and you wear what want to wear. Live your life in your terms and be happy.
    It’s about how you look at yourself than how other look at you.

  102. Ashna at | | Reply

    I know !
    she just looks STUNNING !
    gorgeous !

    She nailed it this time !

    SHE LOOKS SO GRACEFUL AND PERFECT FOR 35 !!! shes gonna be 36 in just 4 months !

  103. Neha at | | Reply

    I know..

    I really like the look this time…

    Its perfect !

    She looks FAB

  104. NJ at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic! And Abhishek looks so cute! Ba**s to anyone who is commenting about her ‘fat’ arms and weight gain…its part of being human people. For so many years everyone complained about her being too perfect, and now that she looks normal, human, healthy and happy, everyone has a problem with that too! Perfection is boring…bring on the fat arms and double-chins; not everyone aspires for Kareena-Priyanka-type square-flat-12 year old boy bodies!

  105. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    listen ladies, they get paid HUGE just to look good and stay fit all the time. So just drop the thoughts about any one of us “looking as great as her when I’m 35″(@Annie.S & others)! If we were to only concentrate on what to wear and how we look, all the time, we would be in good shape too – wouldnt we? But we all are “real” ppl so the reality is waaaaaaay to different – isnt it?!!

  106. jaishree at | | Reply

    WOWWWWWW!!!!! i AM GREEN WITH ENVY! Love her look, shes got it all right, from the stunning white gown, under stated make up, hair and that very hot husband! Dawm, some women just have it all :(

  107. jaishree at | | Reply

    I forgot to add how much I loveddddd Abhishek fixing her hair-or face or whatever, hes so cute there! They look perfect together even if she does look a lil older than him (but what the heck, she is the most gorgeous woman!) And somehow the plump arms and the not so perfect body look good on her-healthy and glowing!

  108. Gaurav at | | Reply

    I thot this was Roberto Cavalli… I don’t think this is Armani… but well i m sure the writer has done some research… but well the international fashion press says roberto cavalli… i m a lil confused as of now!

  109. koel at | | Reply

    @ Preeths. I never said that working out in your 30’s and 40’s is a non-option, what I meant was that Aishwarya Rai is not just a beauty icon anymore and she’s doing a lot more with her time compared to before. I don’t think it would be fair to expect her or anyone else’s body to conform to the ideals that are set by people like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

    And since you’re a woman too you would obviously know that most women have problem areas, most common being arms and thighs..that’s where most women put on weight first thing. Aishwarya has had the same problem but I don’t think it’s a drastic problem that significantly mars her beauty. Some people just cannot have thin and slender arms no matter how hard they try!

    Even Kareena Kapoor who claims to have achieved her size zero by yoga (yeah rightt!!) has taken arbitrary risks with her body, in my opinion, and her natural body shape will eventually catch up with as and when she decides to eat more than a cucumber salad and juice for lunch.

    And really, it made me laugh that you think her arms look like a wrestler’s ..haha. Guess you haven’t seen many female wrestlers then.

  110. Gaurav at | | Reply

    oh comeon… people she might just be pregnant! and moreover she looks stunning and smashing… completely agree with NJ

  111. koel at | | Reply

    And please don’t compare women like Jane Fonda and Goldie Hawn to Indian celebrities. Genetically, Indian women have different bodies. Go to Europe and see the teenage girls there, they are naturally lithe and slender framed, they develop at a faster pace too. how many women in India have you seen who have a Keira Knightley frame? It’s fairly common in Europe though. You just can’t fight the genes I guess.

    And no one is hitting back against ones who don’t go ga ga over her, as I mentioned I don’t like her AT ALL, but all we are asking is justified comments that are directed with respect. the way you brought out her weight issues had nothing wrong with it though, I think most comments were directed at the previous comments that were particularly petty.

  112. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Ksmommy, I beg to differ. Ash is not a model, she’s an actress. So she does lots besides concentrating on looking “good”. Also, my personal opinion is that if you look normal and healthy according to your build and age, that’s pretty damn good!

  113. Noyona at | | Reply

    God, she and Abhishek are sooooo fake!!!

