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  1. Lifelong at | | Reply

    Love Jaya’s hair here! Isnt the kundan necklace similar to one worn by Aishwarya on her wedding day?

  2. dn at | | Reply

    Jaya looks glam, nice to see her so dressed up.

    What a waste of a beautiful chikan saree. Ash did this very wrong, horrible styling. And she normally looks so good in a saree. Too bad.

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    i love Jaya’s saree. Hair and make up not.
    As for, ash, the bikini blouse killed the look for me.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      Ok, I think she is wearing the same bikini-halter blouse from her Abu Sandeep outfit from IIFA 2009.

      ( Nothing wrong with that- repeating is good, its just that it now becomes so obvious where the new look went wrong ..read necklace!) :(

      I think Ash probably has a thing for pairing chikan sarees with bikini-halter blouses. But last time it looked good. (Imho) What a difference an accessory can make.


      Should we assume this saree is also an Abu Sandeep?? Any word on that P&P?

      1. Navya at | | Reply

        THIS is what I call a keen eye! Unbelievable :)

  4. SK at | | Reply

    I totally disagree on this one. Jaya looks overdressed. What is the big necklace that she is wearing? Also, the hair is a mess.

    I love the color on Aishwarya. The bikini halter blouse and a chikan saree is a great combination. Just because nobody dared to wear it till now, it is a bad combination? Nah. I don’t think so.

    1. Rathi at | | Reply

      Agree totally.

      1. Jasmine at | | Reply

        My grouse isn’t the pairing of the bikini blouse with the saree but the use of such heavy jewellery with a light-as-air chikan. Totally unnecessary.

    2. Megha at | | Reply

      Agree as well!

    3. sara at | | Reply

      TOTALLY i dono y day always pix da worst poss pix of ash :| she is a beauti n nuttin will change dat !! m i luv her saree n set v well put togg her miL looks bad in dat bridal necklace she has onn

    4. Anu at | | Reply

      I agree with you SK too. The bikini halter looks good with chikan. The necklace just ruins it in m opinion. Makes the neckline too busy.
      Chikan doesnt need it.

    5. matty at | | Reply

      I totally agree too. Ash looks awesome, nothing wrong with the look or even with the necklace. Lovely Sari.

      I am actually starting to think this blog has some kinda problem with Ash

      1. sara at | | Reply

        soo agreee wid u !

      2. sri at | | Reply

        i have a problem with the nitpicking habit of one of the blog owners..nothing other that!

      3. Jazz at | | Reply

        I completely agree! normally i hate overcrowded necklines but i think the necklace wasnt huge at all, especially with a rather unembellished saree/blouse combo. it reminds me of the saree outfit she wore to the devdas premiere in india. white and red with a red necklace similar to this.
        aish always looks great.she could put on a potato sack and be the hottest person in the world

  5. pooja at | | Reply

    The necklace on Jaya is goegeous!

  6. Saffana at | | Reply

    Eww aishwarya why did you wear that choker grrrrrrrrr

  7. nav at | | Reply

    Don’t they seem too over dressed for the occasion?

    1. KK at | | Reply

      YEAH totally!
      They are both so overdressed! Love Aish’s sari and Jaya’s necklace. Gorgeous!

  8. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Ash should seriuosly start dressing her age. I know the MM anarkalis were getting repetitive, but they really suited her. What is this? Its a pet peeve of mine, but halter and bikini blouses are a disgusting combo. Its a rule of thumb to show the skin just enough to keep the mystery, its either your cleavage or your back..not both. Jaya-one word-Fantabulous! Classy, great color, just oozing class! Watch and learn Miss World

    1. Megha at | | Reply

      But she isn’t showing any cleavage?! the sari covers it up

      the only thing showing is the back then

      so doesn’t it follow the rule of thumb you speak of

    2. Sud at | | Reply

      i thnk Aish has dressed her age in this one.. she would look worse had she followed her MIL’s style and been all covered up with that heavy necklace! i’m sure everyone would have been screaming Jodha akbar had she been wearing that!

      the halter adds spark and style to that chikan sari which otherwise with a sleeved blouse would look damn boring…. its only the neck piece that’s a off in this look, else, aish is damn good… and yes, this is so much more stylish, elegant and interesting than those chamku anarkalis…

  9. ariel001 at | | Reply

    I think Aishwarya is trying to prove that she’s not “fat” wearing the bikini blouse because she’s not. Reminds me of her “sexy” days when she used to wear chiffon saris with bikini blouses. I think she looks ok here. I think her sari is by Manish Malhotra. The same pattern was on Priyanka Chopra’s MM sari that she wore at Fortune Select Loudon Hotel Launch.

