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  1. kannu at | | Reply

    i think the belt strap hanging out doesnt look nice !

  2. saya at | | Reply

    dia’s makeup is bad… or is it a bad lighting?

  3. kannu at | | Reply

    she kinda looks unwell….

  4. Belle at | | Reply

    Dia needs those sleeves too! LoL

    And saya, i think it IS just bad lighting…coz this graphic’s quality also doesnt seem to be that great.

    and omg yes kannu! the belt strap hanging loose looks soo odd! i didnt know that thats how ur ment to wear them! LoL

  5. Emma at | | Reply

    Mahima is so pretty, but sooo forgettable. Dia is just boring.

  6. sherry at | | Reply

    dunno what it is, but the tops dont look very pleasing.

  7. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    belleeeee….whos that but….i mean whoc an b so dumb…

  8. Nadia at | | Reply

    I agree with Emma. Dia is so blah and boring. She is pretty but dull, there is no spark!

  9. Belle at | | Reply

    duhhhh….it’s Rituparna Sen Gupta. lol.

    And oh yeh, Dia is usually just very plain…even when she dresses up well. just something missing i guess.
    Mahima…i feel for her, she just couldnt make it big…esp. after such a debut.

  10. Belle at | | Reply

    oh, my comment is awaiting moderation…oh crap! i posted an external link! Sorry guys, totally forgot about that!

  11. nik at | | Reply

    does Dia do anything else apart from attend these events? Like she must make her living only from attending premieres, store openings, inaugurations etc

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