A White Out vs A Black Out!

Sameera and Kangana decided to go monochromatic recently, except neither could make it work!

Sameera as usual had to screw up with bad footwear. Kangana’s satin bustier could’ve worked if she just hadn’t paired it with cotton pants that although were black, they were a totally different shade! A contrast like that neither looks good in person nor in pics.


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  1. kannu at | | Reply

    here sameera looks better in white ….

  2. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Whats with Kangana’s bustier wrinkles and sagging at the tummy?
    Of the two of them, my vote goes to Sameera. She could have worn something to ‘pop’ the white! It just looks boring if not bad.

  3. Jaya at | | Reply

    hey i love your blog and have recently got hooked on to it :)thanx to Ritu!!2 observations:
    1. Whats with Kangana’s hairstyle?
    2. pls could u not talk about sameera reddy? she is seriously a nobody here in Mumbai.

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I agree completely with jaya.pls do not talk about sameera reddy.

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    sameera always just looks toooo big. i think the buffy hair also needs to go.
    kanagana is just the opposite, she doesn’t even exist. just so skinny and pale. lol

    and yes, bad shoe choice sameera! but even kangana looks too shiny on her face. i guess they just havent heard of the invention of powder…

  6. aneri_masi at | | Reply

    ewww.such ugly black pants!

  7. JJC at | | Reply

    lol kangana doesnt have enough boob to be wearing a bustier
    and shes looking a bit old for some reason..
    she tried too hard..

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Ha Ha ….Sameera’s Mom is going to throw a fit. Now that is THE PUSHIEST Mom, to the extent that she is embaressing…..and then you guys say she is a NOBODY….oow that will hurt Mommy

  9. Anonymous at | | Reply

    this is the first time I have seen Kangana sooo badly dressed… yuk

  10. the mad momma at | | Reply

    well i dont mind sameera’s look other than the fact that its very vanilla and yes needed something to pop – but i think she is too heavy to be in white pants.

    with kangana – i dont like that she is wearing something so black and also all that gold for what seems to be a daytime event. unless its ajewellery launch and she is modelling. either way the outfit seems unsuitable.

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