    1. ariel001 at | | Reply

      I think…I think…I think. Sorry P&P. :-P

  10. rvc at | | Reply

    ‘It’s rare when Jaya upstages Aishwarya…’ – c’mon now. When has Ash ever managed to look better than Jaya B? Jaya looks wonderful here, as always. Her necklace is fabulous. As for Aishwarya, it’s amazing how she went so woefully wrong with her styling considering that she had a decent sari to start off with. Also, isn’t she a tad overdressed (looking at the other guests)?

  11. yashu at | | Reply

    ash’s stylist was off so she had to do it herself and evrybody knows her style sense is zero….here she wanted to show her necklace…uffff

    1. ksmommy at | | Reply

      totally agree!

  12. aalia at | | Reply

    jaya does look good and i love that necklace
    but i may be in the monority here, i think ash looks really good too. loving the white saree on her and i think she looks fab in that blouse too. the necklace doesnt crowd the neckline in any way- some rules ca be broken!
    its the best appearance in quite a while

    1. Sal (SS) at | | Reply

      I actually agree with you. As a rule of thumb, the “no necklace with a halter neckline” is a good one, but Aishwarya looks quite sexy here, and the pairing of the teeny blouse works since the saree isn’t one of those flashy, flimsy ones. The look works for me. Jaya looks fantastic.

  13. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    such a lovely necklace on Jaya…she stole the show

  14. precious at | | Reply

    no fair to put that pic of aishwarya’s. need a better pic.

  15. angl at | | Reply

    as i much as i dislike a bikini-blouse, i am jut glad we are not seeing aish in another one of those horrendous anarkalis. its a refreshing change. i would take this any day over what she has been wearing lately.

  16. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the pink on Jaya Aunty; and she rocks that necklace. Ash, on the other hand, needs some help….she needs to stop wearing biknii blouses with sarees….it looks very distasteful!

  17. bongbabe at | | Reply

    aishwariya’s neckline is too crowded, and jaya’s isnt?


    1. sara at | | Reply

      :|| i KNOWWWWWWW !! y wear a bridal necklace

  18. ash at | | Reply

    I love Jayas saree(for once) but as much as thats a beautiful necklace, isn’t it more suitable for a wedding rather than somebody elses wedding anniversary? Aish. saree is nice but the choker is a mis-match – still she’s looking good, I always think she looks better in a saree a bit like Vidya Balan.

  19. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    Aish looks artificial… she needs to take tips from Madhuri.

  20. Jay at | | Reply

    i LOVE what Ash is wearing. Normally I hate her. lol

  21. npm at | | Reply

    Jayaji looks just lovely. Ash, not as bad as you think, but certainly the bikini blouses need to stay in the almirah (or walk-in-closet…:))

  22. R at | | Reply

    I think Aishwarya’s pulling off that look quite well, actually. It’s a lovely saree.
    I don’t like the wrapping-saree-around-yourself thing that Jaya B has going on there. And what’s with that bangle? Or is it for cultural/religious purposes?

  23. shireen at | | Reply

    Hmmn…Aishwarya looks elegant & the thin halter strap blends into the choker. Jaya on the other hand seems swaddled in layers and looks like a pink smurfette.

  24. sabrina at | | Reply

    even though a tad overdressed, ash looks really good here. good to see her sans velvet/ sabya/ and massive amounts of cloth. the bikini blouse is a little too much, but i think she still looks really stunning.

  25. dazzled at | | Reply

    Frst things frst….i dn’t believe in anything as’ rule of thumb’…yes thr r rules…bt arent fashionistas known fr bending a few rules here n thr n create their own style..?after all “‘fashion’ is for people who like to follow n ‘style’ is for people who like to create”…if u always follow all the rules itz BORRINGG…
    Nw Aish is lookin’ good here…she hs lost weight n is lookin fab…bikini blouse is lookin very diff n glam withtraditional chikan saree in my opinion n yes tht choker is lookin just fine…

  26. seerat at | | Reply

    I think both Jaya and Ash look good for their age.Only thing that distracts me little is Ash’s necklace with halter but not that bad.
    Being broad she has lot of space to cover with necklace.
    I love ash’s saree.

