A Vision In White: Face Off


Celina @ “Visit Egypt” Campaign

Bipasha @ “Race” Premiere

While, Bipasha’s hair extensions sometimes do go overboard, I do love it when people leave their hair down, which is why this round for me belongs to Bips. I didn’t dig Celina’s hairdo. Her head looked too big specially with that weird bun clipon which was so unnecessary(see below)!

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  1. Celina needs to go back to drawing board on this one. Too beauty Pagenty! I half expect her to start telling me that she is all for world peace!

    Bipasha wins this round. She is wearing the dress not the other way around.


  2. Why is Celina’s dress dragging on the floor? Something that I think Bips did once and you guys posted it. But Bipasha sure looks great here. Like Kiran said, she is wearing the dress and working it pretty damn good.


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