The ‘A’ List At The Pink Panther Premiere


The pink carpet of ‘The Pink Panther 2’ turned out to be quite an ‘A’-list event with Anil, Abhishek and Amitabh joining Aishwarya at the premiere.

Its definitely an upgrade for Anil after the all black look at the DGA’s, and we think Abhishek’s pink tie is cute given the movie’s pink theme but Amitabh’s jacket could have been totally been given a miss.

What do you think of this ‘A’-list crowd?


Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan at ‘The Pink Panther 2’ Premiere

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  1. for the first time liking abhishek’s hair and the pink tie is a nice touch. this dude can step up his dress sense as well. puff daddy kinda styles suit him far better, while dad can do with italian chic. anil, a miss just because he could have put on a clean-shaven face and a nicely slicked/gelled do.

  2. Amitabh is kind of a hypocrite… he misses no opportunity to slam Hollywood (ever since he learned to blog), but he shows up looking like “Sexy Sam” (of KANK fame) at a Hollywood premier.

    I miss Abhi’s long locks. I don’t think this hair cut suits him.

  3. Sigh! Abhishek is the only saving grace of this family. Amitabh should stop being such a ‘wannabe’…he looks ridiculous. hmmm Jaya and Amar Singh weren’t present there?

  4. Amitabh is a joke! I feel sorry for Abhishek…it must be embarassing to have a dad who tries so hard to outdo everyone in the family and ends up looking like a clown. The fur jacket on him is ridiculous.

  5. Amitabh looks fine. It was damn cold in NYC and the old bones needed protection in that coat.

    Abhishek’s short hair for his next movie is growing on me.

    Anil looks good but needs to shave the shadow.

  6. i dont understand this……..y Abhishekh is there i get it (ash’s husband and showing support blah blah!), Mr.Kappor i also get it (slumdog millionaire fame), but Mr. Bachan!!!!!!????????? :S REALLY!? i mean y? its like a wierd way of promoting themselves in Hollywood while criticizing them in his blogs :S i really dont get this man and his fashion sense in ‘international’ dos…..seriously !!!!

  7. Abhi’s look and hair cut is a huge improvement. Both Abhi and Anil should know that the black hair on their face makes them look scary, this look may be good on someone like Ranbir Kapoor, because he has lighter hair color and is not as hairy.

  8. @tehzeeb, the family is there because it is Abhishek’s birthday – such vitriol without any knowledge. Plus he does not criticize HW in his blog. Do you even read it?

  9. seriosly, white facial hair and black head of hair looks ridiculous. abhishek looks rather nice with the new haircut.his face too looks leaner. wish he would shave tho! anik k looks quite ok.

  10. @ Carol: No need to get defensive, babe… but Amitabh does and has in the past criticised Hollywood. The way I look at it, it’s just a bunch of sour grapes.

  11. I’ve never heard of stars walking the red carpet with their ln-laws in tow! These people are always following Ash around. Can’t they stay home?

  12. @K, who’s defensive ‘babe/? I read his blog regularly and he does not spend his time criticizing HW on it. He has made maybe two or three comments in response to reader comments. Where’s the sour grapes? Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sheez

    I do agree Amitabh needs a new hair style.

  13. I think Anil Kapoor looks great! I wish everyone would get off his back and let him be…its his moment to shine, let him enjoy it. Its soo funny I did not even think twice that Amitabh was there…just goes to show that they always appear together!

  14. @carol i completely get it …..i love it too wen my parents are with me on my bday or special occasions but u MUST have noticed Mr. Bachan does tend to be present in all of their family programs when there is also an international ‘occcasion’ and he has criticized HW in the past (indirectly), eg. he made a comment about slumdog millionaire winnng oscars a while ago lol. I mean where was Sweta during cannes or even here considering its her brothers Bday and also where is Ashwaria’s parents ….anyway its my opinion but then again this isnt the place to talk about this …so sorry P&P for goen off topic hehe ……but i just wanted to clear my point of view

  15. @ Carol: Sweetie, that’s what I said. That he has spoken against HW. I have read his blog as well, and *surprise* I am a fan of his work too!

  16. Tehzeeb’s right. Seriously, there’s WAYYYYYYYYY too much family squeezing into every Aishwarya photograph where the Bachchans are concerned. I like, say, Dev Patel with his mom. But in-laws and Amar Singh in tow? Just sick & very desperate.


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