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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Disliking the necklace on Kiran. And how thin is Kriti ! The side view, i dont know how all the organs of the body can fit in that tiny little waist. lol.

  2. princess_sim at | | Reply

    Fish-net stockings on Kiran. Really? ew.
    Both the other girls are too thin. Like the dress on Kriti though.

  3. sheena at | | Reply

    “one or the other”?? the dress looks like a parachute is about to open. this one is for the ‘what the heyyy’ books.

    1. npm at | | Reply

      Her dress looks like an owl if you imagine the white as the eyes and beak…

  4. monika at | | Reply

    Love kriti’s appearance…lovely earrings

    1. FARAH at | | Reply

      Kirti is wearing earings by Shaheen Abbas..love the red too

      1. gummybear at | | Reply

        those earrings are not by shaheen abbas….she got them made and also designed the gown herself!

  5. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Kiran is wearing fishnets!!!! OMG.. tacky.. othrwise its areally nice dress, she did not need the necklace, the clutch is so cute. Love Kriti.. do not like the fabric on the top half of Monica’s gown

  6. Shrewti at | | Reply

    I like aamirs look completely how chic is the subtle chocolate an blue combination…and I like Kiran…she has the chutzpah and is at ease and in her skin in whatever she is wearing…in her case its always what she wears and not the other way round…that is so refreshing!

  7. Wasiya at | | Reply

    I think the gray looks familiar because the front of the design is very similar to the embellished denim dress by Emilio pucci you had in one of the lust list.:)

  8. anra at | | Reply

    Kiran Rao trying the unconventional look mmmm not working -she looks more like a granny…girl get raid of the cat eyes glasses, get some Gucci for your eyes and Ken Paves for your hair…you go girl!!!!!

  9. KS at | | Reply

    Kriti,Prateek looks fab. Aamir oh lala!
    I am so glad that there is a women behind camera who isnt shy of dressing up. She isnt an actress still loves to dress up in her own quirly sense of way, whether we approve or not is differnet but then that is the thing with people who experiment. Not many famous women in India dress quirky.
    So full marks to Kiran just for bringing inthe spice, which often is too hot for some to handle :).

    1. KS at | | Reply


    2. KityPurry at | | Reply

      I agree :D
      I love Kiran!

  10. mili at | | Reply

    it should be either the chain or the bag….shes done it again wheres the fashion police

  11. Adara at | | Reply

    The dress is ghastly paired with fishnets. The cute owl is lost in that badly executed outfit and accessories. Kriti looks good. The orange suits her. The gray gown is too gloomy.

  12. spongy at | | Reply

    o this kriti gal was the participant of roadies season 1…

  13. suchi at | | Reply

    gosh, how good does aamir look! he gets younger each day!

  14. SS at | | Reply

    Aamir…Totally dr0olworthy!!!!

  15. Veethi at | | Reply

    I dont know if regular readers of the blog can upload photos or not..I attended the TIFF Premiere of Dhobi ghat and have a few full length photos of the cast to share..though m not sure if they would be good enough to post them up here (i think for the time being somehting would be better than nothing)! Anyways let me know if I can help with that..would be more than glad to cos I am a big fan of this blog :D

    1. Priyanka (HHC) at | | Reply

      You can email them to us at highheel.confidential@gmail.com

  16. gwen77 at | | Reply

    because no-one has done it yet, let me just say pratiek looks hot. something about his untidy yet still together look is soo charming :)

    forgive me for being sexist but i think men should never worry about their appearance and obscess over clothes and accessories, and i think these two men have kept it simple and casual, just the way it should be!

    the three women look nice too, and i am loving that burnt orange colour. reminds me of what sonam wore to the delhi 6 premier

  17. devila at | | Reply

    that’s monica! from shaa’ir and func!!

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