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  1. Surbhi at | | Reply

    what is raima sen wearing?!?!

  2. salzie at | | Reply

    What is the patch by where her hand is?? It looks like the designer said, “Ok in case you forget this is where you put ur hand when you pose for pics.”

    Riya doesn’t know how to dress at all. That’s your next WTHeyy!!, PnP!

  3. Violet at | | Reply

    hmm..don’t know why they really seem like different colors to me. if they are, i like the first one much better.

  4. Violet at | | Reply

    What I meant was they seem like different color, diff. outfits.

  5. HK at | | Reply

    These are different colours for sure

  6. dahlia noir at | | Reply

    They’re different dresses,look at the little flowers on her shoulder.

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Def. different
    she should have just gotten the first one (she looks awesome in that one)

  8. suchi at | | Reply

    the close boat neck does not work for larger chests.

  9. jeanie at | | Reply

    what i want to know is,
    is riya sen really wearing rhinestoned jeans?! they don’t do anything for her.

  10. mahak at | | Reply

    wat s up wth riya sen?
    neha looks pretty in the stark white version of it

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