  114. Ratan at | | Reply

    OMG!! She looks just like a beautiful princess……so very fab!! She’s done very well here, and for once even Abhishek has managed to leave behind his obsession with all things velveteen, and is looking quite dapper. They look so very cute together here!!

  115. akaa at | | Reply

    Okay.. I had to comment on this one…
    IMO, she looks good.. but not awesome-ly good.. I have never found her extra-ordinarily beautiful, but so much has been said of her beauty (MOST beautiful woman in the world etc. etc.) that you expect her to appear AMAZING in every appearance.. which she rarely does and hence so many comments! She is Aishwarya Rai.. so commenting on her beauty is out of the question.. she will look beautiful no matter what she wears.. but the thing is does she look so gorgeous that people are awestruck?? I think that rarely happens with Ash….
    Just imagine Drew Barrymore in that gown.. and how she would have rocked it!! In my opinion that extra zing is somehow missing in Ash… That’s it.
    But few things :
    1. this is her best Cannes look till date.
    2. No one can beat her when she does tarditional (remember Filmfare)
    3. I think heavy make-up is what ruins her beauty .. she looks amazing when she is simple with minimum make-up .. that’s when her beauty comes out.. [ I actualy thought she was the most beautiful woman while watching SArkar Raj ].
    4. Abhishek is so not looking good here .. what’s with so much of white??
    Sorry to go on and on ……..

  116. Nikita at | | Reply

    She looks like a doll on a cake! Why. Why? Every year…

  117. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    She doesn’t look old at all, she looks her age (which is not 20) and looks stunning. Which is more than can be said for her stylist’s work…

    Why did the stylist ruin her hair with that cheap plastic flower clip? That and the overdone up-do and red streaks up the prom queen factor by 10. She could have brought some old-school glamour to the red carpet with her classic beauty, but her stylist will make her look like a 16 year old prom queen wannabe. Aish has achieved so much on her own terms…the last thing she needs is to look like a wannabe.

    And the more I look at it, the more I hate that icy white colour of the gown. Whoever thought that dressing her up as a princessy bride was a good idea should be fired.

  118. sachita at | | Reply

    Reading the comments makes me wonder if people should just attach sticks as arms and legs! puh…

    Having said that along with the fact that i do think ash extremely pretty, i still find this dress does nothing, all white,the second pic shows that the top portion has a good design but the frills is making it fugly.

    An Eva Longoria could have pulled this off.. but i wish ash had chosen something else.

  119. Grisha at | | Reply

    Aww… ppl… plz… stop being this much rude to her. I mean… she looks good here… and yeah she is getting aged but still her beauty and charm are everlasting. Like all of us she too is a human.. so she has all freedom to make mistakes. But here she has really made a very classy statement. Ummm .. yeah .. she looks a bit tired in some pictures.. but thats okay .. cause she has to do a lot of things. :)

  120. Not_in_a_herd at | | Reply

    Carol- Its like that with Aishwarya. Whenever she is in the international media or makes some international appearance, western sites/blogs/forums are full of praises for her..and the desi ones are full of nitpicking every tiny detail they can find

  121. Amanda at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! The hair makes her look fatter than she is. I don’t believe she’s chunky at all.

  122. Master Z at | | Reply

    It think shes d most unnatural person iv ever seen get sooo much attention from the media
    she could be in the most beautiful of gowns but her fake smile and awkward body language is always gonna be more obvious to me than anything else about her.
    Besides shes with abhishek who looks like hes tryin 2 hard too with the all white.
    And HATE hate the hair its all tooo much with her already too much too handle annoying presence.
    Ahhhh cant stand d two of dem.

  123. jiji at | | Reply

    hey P&P or anyone else… Is that not the xanana ‘diamond mine’ clutch on ash? correct me if i’m wrong..

  124. Jay at | | Reply

    She looks good. If only she could leave home the obnoxious pout.

