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  1. Pitu at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t and I am not even a celeb. Having said that, she does look lovely. And I dig her shoes!

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    depends on who is going to see me…if i am sure that no one (and absolutely no one) from the previous crowd will see me, then I may repeat an outfit….otherwise, its a big “no-no”.
    as for urmila…her shoes seem a little weird to me…as if they are trying to decide what color they want to be…

  3. Nepali at | | Reply

    Shoes look fun!

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply


    Get over it people! So she wore it twice…big woop.


  5. Nick at | | Reply

    she looks good

  6. J at | | Reply

    I don’t see the big deal about repeating an outfit. Why cant a celeb wear something twice???

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