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  1. beezee at | | Reply

    Deepika looks great .Different from the usual track pant brigade.A refreshing change.

    1. Kara at | | Reply

      Ditto. Plus, how gorgeous is her hair?!?

  2. kumar at | | Reply

    damn deepu, work it out gurl! amisha looks quite comfy too minus the loud makeup n tht cheap bag. katto rani, did u get a side job at some funeral?

  3. Hema at | | Reply

    I like Deepika’s casual yet so well put together look. She looks a little like a lithe version of Beyonce. As for the others, Kat looks like she’s planning to pull off some night time robbery and Ameesha is making me yawn.

    1. Barkha at | | Reply

      totally agree!

  4. Angel at | | Reply

    Does anyone where I can get the brown top Deepika is wearing ??

    1. RV at | | Reply

      I have something similar if I’m not mistaken. Got it from New Look or Forever 21 in Dubai.

    2. wannabe at | | Reply

      I picked up a similar top in Zara

  5. :) at | | Reply

    I want deepika’s legs …. :( if only I could grow taller……..

  6. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Deepika looks cool and comfy!! Kats is not bad either…….. ameesha’s makeup looks loud for her clothes

  7. dn at | | Reply

    Deeps of course, but if tracks are the only way, then black is the way to go, but with a little less black. Kat’s face is very good without make-up, albeit slightly tired.

  8. shina at | | Reply

    How gorgeous does deepika look. I am all green with envy. Just wondering what hair colour in Loreal hair dye would her colour come close to??

  9. infohub at | | Reply

    Deepika is my favorite.

  10. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

    the only time it seems Deepu can outdo Kattu is airport fashion. Achievement ?

  11. lolita at | | Reply

    Deepika no doubt looks best…but tight jeans with belt is certainly not comfy airport wear….so its style over comfort for her…..

    Amisha looks happy to be photographed in every pic (and thats from other sites too)….

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Deepika looks amazing!!! Love the whole look.

  13. Zara at | | Reply

    Deepika looks great. I’ve never understood the argument that jeans are uncomfortable to wear for flying – if they fit properly, that really shouldn’t be an issue. I fly frequently, and I have only seen a few people wear sweatsuits on flights, one of whom was an elderly man rocking the guido look. It seems to me that the only people who wear them when flying are a) celebrities, or b) people who would wear them everywhere.

    1. fg at | | Reply

      I fly international [10-11hr] every month and in my experience, jeans are very uncomfortable after the first couple of hours. Tracks work great especially ‘cos the matching jacket makes it easy for you to dress in layers [trust me you don’t want to use the rarely cleaned blankets.] Other comfy options are harem pants (+ shawl) and other loose fit drawstring type pants (+ jacket). If you are wearing tracks, make sure they aren’t too long …the bathroom is a disaster area after the 1st 6hrs. Also, wear easy to slip off shoes, but with toes covered [cite-dirty bathroom.] You can always change into something else before you disembark.

      1. miracle at | | Reply

        agree…. to be honest,I am not one of those who will ever wear jeans while flying,however fashionable i might be.

        And as I have to hope into my car post the flight, it hardly matters on what I am wearing.

  14. adollsdream at | | Reply

    Does anyone know what bag Deepika is acrrying?

    1. wannabe at | | Reply

      You can get a similar one in Michael Kors as well!

  15. adollsdream at | | Reply

    I meant carrying :-)

  16. kavya at | | Reply

    Does anybody where I can get a shade of jeans similar to Deepika’s jeans.. I sooo love it.. All I find these days r too light or too dark…

  17. lotus at | | Reply

    Velour and Amisha go so well together.
    Kat looks like a messenger/delivery boy.
    Deepika looks good but I wish she’d dress more fashion forward and interesting. She has the body for it.

  18. RV at | | Reply

    Katrina needs to get rid of the cap! It seems too masculine. As for Deepika, she looks amazing! Don’t care much for the pout though.

  19. Agam at | | Reply

    Deepika looks amazing!! Ammesha looks loud and stumpy..and the worse is that glittery JUICY shining on her leg..
    Katrina..won’t comment on this particular look..but I admire her style..admire it for being so ‘Non-Celebrity.’

  20. bollywoodmoviefashion at | | Reply

    Deepika rules the roost here, she looks fab

  21. slc at | | Reply

    Wow Deepika looks great, especially if she has just disembarked! Don’t mind Kat’s look, though the hat spoils it, a scarf would have been a better choice.

  22. Mia at | | Reply

    just curious, what would you guys wear while traveling?

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