  125. ashwini at | | Reply

    m totally wid u carol and koel. its so sad

  126. Soha at | | Reply

    She looks much better than last year, love the dress but I don’t like her strange pose in the first pic, it reminds me of wrestlers when they show off their muscles.
    As some mentioned she should lose some weight cause it seem like she is bursting in that dress

  127. dee at | | Reply

    she does look better than seh ever has… but this is definately not ‘THE BEST’. points to be noted
    – the dress looks like a wedding dress
    – the hair is too done up… hate the brade…it makes it look like its done in a ‘local aunty parlour’. plus it making her look older.
    – dont like the contrast cluth, with the look..
    – in some pics that are aviaiable on certain other sites you can see some weird extra ‘loose flesh’ hanging in her underarm area!!! which really looks gross!
    – she seems to be really trying, and really dont want to be mean, but when you claim to be one of the most beautiful women in the world these small things do matter.
    – one more thing why this PDA on how much they love each other (abhi fixing her make up in a pic) it looks soo ‘put on’. keep it real guys :)

  128. someone at | | Reply

    WHY DOES SHE ALWAYS WEAR THESE TUBE TYPE DRESSES in all her appearances outside india??!! cant she change it up a bit and cover up for once?!!

    back of the hair looks good, but front not so good coz her hair line is receeding.

    and she should def lose weight..shes a celeb after all and needs to have a fit body.

    overall DRAB!

  129. Sj at | | Reply

    She looks Fab .. but whats with the weird posing !

  130. rubywoo at | | Reply

    @Ksmommy :totally agree with you, most bollywood starlets are not famous purely based on their acting ability, they are celebs and enjoy all the perks of celebdom. They have stylists, hair dressers, designers lending them clothes, makeup artists, personal trainers all at their disposal – so I don’t tend to feel too sorry for them.

    See – she looks ok- hmmm better than ok but not breathtaking. The problem here is that some women grow into their looks and look better with age and some set the bar so high in their younger years that once they get that lil bit older it all seems to go downhill.

    I don’t think she is fat by any stretch of the imagination but she is much bulkier than before and I can’t put my finger on it but she just looks “tired” – not as fresh. Abhi looks like a waiter – like seriously dude your at Cannes – less is more, you got the hieght, the build, the dark /tanned look the europeans go wild for, how easy is it for you and you still get it wrong.

  131. Annie.S at | | Reply

    Dear Ksmommy, by “they” I assume you mean actresses and more specifically Ash.

    You are wrong, they are not paid huge just to look good, they are paid huge primarily to act in movies and paid huge to endorse products. So lets be clear on that. Yes looking good is part of the deal, but it’s not the ENTIRE deal.

    Also am no actress/model myself(far from it), but my basic intelligence tells me models/actresses dont only concentrate on what to wear or how they look, am pretty sure they occasionally deign to focus on other stuff like acting, doing business, signing deals, personal life etc. (!)

    Yes they’ve got access to people and resources that allows them to focus very strongly on taking care of themselves, but that doesnt mean ordinary folks like myself throw our hands up and resign ourselves to not working out, not eating healthy, not being the best we can be.

    I’m 32, I take care of myself, however I see folks around me who don’t, and a lot of them have your attitude – oh we cant sit around thinking of clothes/makeup all day long.

    My belief? To look good for your age, you don’t need to think of clothes all the time, but yes you need to get off your butt and make an effort to stay healthy.

    I also see folks around me, both in India and in the US, who are my age/older/younger, have a healthy lifestyle, look absolutely stunning physically, and all this without access to Armani Prive and Cannes hairstylists etc.

    Positive attitudes play a huge role in maintaining a heathy lifestyle, and yes, I hope I look as good as, if not better, than Ash (even without the Armani), in another 3 years ;)

  132. sana at | | Reply

    I totally agree with shilpa. Is being a stick figure the only acceptable way to be?? but aishwarya could have posed better for the first pic.

  133. P at | | Reply

    @Ksmommy :Absolutely agree;Wasn’t Vidya totally ripped apart for her weight gain?Why are Ash fans totally bashing everyone else who thinks she has gained weight (which she has).She is still pretty much in the limelight and she endorses a beauty brand,so technically it is her JOB to look fit and good with lots of help from several stylists.If people in everyday walks of life spend a lot of effort and time to stay fit,of course I would expect a celebrity in the fashion business to stay fit.Look at Malaika Arora Khan,for all her dressing,she is an amazing fit woman and a mom too .Ash’s contemporaries like Preity and Shilpa are extremely fit.Heck,even Rani has hired a trainer to work out. Star wives like Twinkle , Suzzane and Gauri make an effort about the way they look and everyone seems fair game to making comments on them without any issues.So,what everyone means by the fact that she looks old is she definitely looks older than the 35 age bracket.I understand she doesn’t look like she is in her 20’s like someone pointed,she simply looks older than her contemporaries.