  27. SS at | | Reply

    I think Jaya’s necklace is OTT. Though an interesting pairing, i am not sure it is all that you claim it to be. Aish on the other hand looks great, the saree, the blouse all work. the necklace may have been unnecessary but it is not killing the look as Jaya’s is. I agree, we need a better pic of Aish, not one where she looks like a witch! ;)

  28. charan at | | Reply

    Ash’s saree is to die for, but she has to ruin it with that blouse.
    It doesnt go well with the saree at all and its not like she has toned shoulders and arms to flaunt.

    Compared to Ash, Jaya looks very graceful and well dressed for once.

  29. GG at | | Reply

    Honestly am I the only one who thinks Jaya always looks like she got up from sleep wore whatever there was in front of her without washing her face or combing her hair. Her hair is little better here than some of the other appearances.
    Aishwarya looks good overall but i feel she should dress more age appropriate. Bikini blouses don’t look great on you if you don’t have the body to carry it. She needs to tone up if she intends to wear bikini blouses.

  30. SLC at | | Reply

    Both ladies are wearing pretty sarees, although Jaya accessorized better. Not to fond of halter blouses either. The reason Ash doesn’t pull it off is that her arms are not toned. Give credit to Ash that she is not wearing a MM anarkali!

  31. sk at | | Reply

    hahaha @ aishwarya’s 2nd pic.

    1. Sasha at | | Reply

      I was wondering why nobody was saying this :) Very bad picture of her, we can see up her nostrils .. ewww..

      and I hated Jaya’s necklace! Its clashing with the border of her saree.. Ash, lesser said the better..

  32. N at | | Reply

    I think hhc were bang on. Jaya looks classy, Ash looks like a wannabe with a nice closet but no innate style. Love the hair on JB.

  33. fashion outsider at | | Reply

    You always insist that you only accept comments to do with fashion. But it’s really amazing how many of the comments on every post have to do the person’s age or weight! I understand that a person’s style is being judged in view of their age or weight but I still think it is not upto us to decide what sort of clothes must a person of a certain age/weight wear. Besides, it send a harmful message to all women. I know that this need not be your concern
    but it is something to consider.

    I agree with your analysis here. And I am NOT a huge fan of Aishwarya or her style. But some of comments about how she should “dress her age” or she is trying to “show that she is not fat” end up in every post! And I think they are very hurtful.

    1. Sud at | | Reply

      true that… going by the comments here, most of us should not wear halter necks cos we don’t have toned arms and shud be covered from had to toe cos we dont hv fabulous abs… whatever happened to wearing clothes one wants and can carry off with confidence!

      1. charan at | | Reply

        Its a known fact that somethings look good only if you have toned body.
        Just because you can, will you wear a mini skirt or wear two piece swim suit without toned nice looking legs or a toned abs?

        It not harmful to women kind to be toned.

        1. Sud at | | Reply

          somethings?? i think everything looks good on toned bodies only… but have u thought how much can short and broad shouldered woman tone themselves to really look toned!
          what u r saying is right, but its really mean to make others feel conscious wen they r wearing what they want to..PERIOD!

    2. ananya_s at | | Reply

      dude, i so ssooo agree with you!however, my comments werent…just coz i spoke the other side of the story eh??
      malaika arora khan is prolly d same age as aishwarya (just a couple of years’ difference maybe), but i wonder why nobody fusses over her age!!
      if women start making such prejudiced comments about women…then wat will the world come to??just coz maybe u too happen to be 30ish, but not with such a body(only her arms arent toned, right?), and such a flawless face..or simply ur immediate environment doesnt allow u to do so…is that why, huh???

  34. fashion outsider at | | Reply

    Wow. I wasn’t really sure you would approve my previous comment. Thanks for having an open mind.

  35. Maze at | | Reply

    Jaya looks good, Aishwariya’s necklace makes it look like she walked off a movie set in the 1990’s!

  36. deemelinda at | | Reply

    i dont know why ash is forever throwing her head back. she looks so uncomfortable when she does that, like she cant manage her outift.
    The colour of jaya;s saree is nice, but she doesn’t look half as elegant as some of her co-stars of her day.

  37. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Would like to see the back of Ash’s blouse..

  38. payal at | | Reply

    why is petite jaya wearing a giant horse collar with that light and airy sari

  39. payal at | | Reply

    p.s jaya if you post your address i’ll mail you a hairbrush

  40. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I loved both the ladies ….

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