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  1. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Bronzer is a bit too much. Aditi doesn’t need that since she already has sculpted features and beautiful cheekbones. In any case, Aditi is well dressed like 9/10 times and over here as well, she looks great. :)

  2. alti at | | Reply

    Nothing worked: the hairdo, the makeup, the clothes, the colours, the shoes…..maybe next time!

  3. Avani at | | Reply

    LOL! These dog collars should take a retirement soon.

  4. Sonia at | | Reply

    Her makeup is lovely. Refreshing to see Non-Red/Fuschia Lips.

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      Love the makeup and the outfit! I want one now.

  5. Kirsa at | | Reply

    She looks great!

  6. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks great and I don’t quite understand the criticism about creasing of clothing as this will obviously happen when outfits are worn.

    1. colormenot at | | Reply

      yeah, especially the fabric here seems to be linen blend. It is bound to crease with any movement.
      i still love my linen pants and shirts

      1. Sapphire at | | Reply

        You are right colormenot. I love my linen pants n shirts too.

    2. Desimom at | | Reply

      Creasing is bound to happen esp with cotton & linen..
      We cant expect her stylist to walk behind her with a portable fabric steamer :D

  7. bumblebee at | | Reply

    Another fine example of impossible standards. Excessive creasing, my foot. So if someone wore linen, they should remain standing so it does not look crimp and offend the police weilding its ever present baton. So many rules. She’s too old for this. She’s not thin enough for this. She does not have the attitude for that. She should have worn that. This is not appropriate. She is an invertebrate. Sit in a cage and feed pigeons. I am flying away.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      LOL. Yes, agree. Impossible standards! Complaining on creasing is going a bit too far. I would rather applaud her for the change of pace as she is generally seen in ethnic clothing or gowns.

  8. desibelle at | | Reply

    The creases are too distracting.

  9. JD at | | Reply

    best outfit of hers oflate , and a welcome change from all her maxi dresses

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