  134. sha at | | Reply

    According to Fashion Critic, it is a Roberto Cavalli.

  135. zee at | | Reply

    They look amazing in the last picture. Her genuine smile looks amazing, and so does Abhishek in this picture (not so in the other pic).

    I am not a fan of white, so this attire does nothing for me. Her hair and makeup looks great. I too, am not a big fan of braid on an updo, but that’s a minor thing.

  136. tehzeeb at | | Reply

    ok Ashwaria has gained weight and the white s not helping to hide that…….but still the gown is EXQUISITE BEAUTIFUL im in LOOOOOOOVE lol but her hair sint working at all…maybe a tight bun with smokey eyes would have looked a bit edgy while mainting a certain ‘class’ :P and as for Abhishek WRONG WRONG WRONG….if he wanted to stand out instead of going all white he cud have worn a black bow or a tie or/and a pocket square ……and the hair is kinda like a chavs hair..meh!
    but none theless his wifey looks fabulous (forehead down) :D
    and WOW ppl its a fashion website not a fanclub LOL

  137. Monika at | | Reply

    Ash looks good. Abhi should’ve stuck with black.

  138. tina at | | Reply

    What is it with the Aishwarya fans labeling people don’t worship her every move as being jealous or unkind?

    What does her being an actress or “doing other things” have to do with her Cannes appearances? Is she there roaming the red carpet doing charity work for slum kids or something?

    She isn’t even there for a movie premiere! She’s there to sell make-up and the way she looks is supposed to convince people to buy Loreal products!! If she looks flabby and out of shape and heading to the prom, it’s fair game to call her on it.

  139. tina at | | Reply

    I have seen so much worse things being said on this site about other people but when it’s Aishwarya, some people love to create drama and make her out to be a poor victim.

    I’m sure all the other women featured on this site do other things too and not just spend time looking good. Almost all have their own professional work and they also raise children and I’m sure do some charity work too. Aishwarya is not some amazing sole person in the world who has other things to do besides taking care of herself.

  140. MD at | | Reply

    mark my words SHE IS PREGNANT

  141. April at | | Reply

    I was not sure if I should say anything after 147 comments,
    but agree with so many of you esp ‘P’.Aish knows that she will be the center of discussion everytime she appears at Cannes.She’s always been (more than the films).So it wouldn’t harm if she takes extra care to look good on one trip to Cannes when she is constantly being photographed and judged.

    She looks good,but not great.And she is absolutely capable of looking fabulous,she has it in her.Somehow she hasn’t found that one stylist/designer that can make her look ‘WOW’.But still this is better than any other appearance so far.So good work.Esp her smile goes on to prove that she’s now a happy/content person who is having some fun.

  142. priya at | | Reply

    wow what a beauty.still the most beautiful woman on earth !God bless her and of course abhi too.

  143. sam at | | Reply

    Aishwarya should appear in more english films she is such a beauty.lov u !

  144. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I swear, some of you commenters have way toooo much time on your hands, over analyzing her wayyyyy too much. I know for a FACT if this were someone else, y’all wouldn’t be so critical of her. And LOL at the comments, it’s just a fashion website, NOT LIFE SO STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUSLY

    MM MM MMMMMMM Aish looks darn good! I think she looks absolutely divine, everything from her hair to her jewelry is working

    She looks sooo much better with more meat on her skin…i love it! Its making her ta-tas look greatttt

  145. preeths at | | Reply


    its not about body size or genes. n i never mentioned PC or KK. its all about fitness and making the best of your body. when i referred to jane fonda, it wasnt about her toned arms and body size, it was only about her commitment to fitness even in her 60s which is truly remarkable.

    if you feel ash is relaxing and doing “more things” now that she is in her 30s, well and good. from my point of view and what i have seen of her over the past few years, i feel she has let herself go. she said in an interview that she hogs food at home and no longer has her dhoom2 body, which she considered her best bod till date.

    during dhoom 2 she was 32, now she is 35. im sure you can see a bigggg difference in her body in just 3 years??!!??

    and its bugs me when people (general) say “she is now in her 30s let her be” like she is prehistoric or something. GOD!! she is ONLY in her 30s!!

