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  1. sonia at | | Reply

    thank god u guys din write- “yet she makes it work”
    the gown is a complete off!
    very shabby look.

  2. Ena at | | Reply

    Oh no, the chest is a mess.
    The rest of it isnt anything to write home about either.

  3. asha at | | Reply

    This gown is a disaster from any angle…looks like those conical bras that Madonna used to rock a very long time ago!

  4. B at | | Reply

    Her girls have been trained in giving directions.

  5. Bigpuffyclouds at | | Reply

    It’s a half-assed cowl neck.

  6. onetightslaponurface at | | Reply

    its a one of a kind dress made outta cardboard..shapless n ugly

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