1. I really would love to see Abhi wearing Sikandar’s outfit. It is understated, elegant, and Sikandar has matched it with perfect sandals. I really like Abhi, but
    his get up looks like it is missing Air India maharajah’s turban. The red piping, those shiny buttons, and the godawful shoes makes it a whatthehey for me. Abhi represents the Indian hero, so I would love to see him take some wardrobe tips from his dapper friend Sikander. Jaya could consult his mother for some ideas.

  2. Sikander gets my vote
    I see the same elegance that his fab mum always has

    I agree with herdisnot…love abhishek but his wardrobe is just odd…even a classic combo of black and white is messed up with the red piping
    and is he wearing kajal?!

  3. Really not digging Abhi’s look. Sikandar looks kinda hot – reminds me of Imtiaz Ali for whatever reason. Sherwani is elegant and a nice length. Abhi’s outfit looks cheap…ehh!

  4. Sikandar, any day! He looks very sophisticated. Abhishek, on the other had, looks odd with those ill-fitting pyjamas and weird eye make up!

  5. First, I’m so glad to see Indian men wear Indian outfits. What a happy, refreshing change. Second, I LOVE Sikandar’s look. I think he looks fabulous. Abhishek on the other hand looks like a 60s movies ka ‘villun’. The eye make-up, the pyjamas…nope, not happening.


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