  146. Sharin at | | Reply

    Ok. Basically, everyone here who is saying that she doesn’t look “wow”… i think it’s a case of overexposure. We’ve seen Ash for years and years.. I’m sure if you were seeing this girl for the first time in these pictures.. (like many people in the world are.. example when she was in Germany for Pink Panther) you would say “wow this girl is so beautiful, she kinda has that Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox look but hold up.. she’s Indian?! Omg how has she not gotten famous before with looks like that.. etc.” It’s like all of a sudden now that we’ve seen her for 10-15 years everyone’s like “oh she’s not that hot, she looks fat, she looks old”. It actually hurts to hear that from people!

    I’m 20 years old.. and I’m THIN.. my waist is tinyyy and everything else about my body is pretty toned (legs, stomach).. EXCEPT FOR MY ARMS. They’re Aishwarya sized. Does that mean that I’m fat? People seriously are annoying me… I would say her weight right now is pretty close to perfect. I felt that she was too skinny when she first started out (she had no butt whatsoever). I like her weight now. I think she rocks the red carpet like no other. I think way too many people look at her and post because of their own insecurities and complexes (ex. “she wears cleavage showing dresses to compete with younger actresses”) like that is just your own head making random statements because of your own biases.

    I think if someone else was wearing this outfit, ya we might say it was a bit princessy, but that would be it. There would be no comments on “trying too hard” no comments on age, no comments on weight, etc. I think her hair looks great, I love the hairdo and I think it looks perfect with this dress. I think the whole look has been put together really well. I feel like just because Ash is beautiful, people are always very disappointed by what she wears. Try looking at her as just a normal person for once, and not have this big huge expectations of how she should look better than every other woman out there.

  147. Jasmin at | | Reply

    She cannot act people, her best acting role is right there on the red carpet……I agree she is very attractive but I will not venture to say that she is beautiful I shall leave that title for flawless beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor..and others that fit that mold

  148. Kimmy at | | Reply

    I am forever jealous that she has thick, toned arms, but NEVER has that dreaded underarm flap that generally most ladies above a size 4 cannot avoid. *sigh*

  149. keya at | | Reply

    I think I am a little biased to her… but I simply love this.. no complaints..

  150. Pretsy at | | Reply

    I love her hair..its so very nice!! and she looks awesome and i do agree she seems tired…and uncomfortable!! the dress is too bridal type…but aish is aish…:)

  151. Aishwarya at | | Reply

    Buzz off all the haters writing i dont know what crap !



  152. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I agree- she should have worn Rubies or Emerald Drop earrings with this outfit. It would’ve been a KILLER look!! I don’t like the hairstyle either. The dress is nice but I want to see her in deep colors. Message to her stylists: PLEASE STOP DRESSING AISHWARYA IN PASTELS!!!!!!!!!

  153. diya_r at | | Reply

    just one word…”perfect”!

  154. ananya_s at | | Reply

    heck..love d commnt by koel…i’s happily ssssswear by every word she’s written..glad at least someone thinks lyk dat…

  155. rêve at | | Reply

    Only if aishwarya rai’s PR’s stop forcing “most beautiful woman” label everywhere, people will be less critical of her…i don’t think its the people’s fault here….
    saying that I think she looked pretty classy here…all that fluff is a little too much though…

  156. yaya at | | Reply

    i agree with reve…..anyway she looks lovely and she hasn’t looked this lovely since 2007 and she finally did something with her hair and i wish she would dress like this more often and not only when she goes to the west

  157. Shweta at | | Reply

    It’s really funny people discuss her so much, hehe, very amusing. I like her dress, but I am on the fence about the updo, since I am personally am not a fan of these over-complicated hairstyles:P

  158. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    looks like 2 people going to their prom :)

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