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  1. N at | | Reply

    Really? Farah does look nice. But filmy. The first two do look a bit under done, but good. Aarti with the bikini top and see through pallu and choice of color, I’d think, would easily come in last.

  2. Ann at | | Reply

    I am not liking any. Aarti looks great neck up.but the bikini blouse is baddd!!!

  3. samina at | | Reply

    farah you simply look gorgeous in sari you should wear them more often you look really outstanding and beautiful

  4. kasthuri at | | Reply

    They are all almost looks. The first 2 had proper blouses but spoiled it with half boob shows. The other two wore it without the half boob shows but dint have nice blouses.

    Aarthi could have been my fav because its a nice saree colour and i love the bindi. But the blingy bikini top ruined it.

    1. a at | | Reply

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Being a little conservative when wearing sari goes a long way in class and dignity.

  5. MochaLatte at | | Reply

    Nope. Dont like any of the sarees. Aarti looks nice neck-up, the bindi is a nice touch.

  6. SV at | | Reply

    None of them actually are able to look graceful and give saree the respect it deserves….
    Malaika is worst with its one b**b drape….Masumeh looks as if she forgot her makeup…..
    Farah’s smile is best part here I think…

  7. naiad at | | Reply

    Sorry girls. Masumeh looks FAR FAR better than Farah, unfestive and dull yes but far more elegant and NOT chamku!!

    1. npm at | | Reply

      So agree. The saris on Farah and Aarti are just ick.

  8. Belle at | | Reply

    they’re all eeeek to me actually lol

    agree with N…Farah is way too filmy

  9. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I actually think Masumeh looks the best of the lot with the lovely off white saree. She could have dressed it up a bit with some more jewellery or accessories, but i think it’s much more classier than the two at the very end. I don’t think wedding guests need to be blinged up to be appropriate. I think some of the male guests (all directors) like Ram Gopal Verma, Prakash Jha and others showed up in jeans which is much more inappropriate than anything any female guest wore.

  10. Hema at | | Reply

    Don’t see a problem with Masumeh’s saree, she looks nice, maybe a little more bling would liven it up. All of them look great except for bikini blouses and the sloppy way Farah is wearing her saree.

  11. aman62002 at | | Reply

    After looking at Farah Khan, i forgot about the rest of the celebs in bollywood. Saw her 1st time on saree.. complete indian lady!



  12. Los Angeles Vegan at | | Reply

    The cream-colored saree on the far left is my favourite (the first of the four.) Maybe it could look a bit more dressed-up with a necklace and some earrings added to it? I think the second saree would look nice if there weren’t so many sequins on the neckline.

  13. Zahraa at | | Reply

    i dono..i dont think i like any of them acutally:$

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