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  1. Senorita at | | Reply

    top row is obviously targeted at shotgun weddings! i mean, has any of us seen Indrani Dasgupta look more preggers?!

  2. Sophia at | | Reply

    When I hear mughal inspired I think of farshi ghararas, jhoomers in the hair, tika on the forehead; this was somewhat of a let down. The materials don’t even give off that old world vibe in any way so I don’t see how this is mughal inspired.

    1. Anjali at | | Reply

      i concur- i would have expected gorgeous emerald green, classy gold and reds with finesse in work! this is nothing like ‘mogul’

  3. farrah at | | Reply

    I actually really like the 2nd row, except the first one. The colors and the material looks very old world. Also reminds me of my mother’s gharara. Those were the days when good stuff was made. Wore it on my mehndi as well … still looks brand new!

    1. farrah at | | Reply

      damn! i meant the 3rd row!

  4. tina at | | Reply

    Yuck, the fabric used looks so cheap and ugly! Is it lurex? It’s hideous.

  5. Anjali at | | Reply

    where are my dark sunglasses? ugh! the collection is a far cry from ‘moghul’- its jatka!

    1. Second Row at | | Reply

      Hello girls, this is a bad case of bad lighting ! The collection was stunning, the gold French tulles an absolute treat. Through the line up one could see the muted essence of the collection. The images are radically inferior to the real runway experience.

  6. Second Row at | | Reply

    Hi girls, this is just a bad case of bad lighting ! The collection was stunning, the gold French tulle was delicately gilded. Through the line-up one saw the muted essence of the collection. These images are radically different to what I witnessed on the ramp.

    1. PM at | | Reply

      I agree, the pictures dont do justice to the clothes at all… The gotta patti collection was just WOW! What was also lovely to see was the textile look, which is somehow lost in todays times. ! Nargis looked fab!

  7. KJ at | | Reply

    That looks like lamé and boy! is it lame! Can’t describe it any other way.

    1. Asha at | | Reply


      This collection was just begging for this pun :)

  8. Ms.Mehta at | | Reply

    loved the pattiala salwars done by Ashima Leena… dont no why there are no pics of the same!

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