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  1. ms.pisces at | | Reply

    hmm i love the 2,3 attire from 1st row and the green sari from 2nd row love it <3

  2. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    Nothing about the whole collection stands out.. Very garish and loud

  3. $ at | | Reply

    These pieces are “Wearable”…rohit bal’s creations were too stunning but these are something you can wear with ease not too lavish (like rohit bal) not too weird or tacky (like other in this fashion week :\ ) comfort is there in this one !!!

  4. Saniya at | | Reply

    An average collection. Can’t beat Tarun Tahiliani’s collection !!!

  5. simsim at | | Reply

    Except for the first fuchia colored outfit, the other colors seem garish somehow–like paint right from the tube that hasn’t been mixed to be interesting somehow.

  6. S at | | Reply

    Yikes I really do not like this collection.. it’s so old school and dare I say ugly!

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